How to Keep Iguanas Out of Your Yard

Many homeowners put a lot of work, effort, and money into creating the perfect yard. Without all that hard work, your garden might give off the wrong impression and even attract invasive species that can damage your property, especially in Parkland where iguanas tend to roam freely.

Iguanas can cause some damage to yards, and are one of the most common species that invade properties in South Florida. Iguana Control in Parkland, Broward County, is stricter than in other regions due to their high numbers and how often they end up in people’s yards.

Some damages can be easily fixed, while others can spread to other structures and require more time and money to fix. The worst damage an iguana can cause is digging burrows.

These burrows cause damage after time, to any construction that is above the ground. In some of the worst case scenarios, these holes begin to appear under porches and damage the structural support, leading to their collapse. These burrows can also affect your yard’s sidewalk and other minor construction projects. Besides these damages, iguanas can also spread disease and injure people by biting or scratching them.

Due to all the dangers they pose for yards and people’s health, keeping them away from your property is essential. Below is a list of ideas that might help homeowners keep iguanas out of their yards.

Avoid the Creation of an Attractive Environment For Iguanas

Yards in Florida are always full of plants, bushes, ponds, fruit trees, and trash bins. All these factors can attract iguanas for various reasons. For example, the food plants and trash bins attract hungry reptiles. If owners have overgrown weeds and plants, that will attract more iguanas as they prefer such environments.

Maintaining a tidy yard, particularly by managing the varieties of garden shrubs and promptly picking up fallen fruits, can minimize iguana attractions. A well-kept array of shrubs not only enhances aesthetic appeal but also reduces wildlife interference. As this will keep them hanging around or coming back to eat.

Monitoring hanging fruits, especially from indigenous plants of South Florida, is vital. Collecting and storing them away reduces the lure for iguanas and maintains the ecological balance in your yard. This will lower the risk of attracting animals in general. There is a solution for people who still want trees with fruits, but can’t harvest them in time for the season before they fall. Therefore, they can try planting citrus trees such as oranges or lemons because iguanas are not attracted to such fruits, deterring them.

In addition to regular weeding, employing pink bloom tree identification tips can help you recognize which trees might be more appealing to iguanas. Understanding the specific needs and risks associated with these trees can lead to more effective iguana deterrence strategies. If you have vegetables planted in your yard, you can try to protect them by putting up a wired fence.

People are always busy and may sometimes forget about their trash bins, and when the collection day is. Having trash for a long time in the same container will attract iguanas. The smell is also attractive to other reptiles and wild animals. Because of this, you should clean the bin periodically.

Take Care of the Ways In

To keep iguanas away, it is crucial to close off any ways for them to get into the yard. One way to do this is to cover the burrows. An essential factor is that owners must fill in the burrows during the day while the iguanas are out. A trick that will help fill the holes is to use rocks or other solid materials. If only dirt covers the spots, the iguanas can easily dig them back up again.

Since iguanas are excellent climbers, they can easily climb trees outside the yard and walk on branches until they reach your yard. In this situation, you should cut off all branches that lead to your yard.

If by any chance it is not permitted in your area or it is illegal to cut the branches from trees in open public space, there is another option for you. The solution is to wrap the trees in a metal sheet that will stop iguanas from climbing. The metal sheet will be too slippery.

Use Barriers

Barriers are one of the most efficient ways to keep iguanas away. There are several barriers to choose from depending on how bad the iguana infestation is. The most common type of barrier is the electric wire fence. The electric fence is thin, and people will not see it easily so it won’t affect your yard’s appearance. Its efficiency is high, but owners must take care of the power source when it rains.

If an average fence already protects the yard, a suggestion is to use metal sheets at the base to add extra protection. Another option, even though it is not a barrier, is to use water. Having automated sprinklers will scare the iguanas away from your garden.

Call the professionals if you want more tips on keeping iguanas away from your yard. They will be able to assess your property, and see what exactly attracts iguanas to your yard and offer solutions.

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