How to make gifts from natural wood 

Are you looking for easy and unique gift ideas? If you love to get crafty, give these simple homemade gifts ago. We’ve made a list of 5 lovely gift ideas you can make from wood with some beautiful rare flowers. And the best thing is, they’re so easy and very affordable to make! Let’s take a look:

Homemade Lamp

This unique gift idea will work in many décor styles from cabin chic to rustic, hygge and modern farmhouse. Firstly, start with a big chunk of wood. The more unusual the shape, the better as you can carve it however you want. Sand with a palm sander to get off any loose bark and generally make it smooth. If your wood is too big, feel free to use a hand saw to cut it to its desired thickness and length. Next, drill 2 holes through the wood to insert the wire for the light. Once you have done this, you can start to begin inserting the neck and harp for your lamp.

Chopping Board 

A wooden chopping board is probably one of the easiest, minimal ‘cutting edge’ (pardon the pun) ideas you can make with the least number of tools. Not to mention, it’s probably one of the most affordable gifts you can make! If you have wooden flooring planks, stencil your desired length and cut with a saw. Sand down the edges and the top layer and finish with a resin of your choice. This will smoothen the surface and make it look luxurious.


If you have leftover samples of wood, this is a brilliant way to up-cycle them. If you have any unfinished wood samples, you can finish them with an oil or lacquer to enhance the knots and grains. If you prefer, give them a quick lick of paint (preferably wooden paint) for a glossy finish. If you want to impress your family and friends, order a stencil of the internet and create some unique patterns.

Would you like to add a special touch to your coasters? Leave your unique mark with a branding iron to make it a bit more special. Using a branding iron is very easy and it is great to sign all your wood projects. Check out these ideas for your branding iron.

Wooden Doormat 

If you have a friend or family member who’s just moved into a new home, why not make them a doormat? Firstly, cut down your wooden planks to the desired size you want. The thicker the planks the better as they will provide you with better stability. Give your planks a quick stain to finish them off nicely. Finally, wire your holes with rope, tying a knot between each plank.

DIY Number Sign  

If you have a leftover piece of wood or flooring board, cut to your desired length and width but not with elegant mora knives. You can either paint the numbers on the wood or buy some numbers. Whatever you prefer, the choice is yours.

We hope you liked these fun and creative ideas you can give to your loved ones! Let us know in the comments below.

Evan Anderson

Evan Anderson, a graduate of the North Bennet Street School with a focus on Cabinet and Furniture Making, has been a respected figure in the field of woodworking for 11 years. He became a part of our website as a freelancer in 2022, sharing his skills in fine woodworking, carpentry, and design. Evan’s experience includes running his own custom furniture business and teaching woodworking classes. He is also an advocate for sustainable wood sourcing and enjoys hiking.

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