How To Attract Orioles This Spring

Orioles are beautiful birds having vibrant orange, yellow and black colors on their body. They are so attractive; you cannot get your eyes off when you see them.

Because of their beautiful colour and songs, they become the favorite among all the backyard birds. However, irrespective of their beauty, Orioles are weird behaving birds sometimes. This is all due to their nature and habits about the things around them.

You need not to worry about anything as this beautiful bird is very much sensitive to some things and here in this article, you will get all the tips and tricks to attract these birds to your backyard. Once you give a complete read to this article, you will be able to attract all the Orioles to your backyard and every oriole will think and feel of your backyard as their own home. So, no need to worry as the Orioles will find these tips and tricks very attractive and this spring your backyard will be filled with a lot of Orioles, and it will look very beautiful.

What are The Different Species of Orioles Present?

There are generally nine different types of species of Orioles that are present in the United States of America but out of these only 4-5 species are present worldwide. The Orioles migrate and come back according to the seasons. They just migrate from other areas to the Southern side to spend the winter most probably in Mexico or Central and South America.

These places have an ample amount of foodstuff available for them to feed on. Moreover, when spring falls there might be some shortage of food and due to their seasonal habits, they must come back to the original places, and these contain many regions of the United States where they stay during springs.

Out of the nine species present, let us have a look at the five stunning species that are widespread.

Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Orioles are generally found in the Eastern and Central regions of the United States. They look almost like the bullock’s Orioles and their habitat is also the same in many aspects. They look so stunning and sometimes both these species breed together and give rise to a mixed breed of Orioles.

These Orioles have characteristics and habitat of both species. The Baltimore Orioles also migrate to different places from time to time. They depart from the South to The Caribbean, the North Southern part of the United States of America or Central America

Their largest community can be found in the mentioned regions else they may be available to some other places. The places mainly contain Florida, in fact, the northern part of Florida. Similarly, they can be found near Florida as well.

Bullock’s Orioles 

Bullock's Orioles

Bullock’s Orioles are also very stunning and beautiful birds. In the spring and early summers, Bullock’s Orioles can be found in the western and central portion of the United States. They are majorly found in the western part of the United States and their presence or range is extended up to the Central part of the country.

So, they have a wide area to roam and stay. This is the pathway where the two species, Baltimore Orioles and Bullock’s Orioles come across. In the winter seasons, these birds can be found in the western region of Mexico City and occasionally they are found in the Southern California region. These are found there along the coast.

Orchard Oriole

Orchard Oriole

Orchard Orioles are also pretty good looking and attractive. The habitat of Orchard Orioles overlaps with the Baltimore Orioles, but this majorly happens in the eastern and midwestern regions of the United States. These small orioles do not stick to a single place for a longer time so spotting them is somewhat difficult outside the frame they are supposed to be at one place. 

Orchard Orioles are also not very much attracted to feeding so they do not stick to specific space at any time like their other cousins do in the United States. They also believe in migration depending on the seasons, so they usually migrate later than the other species or their cousins. They migrate to the south as early as July and in a similar manner their spring arrival usually takes longer than the other species of Orioles.

Hooded Orioles 

Hooded Orioles

Hooded Orioles are called by their name because of their orange-colored hood. With this, they look so cool and mesmerizing. Hooded Orioles are found in the Southwestern region of the United States. Due to the vibrant beauty of this bird, they love the ornamental beauty of the trees however they can also be found in the suburban regions of arid areas too. They also do not stick to just one place but migrate like other species. Hooded Orioles migrate to Mexico City and Central America when they head to the South in the winters.

Scott’s Oriole

Scott's Oriole

Scott Orioles are found in Southwestern regions of the United States just like the Hooded Orioles. The best thing about these Scott Orioles is that they feed on the nectar so they can be found in the backyard easily so you can attract these Orioles easily by managing your backyard and gardens. This species also migrates, and they believe in going to Mexico and Central America. 

