How to Identify Real Sheepskin Rug

Quality sheepskin rugs can transform your living room or bedroom. However, the market is filled with fake sheepskin rugs, and most people find it difficult to tell the difference between genuine sheepskin rugs and fakes.

If you’re shopping for authentic sheepskin rugs, a few telltale signs can help point you in the right direction. This guide highlights some of the top characteristics you should consider when buying sheepskin rugs.

Check the Fleece

When shopping for sheepskin rugs, make sure you check the fleece. For original and quality sheepskin rugs, the fur or wool should still be attached to the sheepskin unless you are planning to put them under the foundation plants. The feel and color of the carpet may vary depending on the type of sheep.

Sheepskin rugs and mats come in a variety of colors. The most common colors include black, white, and brown. However, you will also come across sheep with a mix of other colors such as white and brown.

Pull the Fur

People use this standard test to check if the animal skin rug is authentic. All you need to do is gently try plucking or pulling the fur from the rug. If the material appears weak and the hair can be removed easily, it is not the original sheepskin.

The fur on authentic sheepskin rugs doesn’t fall off easily. Nowadays, most manufacturers make rugs or mats from synthetic materials such as polyester and try passing it off as sheepskin. If you pull the artificial fur, you will notice the fabric woven on when the fake hair falls off.

Authentic Sheepskin is Softer

If you’ve come across or used sheepskin rugs or mats before, you will notice that they feel softer compared to synthetic fabric. Rub your fingers through the material and feel out for any course fibers. Real sheepskin rugs by Ecowool have delicate and soft fibers all throughout. In synthetic rugs, you will probably come across some course fibers.

This test can be pretty challenging, especially if it is your first time buying or shopping for sheepskin rugs or mats. We advise getting recommendations or guides from friends or family with sheepskin rugs in their homes.

Lambskin vs. Sheepskin Rugs

Sometimes, you will come across rugs made from sheepskin or lambskin. Lambskin rugs are considerably smaller and are softer compared to sheepskin rugs. However, they cost more than sheepskin rugs or mats.

Sheepskin rugs are bigger and cheaper compared to lambskin rags. However, either type of rug can upgrade your bedroom or living room, making it look and feel more comfortable.

Bottom Line

Buying sheepskin rugs for the first time can be pretty challenging. The market is full of fake synthetic rugs that are often sold as sheepskin rugs. Before making your first purchase, we advise doing intense window-shopping just like you did for clusia hedge. You can even ask a friend who has one to come with you.

Authentic sheepskin rugs are softer and more comfortable compared to synthetic ones. The fur or wool does not fall off easily from the pelt. Try running your fingers through the rug’s hairs to feel out any coarse fabric.

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