How To Attract Crows To Get Rid of Unwanted Pests In Your Yard

Did you know that many people make an effort to invite crows into their yards? The prime reason why it’s become more useful despite its nuisance has to do with protecting the yard from unwanted bugs and insects. So, yes, crows can be helpful if you are a garden or yard owner. Next time you see a crow loitering around, be sure to be more welcoming.

A set of crows can easily eliminate other birds, bugs, insects, and other pests, who will otherwise threaten your beautiful garden plants. In this article, we’ll educate you about a few steps you can take to attract crows in your yard as a pest control measure.

1. Provide Roosting Ground

Crows are social birds by nature and quite observant too. They like to note their surroundings, and if you carefully track their activities, you’ll be able to find ways to attract them to your vegetable garden. The very first thing you can do to make them come to your yard is by enabling a roosting ground.

Crows prefer horizontal roosting poles, so opting for a pole or tall structure is wise. If you have any existing platforms that have a relatively good height, you could set up a crossbar on them. Crows love to settle and unwind in places where they can mingle with other crows or just rest and observe their surroundings.

Now you are probably wondering what do crows eat. Will they start eating fruits and vegetables from your garden? The answer is no! They will rather attack and keep away insects and pests who are a potential threat to your garden produce.

2. Install a bird bath (essential for birds)

Another effective way to invite crows to your yard is by setting up a bird bath in your yard or vegetable garden. Any little corner with water will instantly attract them, as birds are a digger for water. They like to bathe, drink, and, most importantly, cool off whenever they see a bird bath somewhere.

This trick will indeed work, especially during hotter months. If you have a bigger space, it’s best to accommodate a large bird bath that is long and dark in color.

Another interesting fact about the significance of a bird bath is that crows are known to dip their food in the water to soften it or wash it before they eat. So, a bird bath is an essential element if you want to attract crows to your yard.

3. Noise Cancellation

Crows can be noisy themselves, but other noises not coming from them disturb them heavily. It makes them uncomfortable and often can be a prime cause for these birds to shoo away. Try and remove everything that could be noisy in your yard. Bells, gates clashing or swinging, wind chimes, or any other sources of noise could easily bother them

Remember, they are omnivores and are likely to fly away as these external noises are possible threats to them.

4. Offer Them Appropriate Food

Crows are not picky with their foods, so it’s relatively easy to tempt them with many food items. Although you may have to allow, yourself to go through a trial and error process with the “right” food. Yes, they are not picky eaters, but they have preferences.

This can be tricky, but if you learn to observe and keep track of their food preferences, it can be pretty simple. For your information, they enjoy peanuts but unsalted ones. They like eggs and fruits too. You can share cat and dog food with crows if you are a pet owner. Make sure that food choice is low on phosphorous with minimum artificial flavors and additives. Don’t offer them more than two items at a go. They’ll soon start to create chaos for you. Keep it simple and manageable.

5. Feeding Routine

Leaving food in your yard is not all it takes to lure these intelligent birds. You have to maintain a routine that works for your fellow visitors. The first concern is if the crows can locate your property. They might mistake it for your property if the neighborhood has similar houses and yards around. So, you must do something to resolve this issue as well.

Communicate with them using a strict feeding routine. They are smart and like to have certain mealtimes. If you create a routine for them, they will follow through. They’ll know that it’s time to fly back to your property for food. Use the same time of the day to place a bowl of food for them. It will establish a good relationship between you and your guests.

Remember, putting up food in your yard is likely to attract other birds and squirrels too. The simple solution is to wait it out to build an understanding between the crows and yourself. You don’t need to begin attracting crows to your yard using food.

In fact, we strongly feel that opting for a feeding routine is the last thing you should know after you know that these crows are a regular now.


Crows, in general, are considered to be super curious and intelligent birds. If you are expanding your knowledge on attracting crows to your yard to maintain the health of your beautiful yard, you should look up how to train, care for, and protect birds in your yard too.

Might sound bizarre, but it actually is a genius idea. They are known to be highly resourceful for various reasons. They will ensure that your backyard does not become home to unwanted pests, birds, or animals. Believe it or not, crows remember their friends dearly – so good luck.

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