Despite this, we do have different species of Orioles that are also very stunning and eye soothing. They can be spotted in the southernmost regions of Florida and Texas.

Steps to Attract Orioles

Making your Landscape Very Bright

Orioles are like hummingbirds in many manners. Like hummingbirds who are attracted by the Red colour, Orioles are much more interested in Orange colour, so this is the best way to attract them. You can use Orange colour in your yard by placing orange feeders that can be easily visible from the sky and once the orioles will see them, they will come down to your yard and other orioles will follow the same. You can see a lot of Orioles in your yard then.

You can also use the orange ribbons as well to tie around the trees or their branches to attract the eye of flying orioles in the sky. If your yard has an ample quantity of food, then the orioles will stick to the place, and you can see these stunning birds daily.

Preparation of Yard Beforehand

The biggest and crucial thing that you need to take care of is to set up your yard early before the first oriole flying high in the sky and cross your place. So, you must be very careful with this and set up the feeder and in orange, weeks before the Orioles season to travel from one place to another. So that they can have a look and can be attracted to your yard to stay there. If you set up the yard after the time, then there is no impact on them as they have already passed anyway. Because if you are a very important factor for you. So better to set up your yard properly before the start of springs when the Orioles fly to find a place to stay.

If you set up the yard beautifully and orange in colour then orioles will stick to it and make sure you have plenty of food for them to live on. Enjoy the visit of the Orioles and cherish the beauty of these stunning birds. Do not make a mistake to set up the yard later, as most of the bird lovers do.

Selection of Proper Feeders

As we know that the hummingbirds feed on nectars however, they can hover over the feeders so it is the best thing but if we talk about the Orioles, they also feed on nectar, but they cannot hover over the feeders. So, in the case to attract them and make them stick to your yard, you need to have a clear and good vision about the feeder’s selection. 

Better to select and set up the feeders where the Orioles can sit and enjoy the nectar to satisfy their sugary desires and hunger. There are special feeders with perches for the Orioles and with orange colour to attract them also. The perches allow the Orioles to enjoy the nectar sitting on them comfortably. You can place some sweet things near the feeder in a small container to attract the Orioles.

Providing Proper Water Sourcing

As we know that life is not possible without water so like every human being, animal and bird, Orioles need water too. To make the Orioles stick to your yard, you need to make a good water bath for them and if the water will be moving, it will attract Orioles more as they do not like standing water. 

Moreover, standing water gives rise to algae and other small creatures that the Orioles do not like at all. Make sure that the water baths are filled to only 2-3 inches in height, not more than that. This is just to make sure that this will not bother your Favorite bird.

Encourage the Concept of Nesting

We stick to someplace only if we have proper resources there and the major one is to stay. So is the same story with the Orioles. So, if you set up a proper nesting and take care of the above facts too, the Orioles will be very happy to stay permanently at the yard you have built for them. So, make sure to set up the nesting as they like. All species of Orioles have different tastes so make sure you check their interests. Hooded Orioles like to stay in the nests below the leaves of highly dense trees like Palms, Yucca, or other trees as well.

However, if you provide the material that can be visible by the flying Orioles to build up their nests, they will likely build it according to their preference and it will be the best way to attract the orioles to your yard and help them to stick to the place. So, make sure to provide items that are used to build up the nests like small pieces of clothes, yarn, and strings as well.

Planning a Menu

Just like we go to someplace to have something good in food if we are recommended and if we see the food menu looks good with options. The same is the story with the Orioles. Orioles love sugary food like nectar so providing sugary food will help them to be in your yard and stay there. On the other hand, they love Oranges so if you place orange slices this will also attract Orioles. Just make sure, whatever you provide to the Orioles, that should be Fresh. 

So here are the tips and tricks to attract Orioles in your yard and to make them live there for a longer time or permanently. Keep the above points in mind and follow the techniques to have a beautiful yard with stunning and mesmerizing Orioles. Wish you a very beautiful and happy yard with your favorite birds.

Have a dream yard with your favorite birds, Orioles!

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