How to Remove Black Wasp Nests in Oregon 

Living near a nest of wasps or beehives is a total nightmare and it is only natural that you want to remove it as soon as possible. So, if your house is threatened by black wasps (although the points that we will discuss will work for other kinds of bugs and insects as well) then you should put all your work aside and check out this article.

From helping you identify them to killing them and getting rid of them, we will discuss everything that you need to know about black wasps and getting rid of them in Oregon (or any other place) for a protected and happy home.

Step by Step Guide to Kill and Remove Black Wasps

Identifying A Big Black Wasp

The first thing that you would like to do is identify the black wasp. Identifying a black wasp is not that difficult. Apart from their bold black color, they are also larger than normal wasps making them stand out from the rest. Also, while other wasps tend to pull up their legs closer to their body when they are flying, black wasps tend to drag their legs as they fly, making them even easier to identify.

Another unique characteristic of black wasps is that they are not violent in nature, they do not attack without a trigger. Male black wasps cannot sting whereas the female wasps only sting if their life or nest is threatened. So, unless you intentionally attack them or try to harm them, they will not bother you. Also, they have a very distinct humming sound which is different from other wasps which also helps to identify them.

Benefits of Having Black Wasps in Your Garden

Black Wasp Nests

Unless you are a gardener, we totally understand why you would want to get rid of black wasps from your property but if you are a gardener or a gardening enthusiast, then you might be surprised to know that these wasps are beneficial for your garden.

They feed upon insects like grasshopper and locusts which are deadly for your green plants and can ruin your garden in the blink of an eye. So, unless you are attacking them, they will not only not bother you but also protect your garden.

What Should You Do to Remove Wasps Outdoor?

1. Wear A Protective Suit

This is the most important step of all. Safety to remove the nest of black wasp is very essential. Wear a protective suit before you start on the mission. You can either buy one online that will come with a safety hood and an overall bodysuit or just wear full-sleeved clothes.  Bee suits are made of thick cotton material so that the bees cannot penetrate through the material. The only drawback of this is that the thick cotton is unbreathable, and it can get difficult for you to work wearing that in summer.

The other option that you have (in case you do not want to invest in bee suits) is to wear jeans, a full-sleeved shirt with a jacket, sunglasses, and a cap. Make sure that you have the least amount of skin exposed so that even if you are attacked by the wasps, you are not hurt that much.

2. Buy an Insecticide

The next thing that you need is a wasp insecticide. Before completely diving into the nest full of wasps, it is better to spray some insecticide that can kill a lot of wasps (almost all that are outside and a few that are inside the nest as well). This will ensure that when you near the nest, there are fewer wasps to fight.

Also, make sure that you buy an insecticide that you can spray from a distance of at least 20 meters so that you can attack the best and the black wasps without having to go too closer to the nest. This is another safety hack that you should not take lightly because if you are not an expert, then fighting an entire gang of wasps will be very difficult for you and you might also end up hurting yourself.

3. Ultimately Approaching the Nest

Now that you have taken the safety precautions and killed the first few wasps that are outside the nest, it is time to attack the nest. Now when you are approaching the nest, it is better to do so at night and preferably at a cooler temperature so that the wasps are sleeping peacefully. Once you reach the nest, fill up the opening with the insecticide so that they all die inside in sleep.

Also, make sure that you run immediately after spraying the insecticide because a lot of the wasps may be disturbed by the attack and fly out and attack you. In this case, you might end up getting injured badly.

4. Take the Help of a Professional

 When not sure what you should do then it is always good to take expert advice. You can contact the local municipality or a local gardener who has dealt with similar cases and ask them what you should do. If you are allergic to bee stings, then it will be even better if you just let that person do the work while you make sure that you are well protected and away from the nest.

What Should You Do to Remove Wasps Outdoor?

Black Wasp

If the black wasp nest is inside your house, then the trouble is even bigger. Taking down the nest when it is outside is much easier since you can always run back inside in case, they come to attack you. So, for nests that are indoors, you must make sure that you have taken enough protection for yourself.

