How to Make Your Bathroom Less Slippery

Without the correct preparation, there are plenty of unknown dangers around the home. The bathroom is one of those locations, and the main element is water. To protect yourself from a nasty fall, there are a few upgrades you can make to a bathroom.


Bathroom tiles make all the difference in the world. Grey bathroom tiles are more than just for looks! For many homes, they can be a convenience. Making an anti-slip bathroom doesn’t mean you have to give up pleasing aesthetics. When shopping for bathroom tiles, the features will highlight options that are geared towards safety.

Tiles that have textures are less slippery than their smoother counterparts. The textures add a bit of traction to the flooring that doesn’t become a waterslide when water hits it. That means when you step out of the shower, a moving foot doesn’t become a random obstacle.

If you’ve already purchased the smooth tile and replaced the bathtub, then anti-slip solutions can be purchased separately to give it the same textured effect. Applying these third-party options is simple, and much less of a headache than completely redoing your new flooring. Like tiling, there are plenty of designs to match what you want to see in the bathroom. With a little experimenting, you may find a pattern that compliments your original vision.

For homeowners that don’t want to change their tile design, non-slip treatments can be applied to the flooring. Since all tiles are built differently, it’s important to try the treatment on a small area before applying it to the entire bathroom floor. Anti-slip treatments are surprisingly effective and last for a long time before needing to be reapplied.

No matter which one of these methods you use, preparation is important. Good tile is a standout in a room, so you don’t want to mess up that beauty by being careless.

Bath Mats

Bathroom mats are an acquired taste depending on who you speak with. There are plenty of choices in this area, but only a few that actually get the job done. There are many homes with bathroom rugs that are no different than a regular living room rug. They attract dust, germs and (worst of all) lack the anti-slip features that give a bathroom rug its identity. Homeowners won’t find it funny having these bathroom rugs slide from underneath their footing.

So, if you plan on using the benefits of a bathroom mat, here are a few things to look out for. The first is an anti-slip feature. Without this, it is a regular rug that will cause issues in your bathroom. The second is water resistance based on the material. A rug can be non-slip on the backside but have a top that is unsuitable to handle wet objects. This means it retains water to the point that mildew and mold will collect within a week.

Size is the third feature of a bath mat that is important but often overlooked. Getting the right size makes a huge difference in its placement, coverage, and usability. If you step out of the shower and have to blindly move your foot around for placement, then the bath mat is too small. Stepping out of the shower should be a natural movement to prevent injury.

Bathroom mats are optional, but a great purchase if you get the right product. Bathroom rugs are more for design, but in a pinch, it is better to have them than nothing at all.

Shower Mats

Shower mats are the same as bathroom mats. The difference is that they go inside of your tub to prevent a fall while showering. This is where things get a little difficult since shower mats are in a vulnerable area. The important thing about this purchase is realizing that most shower mats are meant to be disposable. You use them for a specified amount of time, then replace them with a newer model. Plenty of homes forget this and continue to use shower mats past their expiration date. This creates a slipping hazard in a bathroom that was once a safe haven.

The core of a shower matt is its firm grip on the tub floor. Water hitting it usually strengthens this grip, and in turn, creates a seal that gets better every time you shower. Over time, dirt, hair, and other debris will weaken this grip, and it will start to move slightly while in use. Around this time is when homeowners clean the mat and place it back down in the same spot. Unfortunately, it isn’t a ‘good as new’ situation.

Replacing your shower mat at a normal interval will prevent unexpected falls in the shower. One nasty fall is all that it takes to hurt someone, and the cost to prevent that risk is minimal.

Foam Flooring

Foam flooring is more of a situational way to provide anti-slip features to your bathroom. It’s cheap, easy to install, and strong against moisture. It works well for a kid’s bathroom, or as a way to protect the bathroom of a gym, entertainment, or utility room. You simply place it on top of the normal flooring and let the interlocking pieces do their magic. Multiple sizes are available along with varying levels of thickness. This type of flooring is also portable, so works great for temporary protection on the go. You can bring it to any bathroom in the world to enhance your safety on the go.

Like bath mats, foam flooring has an expiration date. Make sure to replace old pieces when they show signs of abnormal wear and tear. Any piece can be replaced by another that is the same size, so there is no unneeded guesswork when handling a replacement.

The versatility of foam flooring makes it a great backup option for any homeowner.

Stay Safe

There is no point safeguarding every part of your home from shed to garden while leaving the bathroom untouched. Pay attention to all problem areas by utilizing problem-solving methods that work. Make all bathrooms less slippery, and instantly double the quality of life in your home.

Maya Singh

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