Solarium vs. Sunroom: What Is the Difference?

Renovating houses has become a trend in every household, and families have started experimenting with the house’s designs and interior.

Many households have changed their house into a solarium or a sunroom house.

Homeowners are improving their lifestyle and the house’s interior, which they can benefit from in the long run.

The popularity of sunrooms and solariums increases with time, and homeowners invest in increasing the value of their houses.

Individuals get confused between the two terms, i.e., solarium and sunroom. They do have some similarities but are different from each other.

The type of house that you choose depends on your personal preferences as both are effective in their place.

What is a Conservatory?


A sunroom or Solarium is also called a conservatory in some parts of the world. They have similar structures that they offer but are different from each other.

A conservatory is a room with a roof and walls built of glass to capture maximum sunlight in the room.

It is mainly famous for horticulture purposes to grow tropical or off-season plants in a climate that is not tropical.

Solarium and sunroom are mainly built to enjoy the natural sunlight and outdoor view from the house’s comfort.

The growing trend in home renovation has seen many households transforming their living spaces with unique designs, notably by adding solariums, sunrooms, and conservatories.

While these terms are often used interchangeably, they have distinct characteristics catering to homeowner preferences.

What Is Solarium?

What Is a Solarium?

The Solarium is a room that has a roof and walls of the house made of glass and is also known as a conservatory room.

Solarium’s primary purpose is to get ample sunlight in the house so everyone gets constant vitamin C.

You are protected from the dust while getting a beautiful view of the outdoors sitting in the comfort of your home.

The solarium is best if you are fond of plants and flowers, as your plants will get sunlight.

It can also work as a greenhouse for your plants, as the roof and house walls are glass.

Pros of Solarium

  • Solarium is a modern way to have an outside view sitting at your home. They offer an unobstructed view of the outside world. You can have a beautiful experience seeing the sunrise and sunset.
  •  The beautiful colors of the sky can be witnessed just by sitting on your sofa and looking upwards. Imagine witnessing the rain while sipping your favorite drink and not worrying about rain wetting your clothes.

Cons of Solarium

  • The view is impressive, but Solarium needs frequent cleaning as the glasses can get dirty because of harsh rain. If you have many trees around your house, you may also get annoyed by birds dropping.
  • You would face constant sunlight; according to the seasons, you would face extreme heat in summers, and in winters, you may face cold. You can get protected with the help of window shades that protect you against all the seasons and open the shades whenever you want.

What Is a Sunroom?

Sunroom Ideas For Your Home

The sunroom has plenty of windows in a glass house to enjoy your privacy and the outdoor view.

The windows in sunrooms are not made of glass but other materials, making them different from Solarium.

Some new models of sunrooms have features like HVAC packages that add more efficiency to the house.

The sunroom’s added features are also known as four-season rooms, which can be used year-round.

Pros of Sunroom

  • A sunroom can be enjoyed all year long and requires less maintenance when compared to Solarium. The structure of the sunroom helps you gaze at the beautiful outdoor views while having your personal space. The installation of a sunroom is also easy as compared to Solarium.
  • The structure of sunrooms is designed with excellent efficiency, and the windows of the sunroom are functional and can be operated by a device. The technology used to design the sunroom structure is a thermo-insulated roof that can be used year-round.

Cons of Sunroom

  • The sunroom does not offer you a glass roof to enjoy the view of nature, which is the most significant difference between the Solarium and sunroom. If you like gazing at the stars in the nighttime, then Solarium is the right choice for you.
  • Lacks the glass roof of a solarium, which can be a downside for those who enjoy sky-gazing.

Distinguishing Between Sunroom and Solarium

1. Solarium

  • Structure: Characterized by glass walls and a glass roof, a solarium is an all-glass enclosure, sometimes called a conservatory room.
  • Purpose: It provides ample sunlight, making it perfect for plant lovers and those seeking Vitamin D, with the added benefit of enjoying outdoor views in comfort.

2. Sunroom

  • Structure: Featuring a solid roof and numerous windows, sunrooms offer privacy while allowing natural light and views.
  • Features: Modern sunrooms may include HVAC systems, making them comfortable year-round (“four-season rooms”).

Which Structure Offers the Best Resale Value?

Solarium Vs Sunroom

1. Solarium Vs. Sunroom

Whether you choose Solarium or sunroom, one thing is sure: your house’s value will increase, and you will get the best price for the house.

The one factor every buyer loves in a house is the space that the house offers. The sunroom is very well-known for the space that it offers.

The value of the sunroom and solarium may vary from each other as they are different structures.

However, sunrooms have a higher demand than solariums as installing solariums is double the cost.

Sunrooms offer a better resale rate than Solarium, as people enjoy having privacy while enjoying natural lighting in their houses with minimal windows.

Sunrooms are not expensive for a traditional home addition but are more likely to get sold at a decent rate.

The sunroom offers the owner a long-term warranty, which can also benefit the next owner.

The sunroom maintenance is also less, which every house owner can handle.

Solarium would require extra care and maintenance as the roof is made of glass, which can get dirty.

Solariums are famous for their roof glass; some buyers love gazing at the stars and sky in their free time.

Solarium adds a lot of aesthetics to every house installed in a modern structure that every nature lover can enjoy.

Solarium’s warranty is more minor than Sunroom’s and values at lower rates.

You may have to research before investing in the Solarium, the glass’s quality, and the warranty period.

2. Solarium Vs. Sunroom: Design Options

The solarium offers vast design and structure options that make your house look prettier.

You can choose the roof style that you wish to go for in Solarium, and you can also choose from several frame options for the roof glass.

The sunroom has fewer options to choose from as the house’s windows are made of glass, and the window glass frames can be changed.

The solarium has various roof, glass, frame, window, and door options. Many choices offer you the option to design your house according to your liking.

What is a Four-Season Sunroom?

Four-Season Sunroom

A home addition is a great idea to achieve more space in the house; sunrooms help you achieve that by adding more natural lights.

A room that can be enjoyed all year long, including all the seasons, is a four-season room.

The name defines the room’s importance as it is enclosed with glass that allows a floor-to-ceiling view of the outdoors.

A four-season sunroom costs less than Solarium while offering you outdoor views. But it will not offer you as much sunlight as Solarium offers.

A solarium can be turned into a greenhouse for all the owners in love with plants or nature.

Which One Is Best for My Lifestyle?

We have all the information required to choose a suitable room for your house.

To increase your house’s value, choosing the structure that suits your lifestyle and needs is essential.

Before making a choice, you can try noting your expectations or how you would want your house to look.

Suppose you wish to remove a section of your house to maximize the area around your house.

What area would you wish to get extended for a sunroom or Solarium?

Considering all the points can help you make better decisions.

A sunroom would be a better choice if you have a lifestyle with more privacy and enough natural light entering your house.

But if you wish to have a glass roof to witness the beauty of nature, then Solarium can make the right choice.

Final Thoughts

Now, you can decide what helps you change your house according to your preferences and desires.

Once you have decided whether to go for a Solarium or sunroom with the help of all the information in this article, you are all set to make a move.

Solarium and sunroom have pros and cons, and it depends on the owner’s choice to turn their house into a beautiful, spacious place for his/her family.

The solarium is for people who love nature and plants around their house, and the sunroom is best for those who love nature and like privacy.

The solarium and sunroom will enhance the space and beauty of your house with their beautiful glass structure.

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