AC – Giving Cool Water Drops Instead of Cool Air?

After a long and tiring day in the scorching sun in these humid summer days, after hearing blabbering’s of your boss in the suffocating humidity of cubicles, you get to your home gaining your peace in the chilly breeze of your AC.

But disappointing all your hopes, your AC fails you by giving you chilly water instead of air. All your hopes fade into thin air after seeing such behaviour of your AC. Now what can you do except switching off your AC getting yourself to scorching heat and sticky humidity.

This is too much after a tiring day. Isn’t it?

But to eradicate this minimal problem of your AC, we must understand what is the cause of this?

You might dread yourself by imagining it to be dangerous but to your comfort it is not even the tiniest bit of dangerous. But it is sure to be problematic.

Well, you can get rid of this problem easily just by understanding your AC and what might be the reason of this misbehaviour.

Working Of AC

Working Of AC

We all are aware of what an air conditioner does but how does it do it, that is we need to find out. Air conditioner basically draws the warmer air outside the room through ductwork and blows cooler air. Seems like a piece of or even easier than that. Well, it is not easy as it seems.

Air conditioner can effortlessly change humidity, temperature, and quality just at the comfort of one click from your remote. The procedure behind this is quite more complex than it seems.

Well in central it is quite easier as what it does is draws warmer air inside and through the system of ductwork removes its heat and reverts to you the chilly and cool air you long and crave for.

But in split systems it is quite more than that. In split system a whole lot of mechanism is required to get you calm and airy. In the split system air is changed to liquid form and cooled by the cooling compartment within the AC.

The liquid is then converted into gas by evaporator fins and then extra heat is removed so that it can be blown back into the house. That is how you experience the chilly air in scorching summers. Well, it does take a lot to get you cool fresh air and keep you calm in just this small fitting.

Well, this extensive procedure keeps repeating itself until the required room temperature is acquired and then is sensed and programmed by your thermostat setting. So, your thermostat setting knows it all.

Well however this state can malfunction and give you cool water instead of air due to some technical and cleanliness issues. This is common and therefore now as we know the system of the system of the AC, we can now understand these causes and fix them. No problem that cannot be fixed.

Causes of Water Leakage

Rust Has Got into Your System

Rust Has Got into Your System

Now that we have gone through the whole functionality of an AC, we can see that the gas is converted into liquid in the procedure. So, if one of the parts of your AC get attacked by unwanted rust there is potential possibility that it might start leaking. This might lead to broken or damaged pipelines and can damage farther. So before letting it do more damage, you must repair it and not let this happen. Rust can be prevented by paint until its layer is turned off and you need yet another layer to fight this deadly rust.

Your Drain Has Not Been Cleaned

In manual setup you must clean your drain once it gets full, if you might have forgotten this, then there is a chance that your AC might be punishing you by splashing water. Well, your AC also needs maintenance, and if you do not do it in time, it might be giving you cool water instead of air. So, you might have to spend your weekdays cleaning up the mess your AC has gotten up to, but it is worth it as it will stop your AC from defying you for sure.

Sensors are not working.

When your drain gets full, your AC has a sensor which senses this situation analyses it and stops working so that it might distract you from your busy life and put attention on it. But if they are not working, it will not do anything of that sort and leave you by splashing cold water.

In that case first you need to clean the drain and get your AC checked so that it can warm before splashing water. The sensors must be checked by an expert so that they can figure out what the problem is.

Your Condensate Line Has Been Choked

If your AC is defying, you by leaking water this must be because your condensate drain has been choked by dirt and other filthy compounds. For this you to unclog the condensate line. There are many methods just like using wet/dry vac in the line but surest way to do this by using a special vacuum to clean or unclog the materials in the condensate line.

While you can still try to clean it with other ways, but this is the professional way of cleaning your condensate line. Believe me the professional ways have their own and the best way of doing things. So always go with the professional ones.

Damaged condensate line

Your AC might have suffered some injuries for this defying. There is a possibility that your condensate line must have been broken or damaged. For this you must get a professional to fix this out for you. Your condensate line or pump is responsible for pumping water outside if its damaged it is no longer a question that it cannot do that for you leaving you drained. So, considering a professional is what is advised in this scenario.

