How to Fix Amazon Fire Sticks No Signal Issue

Amazon fire stick is creating some great buzz in terms of technology advancement. It holds the ability to turn your normal TV into a smart one. You not only get access to great movies, but it also allows you to operate your TV just like a smartphone.

But there is a kind of error that has been introduced and is creating a lot of chaos among the users. A lot of users are seen reporting NO SIGNAL issues on their TV. A lot of them also complained saying that although after following basic protocols like switching off the TV and restarting again, still, the problem showed no signs of improvement.

Well, you do not need to worry about this anymore. By the end of the article, we assure you that you will probably have a solution to this problem and will eventually have a much wider understanding of the same.

So, without delaying it any further, let us just straight dive into the topic and get our problem resolved.

What is Amazon Fire Stick?

What is Amazon Fire Stick

Before beginning onto the solution on how to resolve your amazon fire stick showing NO SIGNAL, let us briefly try to understand a few aspects related to the amazon fire stick.

What is Amazon Fire Stick? Amazon fire stick is a streaming video player introduced and sold by Amazon as a whole. The fire stick is structured as an oversized USB flash drive. You can plug into your TV’s HDMI video input directly.

This fire stick allows you to turn your normal television into a smart television. Using this stick allows you to stream different platforms along with giving you access to nearly download any effective app. The fire stick allows you to download the apps for free, but however, if you are wanting to stream platforms like Netflix or Hulu, you will be requested to pay and watch with a subscription.

The Amazon fire stick is made available to their customers in both the versions, basic version and its 4K version. So overall this is an advancement of technology that makes your TV work just like any smartphone. It also has command features wherein one can give commands using Alexa.

Wonder How Much an Amazon Fire Stick Might Cost?

The cost of the fire stick usually depends on the version you choose. If you are opting for a basic version that might inculcate you to pay an estimated amount of around $40. While a 4K version would cost you around $50. Note that these are estimated costs. They might vary due to sales and policies of different platforms.

Benefits of Amazon Fire Stick

Although we are hearing a lot of chaos about firesticks showing no signal, the error is just temporary and can be resolved by following certain steps. You will feel confident about the same as you progress ahead

But before doing so we would like to dive into knowing a little more in detail on understanding, benefits of using an Amazon Fire Stick. 

Below given are a few points that make using Amazon Fire Stick worthy.  

  1. Used to watch content from various platforms using the internet.
  2. Everything online can be streamed.
  3. One can download nearly any and every android app. The fire stick also has its own Amazon built-in app store wherein you could download your apps.
  4. You do not really require any DTH or cable connection. If you have good internet access you can watch live shows or stream youtube and similar other platforms.
  5. The Amazon fire stick comes with pre-installed apps like Hotstar, Sony Live, Jio Cinema and many more. 

These are some primary reasons for attractions that convince people to use this amazing piece of technology.

How to Install Amazon Fire Stick?

Amazon Fire Stick has put the best of the technology into use. The stick that gives you so much in return follows a complex free step installation. You do not need a professional or help from other people to get it installed. Follow the below-given instructions with care and responsibility and you will then be good to go. 

  1. Connect the fire stick to your TV’s HDMI port.
  2. Then plug it into the power adapter.
  3. Once the plugin is done then take your remote and begin signing in.
  4. If you already have an account, it will show up your credentials.
  5. Once you are signed in. You can start streaming up by clicking right and left and choosing OK on the one you wish to play.
  6. For an amazing experience connect to a wifi network or a mobile network that has a strong connection. That is, it, and you are done with installing it.

Why Does Your Amazon Fire Stick Show No Signal?

Why Does Your Amazon Fire Stick Show No Signal

Well, everyone is talking about this, as major of the users are facing these problems. But ever wondered, why does your TV show NO SIGNAL? What might have gone wrong? 

Before solving the problem, it is important to understand the problem. So, we have listed a few sets of reasons that might be the reason why your TV shows NO SIGNAL.

  1. Poor network connection
  2. Cable not connected properly or firmly.
  3. The Amazon Fire Stick might have broken.
  4. HDCP (High -Bandwidth Digital Content Protection)
  5. There could possibly be a setting problem that you might have initiated which led to showing NO SIGNAL.
  6. Sometimes defected or damaged amazon fire sticks can also be the problem that causes NO SIGNAL error.
  7. HDMI port problem.
  8. Not using genuine brick can also be a reason contributing to NO SIGNAL.

