How Much Time Does it Take to Move?

Moving into a new apartment is rightly considered a stressful event and usually takes three times as long as originally planned. To make your move as fast and comfortable as possible, use the services of local furniture movers Fortunately, moving can be greatly optimized by timely and reasonable planning.

How long does it take to organize a move and how to do it? 

There is a chance of running into problems even at the planning stage, which include some trivial vagueness of where to begin. Therefore, the right decision will be to do everything gradually.

In any case, you will need a couple of months to move into a new house wisely and without stress. Making an action plan is the first step in moving to a new apartment. To make house moving avoiding difficult situations, follow the step-by-step instructions.

1. Prepare for a Move

You must first split the area into several zones. In one of them, extra items will be stored, and packing process will happen right away in the other. At this point, chaos is the most typical error.

This method has the additional drawbacks of making it easy to forget to pack vital goods and making it difficult to move around the house in the last days before departure due to the abundance of boxes. The most important thing is to go slowly and methodically. It is best to set aside one day to plan the organization of the moving process.

2. Time to Pack

After completing the previous step, pack everything you will be transporting or use the help of professional packers. And it is very important to prepare the following materials in advance so that when moving to a new place of residence, you can find the essentials without additional difficulties and not be in chaos for a whole week:

● markers;

● foam plastic;

● wrapping paper/old newspapers;

● scissors;

● film for packaging;

● scotch;

● large bags/packages/bags;

● boxes.

At first look, it appears that there is nowhere to obtain a significant number of cardboard boxes, but in fact, you can ask the staff of the nearby supermarket for them. Boxes alone, however, are insufficient since the space inside of them must be planned such that nothing is harmed during transit.

You must use wrapping paper to line the interior of the box or turn to newspapers for a less expensive solution. Use foam for the boxes that you want to use to transport dishes. Don’t forget the tape, either.

Fill every inch of space by deftly arranging everything in boxes: vases are perfect for cereal bags, and a kettle makes a great container for napkins and matches. Small goods like towels, aprons, or culinary gloves can be distributed even in the empty areas in the corners of the boxes.

Boxes alone won’t be sufficient, though. Clothing and other oversized textiles should be packed in bags or bags made with a vacuum packer.

3. Time to Load

When all things are packed in boxes, it’s time to load it all into the car. If you feel that you cannot cope on your own, local moving company can always help you. With a team of professionals, you will definitely not have any problems when moving, whether it is a one bedroom apartment or a four bedroom house, a moving truck will help you, which will transport everything you need without any problems.

Thus, at this stage, it is important to properly arrange things in the car. As in the course of distribution, they are empty, to cover them with polystyrene foam, or to get soft objects, clothes, and towels.

4. Time to Get to Your New Home

The ideal time to move would be early or it would be a weekend. Do help to get rid of traffic jams in the city. Do not forget to learn about the nuances of planning, in particular, places to park the car. If you decide to entrust the transportation of things to a transport company, do not worry at this stage.

They will do everything quickly, accurately and on time. If you are transporting yourself, try not to forget that there are a lot of valuable and fragile things in your car. Transport carefully and then all your things will reach without damage.

5. Time to unpacking after moving

Now that all things have been brought into the new apartment, you need to start unpacking and putting them in their places, especially if you have a bedroom house. Here is a simple procedure to follow:

● unpack things from the “essential bag”, get cups, a kettle and organize a corner that will be a resting place during a break;

● carefully inspect all boxes with equipment and things to make sure that nothing was damaged or missing along the way;

● unpack items ranging from larger items such as household appliances and furniture to small and personal items.

While moving can be a daunting task, it is an amazing opportunity to start from scratch and build the bedroom apartment of your dreams. So take pleasure in your new home, bring your friends around, and share in the housewarming festivities.

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