How to create the ultimate non-alcoholic drinks cabinet

The drinks cabinet is a staple of any home but if alcohol isn’t an option for you, then there can be a rather gaping hole in it.

Many households are alcohol free these days, whether that be a conscious health decision, a person has spent time checking into alcohol rehab or any other reason. But that doesn’t mean you should be without a well-stocked drinks cabinet in the kitchen.

They always say you’ll find people in the kitchen at parties and you want them to have plenty of options when it comes to wetting the whistle.

So, how exactly should a well-stocked non-alcoholic drinks cabinet look?

Ingredients for the non-alcoholic cocktails

Mocktails are huge these days and the options for people that have suffered from addiction to still enjoy some tasty alternatives are very high.

Having all the ingredients for classic non-alcoholic cocktails is really a must for your drinks cabinet as not only will you be able to use them for your cocktail recipes, but also as standalone drinks too.

A good range of non-alcoholic beers

The non-alcoholic beer market has been revolutionised over the last few years and you really shouldn’t expect your guests to have to make do with Becks Blue anymore.

As craft beers have become more and more popular, so has the opportunity to create non alcoholic options that actually taste good!

You’ll even find plenty of good options in your local supermarket these days, while there are even non-alcoholic beer subscription services which can deliver all manner of new and exciting variations directly to your door.

Alcohol free spirits

Yes, they do exist and they taste great. You can find a number of tequilas, rums and vodkas that are alcohol free, as well as gin too.

It’s a G&T without the hangover. What’s not to love about that?

One thing to note is that some non-alcoholic spirits still have around 0.5% or less ABV, so if it’s important to ensure your drinks are completely free of alcohol, make sure you check the bottle.


Just as with alcoholic drinks, many non-alcoholic alternatives are perfectly topped off with a garnish.

It’s the perfect way to finish off any drink and really elevate them. We’re talking lemons, likes, grapefruits, and in the winter you can even add cinnamon sticks for the winter warmers.

Of course, away from foods too, don’t forget the umbrellas for those cocktails!

Michelle Li

Michelle Li, with a background in Nutritional Sciences from Cornell University, has explored the intersection of health and culinary arts for over 15 years. Joining us in 2020, her approach to cooking is informed by her extensive travels and studies in global food cultures. Michelle is also a certified sommelier, further enriching her gastronomic insights. Her hobbies include organic gardening and participating in culinary workshops. Michelle is an avid blogger on food sustainability and enjoys hosting cooking classes in her local community.

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