How to Decorate a Bedroom with Slanted Walls

Making a bedroom with sloping walls look nice isn’t so hard. When your walls slant, it just means they aren’t straight up and down. They slope or lean a bit. But that’s okay. You can make your bedroom pretty. First, you can think about colors. Light colors like white or soft blue can make a small slanted room feel bigger.

Dark colors might make it look smaller—also, furniture matters. Use smaller furniture that fits the space. Beds with low frames can be good. Put shelves or pictures on the slanted walls to use the space and many more things.

So, take a look at these amazing ideas for decorating bedrooms with slanted walls to make it more impressive.

1. Add Wooden Beams

Add Wooden Beams

If your bedroom has slanted walls, add wooden beams to make it feel nice. Wooden beams are like long pieces of wood that you put on the ceiling. When you add these, your room will feel welcoming. A wood on the top of your room makes it look even better. And they can make your room seem bigger. So, if you have slanted walls, don’t forget to think about adding wooden beams. Looking at them, you’ll feel like you’re in a comfortable cabin in the woods. Embracing gentle orange paint themes can transform your room into a special haven, and adding wooden beams accentuates this effect, making the space feel welcoming and stylish.

2. Arrange the Bed Against the Slanted Wall

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To save room and make your bedroom tidy, place your bed against the sloped wall. It’s like moving your bed to the slanty part of the room. This method gives you extra area for your other belongings in your bedroom. You can keep your books, toys, or a small desk in that space, making your bedroom feel more open and less crowded. It’s an excellent way to use every inch of your room wisely. So, don’t hesitate to try this arrangement to create a more spacious and organized bedroom.

3. Use Short Shelving

Use Short Shelving

Using small shelves on walls is called short shelving. These shelves are for keeping things like books and decorations. They don’t need lots of room and can make your space tidy. Short shelving is a smart way to arrange your things and make your place neat. You can also put your favorite items on these shelves. It’s easy to do and makes your room look nice. And it’s a great idea to keep your stuff in order. So, consider short shelving for a neat and organized home. It’s simple and efficient.

4. Make a Mini Gallery Wall

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A mini gallery wall is like a small art show on your wall. You can hang your favorite pictures or artwork in a group on one of the slanted walls. It’s like creating your special display of things you love. This collection of pictures can be as big or as little as you want. You can mix and match different pictures and colors to make it look just how you like it. It’s fun to make your wall look pretty with all the things that make you happy. So, move forward and make your mini art show on your wall with the pictures you really like.

5. Hang a Couple of Houseplants

Hang a Couple of Houseplants .jpg

Houseplants are like green pals for your room. You can hang them up high or place them on your shelves. They bring life and freshness to your bedroom, making it feel comfortable. These plants don’t need much care. Just water them and give them some sunshine. You can choose from many types, like succulents or leafy ones. Some even have colorful flowers. Having these plants around can make your space feel more lively and welcoming. And they’re great for the air, giving you fresh oxygen. So, if you want a simple way to brighten up your room and make it feel nicer, consider getting some houseplants.

6. Consider a Single-Pendant Light

Consider a Single-Pendant Light .jpg

When you’re making a bedroom pretty with walls that slope, consider using a hanging light. This light is easy. It hangs from the ceiling and gives light. You can pick from different looks to match your room. It’s a nice way to make your space brighter. You can make it look good with just one light. Put it in the middle so it’s even. It’s not hard to put up. Just follow the instructions. This light will make your room look nice and bright. So, when you want to make your slanted-walled bedroom look better, think about using a hanging light. It’s a simple way to make your room shine, and it’s not hard to do.

7. Add Personality with Wallpaper

Add Personality with Wallpaper

To make your bedroom look special, you can use wallpaper. Wallpaper is like pretty paper that sticks on your walls. It has lots of different designs. Some are simple, and some are really fun. You can easily put it up and change it anytime you want. Wallpaper makes your room different and one of a kind. It brings a special feeling to your room, like it’s your place. You can choose from many patterns and colors. So, if you want your bedroom to be unique, use wallpaper. It’s easy to do, and it makes your room feel special in a simple way.


Decorating a bedroom with slanted walls is not hard. You can make it look nice and comfortable. Just put some thought into it.

First, choose soft colors. Light blues or gentle pinks work well. They make the room feel quiet and restful. Next, add some comfy furniture. A soft bed and fluffy pillows make the bedroom inviting. Don’t forget about storage. Use shelves or cabinets to keep things organized. Lastly, add some personal touches. Hang up pictures or artwork that you like. It makes the room feel like your own.

So, by using these amazing ideas, you can make your room more lovely and outstanding that everyone will appreciate.

Samantha Nguyen

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