How to Find True Love: 6 Efficient Working Tips

Everyone has a different attitude to the concept of soulmates. Some believe that they are just people who think alike. Others are sure that we are talking about high matters: a soul divided into parts and living simultaneously in two people who will certainly meet. But whatever you consider true love to be, here are six tips to help you find it.

Be yourself

True love is when you are loved for who you are. And if you hide it, then how will a person from Ladadate understand that you are their soulmate? Figure out who you are, never be ashamed of it, develop your strengths and fight those you don’t like (after all, antipathy towards them is also a part of you). Nothing new: first love yourself, and then others can do the same.

Don’t look for perfection

The clearer the image (blue-eyed athletic brunette under 35, works as an architect, loves cats and travel), the more likely you are to miss your real soulmate. A lot of times we have heard stories of how women really fell in love with men who, at first glance, seemed to them completely inappropriate partners. Sometimes it takes time to understand: this overweight (or even bald!) dog lover is better than all Tom Hiddlestons.

Don’t expect everything to be perfect all at once

We get nervous on dates, and that’s why we do a lot of stupid things. We tell ridiculous jokes, and, for some reason, we show pictures of pets for a long time in the hope that this will give time to come up with a good topic for a conversation like talking about different flowers. It’s okay if things didn’t go the way you wanted. If you like a person, give them a second chance: most likely, when they stop being nervous, you will get the very date that you wanted.

Do not rush

If someone’s biological clock is ticking, then let them watch them. And you need time to understand: this person is exactly the one who is needed. Don’t be afraid to go on dates or refuse them to think: what exactly do I need? There is nothing wrong with taking a step back. Maybe it is needed to return to the crossroad and go in another direction that will lead you to the goal.

Invest in yourself, not in searches

Use every possible way to find yourself. Try new activities, study, travel, and train. If you see something interesting, feel free to take the time to try it. In search of a soulmate, this works much better than trying to visualize the partner of your dreams — if only because there will be more real people in your life to choose from.

Don’t follow your emotions

Chemistry and butterflies in the stomach are great, but they do not say at all that you have a soulmate in front of you. Do not rush to declare someone a soulmate just because at the sight of this person, feelings are born that no other person has evoked before at least try different cuisines at different locations and get to know them. Especially when this happens after good sex: the hormone of attachment oxytocin is produced during it.

Juan Medina

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