After that, make sure that all the windows are open to help the wasps go out of your house as soon as possible once they are out of the nest. Also, make sure you do not use too harsh insecticide when the nest is in your house. It might be harmful to your health.

Lastly, it is advisable that if the nest is inside your house then you should take expert help. The chances of getting stung are way higher when the nest is inside, and you should in no way take that risk if you are an amateur.

Things to Avoid Doing While Taking Down A Wasp Nest

1. Burning the Nest

Although it is a popular belief to use fire to get rid of wasps or beehives, it is a very wrong technique. Wasp nests are made up of a wood pulp-like substance that is thin and papery in nature and is hence more inflammable. This can cause the fire to spread out of control and spread to you and your property as well.

The second thing that can happen is when you are burning the nest, the fire does not kill the wasp, instead, it can become way more violent and can attack you in defense and in search of food. Causing them to lose their home without killing them will make them target you and hurt you or someone passing by your place.

2. Using Water to Remove the Nest

Another popular technique that people believe works in removing wasps and their nest is throwing water at it. Flooding a wasp nest is not a good idea and it will not solve your problem. Also, let us say that the wasp nest is built inside your house then flooding the nest will flood your property and might damage the floor and walls,

Also, like burning a wasp nest, throwing water on it will also have the same effect. The attack will turn the wasp’s way more violent (and they will certainly not be dead) and out of their rage, they will attack you and leave you with burning wasp stings. So, you need to cross out this option from your list.

3. Using A Baseball Bat to Bring Down the Nest

Remember, when you are trying to bring down the wasp nest your aim is to kill and get rid of all the wasps as well and not just remove the nest. After all, removing the nest without removing the wasps immediately is of no use. So again, using a baseball bat is of no use.

The baseball bat will bring down the nest, but it will disturb the resting black wasps and they will become aggressive and turn violent. They will again turn around to attack you. Not just that, in this technique, you will be standing really close to the nest which will increase your chances of getting attacked by the black wasps. Also, if you are allergic to wasp stings then you can also go into anaphylactic shock from the attack. Hence, this too is a very bad idea when it comes to getting rid of black wasp nests.

How to Prevent Black Wasps from Building Nest in Your Property

Wasp Nest

Remedy comes later but prevention is better, isn’t it? We have discussed in detail how we can remove and get rid of the black wasp nests in case they build them on your property, so now we will talk about how we can prevent a situation like this from happening in the first place.

1. Regular Maintenance

The first and most important thing is regular maintenance and cleaning. Wasps cannot build a nest in a place that is regularly cleaned or even attended to. If you leave a room (especially attic or basement) for a long period of time, unclean and unattended then there are chances that wasps can build a nest in that place. Also, if you do not take care of the trees in your garden regularly, trim them, water them, and inspect them then there are chances that wasps can also build a nest in your trees.

2. Installing A Fake Wasp Nest

Wasps are highly territorial, so if they already see a wasp nest at a place then there are high chances that they will not build one at that place or anywhere near it. So, if you want an easy solution to prevent wasps from making nests in your property then just install a fake one that will keep them away.

3. Place Fly Traps or Sealed Windows in Your Property

If you think there are chances of wasps making a nest in your house, then you can also use fly traps or make sure that your windows are completely sealed when closed. This will stop the black wasps from even entering your house let alone build a nest in it.

4. Using A DIY Trap

There are many DIY traps that are easily available in the local gardening centers. You can easily trap the wasps in them and get rid of them. The reason for doing this is that sometimes the insecticides are very toxic and pose a threat to the health of your family, so using a toxic-free option is way better. If you do not want to buy one, you can also make one at home. All that you need is a half-cut plastic bottle along with some food to attract them. You can easily find a DIY recipe to wasp trap online.

Final Words

So, this was all that you needed to know about removing black wasps and their nest from your property in Oregon (or any other place). Make sure that no matter what you do or what technique you adopt to get your work done, you care about your safety first. Be all covered up and do not go too close to the nest when you are trying to remove it. We hope that this article was helpful to you and all your doubts were cleared and if you have any more queries then feel free to reach out to us in the comment section below.

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