These are some basic errors that cause Amazon Fire Stick NO SIGNAL. But these problems can be resolved by following some important steps. What are those steps? How are we going to follow them? Let us find out everything and even more. So, continue to scroll down and let us begin discovering how we could resolve firestick no signal.

How to Fix Amazon Fire Stick No Signal Issue?

How to Fix Amazon Fire Stick No Signal Issue

By now, we have studied quite enough about the Amazon Fire Stick. We have also understood a few aspects about what leads to show NO SIGNAL on your screen.

Now moving ahead, let us talk a little about fixing the fire stick NO SIGNAL issue. How can we fix it? Do we need professional help, or it can be sorted by our own basic setups? Let us answer similar and many other related questions in this section.

Check HDMI cables and Ports.

Check HDMI cables and Ports

Sometimes the cables or the ports might get damaged, due to constant removing or other environmental factors. So do check if your HDMI cable is connected firmly or not. Check if any cuts or scratches are found on the wire.

If the cable is connected properly, try using a different port. You can use the original HDMI cable that you got along with the Amazon Fire Stick. If all the ports are functioning well, then try to use the HDMI that has Pin 13 removed. If this does not work then try to use a power converter box, for which you need to have a VGA and a 3.5mm wire cable.

Using Reboot Method

Another method that can work to resolve the free stick NO SIGNAL issue is by rebooting. Switch OFF your TV and remove the HDMI stick from the port. Disconnect the amazon fire stick from its main power source and wait for at least 10-15 minutes.

Now switch ON your TV and reconnect the Amazon fire stick. Later press and hold onto any random button for around a few seconds. And then eventually your firestick NO SIGNAL issue will be resolved.

Check for Internet Connection

Internet connection is what makes your streaming worthy. But sometimes poor internet connection can also be the reason for you experiencing NO SIGNAL. So, check for the internet connectivity and if the internet connectivity is not working then call your ISP.

Poor Network Connection

Sometimes poor network connection can also be the reason that causes such technical errors. When the network connection seems to be poor or breaking your device could show NO SIGNAL issue. So, wait for the network connection to get better. But in case even though your network connection gets better still it shows you the same issue then you can follow the below-given steps and try to resolve your issue.

  • Go to MENU.
  • select SETTINGS
  • Choose NETWORK in the Settings Category
  • Press the PLAY / PAUSE button once. 

And thus, your issues will be resolved. Following these simple basic steps can resolve your major issue of firestick NO SIGNAL. So, follow these basic steps and enjoy error-free streaming.

Points to Remember.

Poor Network Connection

Always ensure to deal with any and every technological equipment with responsibility and care. Even the slightest damage may cause you great loss. Below given are few points that you need to adhere to while dealing with products like Amazon Fire Stick.  

  1. Be very responsible while making your installation.
  2. Know your product in detail so that you do not require professional help at the smallest problem.
  3. Always look for tutorials and guidelines before beginning to use any product.
  4. Whenever an error occurs, ensure to check it yourself first. But only if you have adequate knowledge of the subject.
  5. If the problem does not seem to dissolve, then call for professional help. 

If you consider these small steps, then you are definite to make any product last long. So, choose wisely, use wisely.

Video References

Check out these video links to get a broader understanding of the problem of why your amazon fire stick shows no signal.


So, we hope that your problem is finally resolved now, and you are back to enjoying your smart watch with your smart amazon fire stick. Sometimes due to the above-discussed reason or probably various other possible reasons our technology items tend to lose signal or connection.

In such cases, it is very vital that one analyses the problem first and then seeks for a solution. And if still, your basic tactics do not seem to work, you can always look for a professional.

We hope reading this article, you must have understood enough about the Amazon fire stick and the conditions in which a fire stick shows no signal. You can always use the above-discussed steps and get rid of the technical issues but do remember to operate the technology with care to avoid any further similar situations.

We hope this article proves to be of some help to you and allows you to successfully solve the fire stick NO SIGNAL issue. If you still have any doubts related to the subject, please feel free to reach us using the comment section below and we will try to answer it to the best of our knowledge available.

Happy Streaming! Happy Reading!

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