Dirty filter

One of main reasons that your AC is leaking water must be that you are not putting enough attention on your AC and its filter might have suffered the consequences and what is left it has been attacked by dirt particles and lead you to a dirty filter. Your AC’s filter must be changed in 1-3 months ensuring you no dripping water.

Well, if you have been careless enough to ignore then its surest way of reminding is dripping water. But that is not the case dirty filter blocks air as we all know which leads to cold and freezing evaporator coil which ends up collecting water and dripping water. So next time you must be careful.

Refrigerant Leak

Are you listening a hissing and bubbling sound while your AC is functioning? Then you might dread yourself as the problem has got worse and it is your refrigerant that is at fault. Low refrigerant like dirty filter cools and eventually freezes your evaporator coil dripping you water.

You might have noticed your AC not cooling well. This is also a case when your refrigerant is at fault. To fix this you might get your refrigerant fixed or the whole unit changed.

How to Fix Your AC?

How to Fix Your AC

Well, your AC might be first calming things you get when you get home and let it remain unfixed might leave you alone in this scorching summers. So How can you leave it alone when its dealing with your mess. You sure must help your AC in dealing with his own mess. Do not worry we are here to tell you how. We discussed how your AC must be defying you now let us see how to fix this and ain your family’s heart. You are not only one your AC has been upsetting.

Treating Clogged Filters

Well clogged filters as discussed can lead to cold or even frozen evaporator coils which eventually condenses air and ends up dripping water. You can prevent surely by being more careful and replacing your filters every 30-90 days or approximately 1-3 months.

As humans it is obvious of us to forget things then why not set a reminder to remind you to change your filters. Well, you can do this at least to ensure your AC’s proper functioning. Well in summers it might need more frequent filter changes as the exceeding hours it is used for. You might not even spend an hour without using it.

Damaged Lines

There can two ways either you can use a water sealant or call out a professional to help you fix this. Water sealant might appear to you as a temporary replacement for this problem. Well, the permanent fixture would be to get all the AC unit changed. That might seem expensive to you so you can always give water sealants a try.

Before getting all ready to just perform your big operation you must get yourself before your mobile phones and check the most professional way of doing this with the help of some YouTube tutorials. Well, you can also call out a professional to do this.

Treating A Choked Drain Line

Treating A Choked Drain Line

As choked drain line must be one of the reasons for leaking water. To treat this, you can use a wet dry vacuum to clean all the fungi, dirt, and debris your AC might be suffering from all this time. You can also get a professional vacuum to do this for you. Your AC surely deserves a professional help in this matter as it has been suffering from a lot all this time and it deserves it. The choice lies in your hands for sure.

Refrigerant Problem

There is no home remedy to fix this. So, you really need call out a professional for this one. He might present you with two choices that get refrigerant fixed or in a worse case get your AC unit changed. The second one is more tedious and pocket bearing. But it is also a one-time game. You surely would do this for your AC’s declining health. Well, this may not always be the case. However, there are ways to find out.

If your AC is making weird bubbling noise while starting up, I would disappoint you by saying that this gives a thumbs up that your refrigerant is not working properly. Adding on to this if it is not even cooling properly then yes, it is time to get your refrigerant fixed. In this problem only a professional can ease out things for you.

An AC for sure must get through a lot of things to give the calm, relaxing, relieving air you long for. You must do at least this to ensure it is okay. Your AC has a lot of complex functionality as we think and to ensure it is working is smooth, you might have to spend your weekdays ensuring it does not get clogged or dirty as these are the main reasons your AC has turned it is back on you.

Well do not let this happen, fix this before it gets too much damage. Well, this is not the preferred way of spending your weekdays but surely it is necessary for the health of your AC.

Clogged filters and damaged lines are easy to repair at home by just getting your hand on some DIY. Believe me it way easy than you have perceptions for, and it is not that tough to get your hands on. You can learn some sure and quick tricks just by scrolling down YouTube. That is how much comfortable it is and thanks to internet for this.

So, get out take your pump and be ready to end the suffering of your AC. It is high time to get your AC on track.

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