Money-Saving Tips for a New Roof

A roof is something most homeowners hate spending money on. It’s like buying new tires for a car: you need them to stay safe on the roads and so that the vehicle operates properly, but you can’t really show off your new tires.

You need a roof that will keep you safe and dry, but it’s not something you’ll probably post about on social media. As such, it can be hard to shell out the money necessary for a new roof. Thank goodness the pros at Niagara Roof Masters have some money-saving tips for you.

Know Your Roof

No two roofs are exactly alike, even if you live in a tract home that appears to be the same exact model as your neighbor’s home. Your roof has different characteristics that need to be taken into consideration when getting a new roof. Know your roof’s size, number of vents, chimneys, and other features that need to be accounted for when quoting a price. Otherwise, you could be in for a surprise when you get the final bill.

Know What You Want

Before you start getting quotes from roofing companies, know what materials you want to use for your new roof. This will help keep your quotes consistent among bidders because they will all be pricing the same materials. If you aren’t sure what you want yet, do your homework. You might just want to replace your roof with an identical roof, but there are plenty of other options available that could be well-suited for your needs.

Shop Around

Once you know the type of roof you want, including any special features or complexities, get quotes from several companies. In most cases, the bids are going to be fairly close to each other because roofers usually have similar pricing structures. You will find pricing differences based on the manufacturer and brand of materials a roofer uses, but the estimates should all be in the same ballpark range.

If you get an extremely low bid, be wary of that roofing company. There is a reason why they are an outlier and it could be due to subpar work, not offering warranties, or not being properly licensed and insured. The only way a roofing company can offer a low price when compared to other bids is if they cut corners somewhere during your project. You do not want a company that cuts corners anywhere.

Check References

Checking references on a roofing company can save you money because if you choose a company based on their estimate only, you could end up paying for expensive repairs if the roof isn’t installed properly. Sometimes, these low bidders might even take your money and run. Always ask for references from the roofing companies that are bidding on your project and follow up with them.

Online reviews are helpful as well, but take those with a grain of salt. Some companies pay for positive reviews and others get unfair low reviews for situations out of their control. Read the comments left by verified customers and assess the roofing company’s response to any negative reviews. Were they willing to correct the problem? Were they accountable for what went wrong? Companies can’t avoid getting bad reviews on occasion, but they can control how they respond to them, which tells you a lot about the kind of experience you’re going to get.

Plan Ahead

Start thinking about replacing your roof before it really needs to be replaced. That way, you can plan your replacement for a time of year that is outside peak roofing season. Late summer and fall are typically the busiest time of year for roofers because the weather is usually nicer and homeowners want to get their repairs in before winter.

Instead, schedule your roof replacement for late winter or spring to get a better price on labor costs. The roofing materials will probably cost the same all year, but you can save on labor prices because roofers will discount their installation fees to entice homeowners to purchase new roofs in their off season. Of course, this varies from company to company so again, get several quotes to compare offers.

Remove the Old Roof Yourself

Homeowners who are willing to put in a little work themselves can save some money by removing their old roof before the roofing company arrives. Be aware that this job is hard, as it involves bending over and pulling up old shingles while standing 10 or more feet off the ground. Always take proper safety precautions if you decide to remove your old roof yourself, including wearing harnesses, slip-proof shoes, gloves, and eye protection.


Getting a new roof can be a costly endeavor, but it’s one of those things you have to keep in good condition or you’ll encounter worse problems down the road. And who knows? Maybe your friends and family would love to see social media posts of your new roof, so go ahead and show it off.

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