How to Make Your Backyard Wonderful

A beautiful backyard – particularly one that is both aesthetically pleasing to look at and offers fun for family and friends – takes some work to create. However, the effort is worth it in the long run.

Whether you have an ample and spacious outdoor space or a little pocket garden you call your own, here are several backyard ideas to make it wonderful.

Light Up Your Backyard

Outdoor lighting is a feature that adds cosy warmth and a welcoming ambience to your backyard, particularly on pleasant spring or summer evenings when you want to have an al fresco dinner with loved ones or hold a barbecue for friends.

Here are some lighting options you can consider:

  • Here comes the sun. Solar-powered lighting is one of the most sustainable options available concerning outdoor lighting – and it’s also the least expensive. You can even consider building a solarium in your backyard. The cost of putting in streetlamp-style solar lights or lanterns in your backyard is only as much as the actual price of the items; you can install the fixtures yourself and save on installation costs.

Pro tip: To keep your solar lights powered up for evening use, be sure to place them in the sunniest parts of the yard to charge them properly.

  • Blue for romance. Blue lighting at night makes your yard appear like it was illuminated by moonlight. The soft glow is best used around water features like fountains or in and around your pool area.
  • Use spotlights to illuminate key features. If you have statues or topiary that you want to show off, think about investing in outdoor spotlights or similar fixtures for night-time lighting. You can visit in order to keep your outdoor area lit and enjoyed during the night season.

Whatever you do, though, don’t shine lights directly onto the object as this will result in harsh-looking shadows. Instead, ask a landscape designer or architect to show you the best possible placement for your lights. For maximum effect, install lower-intensity lights for a soft glow.

  • Light their way. The equidistant placement of lights along paths in your yards doesn’t just make the outdoor space look beautiful, but it’s also a safety feature that prevents accidents such as trips or falls.

Water Feature Ideas

Many suburban families, particularly those with school-aged children, opt to install swimming pools in their backyards. Indeed, these are a welcome sight, especially in the heat of high summer when all people want to take a refreshing dip. But a pool isn’t the only water feature you can add to your backyard; indeed, there are numerous decorative and environmentally friendly options available.

  • Go fish. A koi [Japanese carp] pond is a lively and relaxing addition to any backyard, and there are several DIY kits available if you like taking on the challenge of building and stocking your pond. Otherwise, you can leave it up to professional aquarium and pond builders if you don’t know how to set up an aquarium correctly. However, as pretty as they may look, taking care of koi takes commitment, so it’s best to read up before you put in a pond.
  • A cool and refreshing shower. If you have a pool installed, putting in an outdoor shower makes prepping for a swim and washing up after much easier.
  • Put in a creek. Fountains are all well and good, but putting in a creek adds rustic, natural beauty to the outdoor space and the sound of moving water is very soothing. Check with your landscape architect Aquapro Water Feature as to which area of your yard is the best possible location for your creek; you can also consider it an alternative to more conventional garden borders as it looks more natural. A tree swing near your fountain might add to the experience.

Final Thoughts

Putting lighting fixtures and water features to enhance the beauty of your backyard is dependent on your budget as well as your tastes. Therefore, it’s only prudent that you think through your design strategy before adding them into the outdoor space.

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