How To Choose Perfect Furniture for a Living Room In the Classic Style

There are a lot of things to consider before you transform your dining room, kitchen, or living room into a testament to the Classic Style. You have to start with a wide selection of contemporary living room furniture and pick the pieces that would fit into your space perfectly. Whether you are choosing a sofa or a full-sized sofa bed, an artsy ottoman, or a regular coffee table, think about how they would play off of each other. If the pieces click together and please your aesthetic taste, you will create a living room that you and your guests will enjoy spending countless hours in. And don’t forget side tables for drinks and refreshments!

Think about the scale

Besides the looks and materials, you should think about the size of your furniture relative to the living room’s dimensions. One of the most common mistakes DIY-decorators make when furnishing the room is choosing pieces that are way too small. Tiny furniture will look insignificant and even comical in a large room. Unless you’re planning to recreate a scene from Gulliver’s travels, choose reasonably large classic furniture.

Even oversized sofas and armchairs can strengthen the look of a smaller living room. It’s a popular trend that has its roots in the history of the Classic interior style. Another interesting option, especially if you have a combined living/dining space, is to use furniture to create dedicated zones and break up the space. Placing a dining table and a large sumptuous sofa back-to-back is a good example of this approach.

Don’t forget about formality and the general feel of the room. If you have a laid-back personality and value comfort above everything else, go with a soft, squishy sofa that will give you that “melted butter” feeling. If you plan to use the living room for more formal occasions, choose armchairs and sofas that force you to assume an upright sitting posture.

Consider the traffic flow

Classic furniture is heavy, massive, and takes up space. Before choosing a fashionable piece from the latest collection, think about how many people will be present in the living room. How large is your family? How many regular guests are you planning to invite over? You certainly don’t want people tripping over chairs and each other. The furniture should leave a path for everyone to cross from one end of the room to another without trouble.

Don’t forget the big picture

Some people take this advice literally and use an element of decor, like a picture, a red couch, or a lamp as a starting point when planning out their living room. Huge mistake! When you think about the layout of your living space, ask yourself several questions first:

  • How many specialized areas will your living room need (seating, eating, reading, etc.)?
  • What kind of activities are you going to engage in (lounging in a chair with a book vs. active games with your guests or children)?
  • Where would you put the sofa, the table, and bookshelves?

The last question is a very important one. Pieces of furniture can create focal points, defining the general mood and accessibility of an area. You should have one well-defined focal point and place your furniture to support and strengthen it. It could be a table for card games or a lounge area. It’s also the first spot everybody will look at when entering the room. Make sure that the centerpiece of your living room is worthy of attention.

Your sofa is the king of the castle

With rare exceptions, the lounge area becomes the focal point of your living room. It makes the sofa the most important piece of furniture. The sofa and accompanying chairs are usually the most expensive and well-decorated items in the room. Don’t settle for mediocrity. The Classic style furniture should feel aristocratic and imposing, not cheap. The quality of materials and craftsmanship, level of comfort, and wear resistance are the most important factors when choosing a sofa. Before you put anything else in the room, try moving your sofa to different spots to find where it fits the best.

Upholstered furniture

The Classic style offers a perfect mix of luxury and functionality. Upholstered armchairs and other furniture with curved wooden legs are the most popular options. Upholstery should be made from quality materials and painted in neutral tones. It will give the room a cozy, soothing feel. Spruce it up with some interesting fabrics, ranging from embossed satin and tapestry to velvet.

If you have a neutral color pallet dominating the room, create an accent using a sofa with colorful upholstery. It will look fresh, bold, and original, especially when paired with other furniture made from natural wood.

Upholstery prints can include ornaments and flowers. However, if you opt for furniture with prints, choose carpets, curtains, and wallpapers with a singular, subdued tone. Otherwise, your living room will look messy and chaotic. For a more formal look, choose leather or synthetic upholstery that imitates leather.

Symmetry and pairs

After you’ve bought the sofa, think about accompanying pieces of furniture. Chairs can follow the same style and pattern or be complementary in design. Armchairs and ottomans usually go in pairs to provide symmetry. Heavy cushions, sizable wooden armrests create an atmosphere of respectability and refinement.

Opt for a wooden coffee table with a rich, polished look, or choose one with metal elements and a heavy glass countertop. The Classic style is rather limited when it comes to colors, so you should stick with the primary color palette when choosing furniture. Materials should ooze the feeling of sophistication and wealth. Opt for marble, mahogany, oak, gold, stucco, and ceramic to create the essential Classic interior.

Consider adding a Persian Rug

As you curate your classic interior living room, don’t overlook the impact a beautiful living room Persian rug┬ácan have on the space. Persian rugs are known for their skilled craftsmanship and intricate designs. They add warmth and a sense of artistic flair to your living space. When selecting your Persian rug, consider the size and color palette that harmonizes with your existing furniture and decor. Whether you’re using it to anchor your coffee table or define a luxurious seating area, a Persian rug serves as a grounding centerpiece.


When choosing furniture to make a Classic interior for your living room, don’t forget about the focal point, scale, and traffic flow. The sofa is the center of your room. Creative upholstery and patterns can supplement your furniture with bold, eye-catching accents. If you are searching for ideas and inspiration, take a look at the Classic living room examples.

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