How to Stop Animals from Digging Holes in Your Yard

Our earth is a habitat of numerous animals and plants. They both exist all over the landmass of our earth. There are uncountable animals, especially animals digging holes in the yard and plants available on our earth. As humans, we have started petting them for our benefit, and in return, pets get a secure environment and proper care without any worries.

This coalition is not a new thing, and our ancestors used wild pet wolves to make hunting easier. In return, wolves used to get proper nourishment from humans and a better environment and better food. This is the reason we have so much variety of dogs that we love to pet.

Some animals are of use to us, but some animals do a lot of damage to our surroundings and our house. This does not mean that we should harm them and torture them to keep ourselves safe from them. Like you want to live, they also just doing their daily chores and living their life. Therefore, rather than torturing them and harming them, it would be better to minimize the chances of their encounter with us.

In this article, we will discuss the encounters we all have with the animals on our lawn. There are plenty of tasks which we all perform to keep our lawn fresh and fair. But some rodents do not seem to be liking our green lawn. They just come around and dig in our lawn all the time, all over the place.

You may be tired of incidents of animals digging holes in the yard. Therefore, we have come up with a complete guide. This will help you to stop the illegal excavation happening in your yard. Those animals digging holes in the yard will not bother you again. Let us go through this article so that we do not see animals digging holes in the yard again.

What Animals Digging Holes in Yard?

Animals Digging in Yard

Before we tell you how you can stop animals from roaming around your lawn and those animals digging holes in the yard, it would be better if you know what those animals are creating a whole lot of mess in your absence. They are some of the common animals which can be seen around your lawn and your backyard.

We have described their feature and behavior as well so that you can have a better understanding of them and their behavior. This will help you to investigate the matter from their point of view, and it seems awkward. Well, you cannot understand the situation if you have not been in one of them, right?

So, let us know each of them briefly.

1. Moles

No, we are not talking about the rats. They may seem similar, but they are different from each other on a lot of bases. Moles are almost blind, and they do not see anything. Still, they create a lot of mess all-around your house. It seems like this small guy is going to be a tough challenge, right? Well, not really.

Talking about their features then they have big teeth and sharp claws as well. They have brown fur with silver highlights.

They live inside the ground and spend most of the time searching for food. They eat and eat a lot. Their borrow generally appears as a bump on your lawn and like a volcano-like structure as well.

2. Pocket Gophers

Are you the one who cannot differentiate between coriander and mint? Well, then this is going to be a tough call for you. They look like moles but, they have external ears, and they have a pouch-like mouth which they use to store their food. They have a similar appearance to moles.

They talked about their behavior and lived under the ground, and they dig and dig a lot with their claws and shovel-like teeth. Unlike the moles, they prefer eating grass, shrubs, and roots of grass and small plants. They are active in nights and day as well, but they are found more often in the day than the moles that come out at night often. Their tunnel looks like a cow-shoe or crescent-shaped if you look at it from the above.

3. Ground Squirrels

We all are familiar with this guy, and some of us love to keep them as a pet. We all know how it looks like, and there is almost no one who cannot figure out what it looks like.

They were talking about their behavior, then maybe a problem for you when it comes to indoors. But they can damage your flower beds, shrubs, and small plants for sure. They can dig inside your patio and stairs, and if you have a foundation below your house, they can be a problem for you. They are active on the day only.

4. Prairie Dogs

If you are a native of the North American region, then you may know these guys. They are more significant than a ground squirrel and have a brownish appearance. Why are they called dogs then? When they feel danger from predators, they make chirping barks, which is why they have been called prairie dogs.

Just like us, they are social animals. They live in groups, and they are active during the day only. They build their house underground and around it; they trim out all the grasses as well. They make a heap of earth in front of the entrance so that they can have a better look at any predator coming. They feed on seeds, flowering plants, and small shrubs as well.

So, since you have had a better understanding of those animals digging holes in the yard, now you will understand the following part more clearly. You will have the advantage because you know what those animals are digging holes in the yard. Therefore, you can use your ideas and tips to catch those animals digging holes in the yard.

Steps to Stop Animals Digging Holes in Yard

Dog Behavior

As now you know what those animals are digging holes in the yard and what they feed, it is not easy to stop them from doing it. They all look for greenery to eat, and where they will find food, they will thrive and live there. Therefore, please read the following steps carefully, and it is going to help you for sure.

1. Seed Choice

How on earth `is this going to help? You may have this question popped up inside your head. But the answer is simple. Suppose you must remove a sheet attached to a wooden block with just one nail and another sheet attached with the help of nails fixed all over the sheet. Which will be easier to remove?

Choose the seeds of grass which have longer and denser roots. They will hold the ground with more strength than typical grasses, and it will be harder for the animals digging holes in the yard to remove them.

2. Introduce Nematodes

More nematodes will not only help your yard to grow healthy it is also going to keep those animals digging holes in the yard away from your yard. Ensure that the nematodes you have introduced must be beneficial for your yard as some of them may infect the grass and make the soil poisonous for them.

3. Evergreen Way: Traps

Traps are the most effective and most efficient way to keep the animals digging holes in the yard away from your house and yard. If you see an increase in the number of animals digging holes in the yard, you may have to increase the number of traps in their paths. Use non-harming traps to keep them away from our yard and not kill them or torture them.

4. Animal Repellants

If the traps are not being effective, then what you can choose is animal repellant. Remember, they are rodents, and they have a brilliant olfactory indicator. Therefore, using an animal repellant will disturb their senses, and when they smell something strange, they will stay away from it just for the sake of safety.

You can use both traps and animal repellent together if the animals’ cases digging holes in the yard are increasing day by day. Together they will create a strong barrier for the animals, and they will never come back to your yard once they sense the danger frequently from the traps and repellants.

5. Physical Barriers

 This is the last option we are providing you to keep the animals away from your yard. There may be some unfamiliar animals out there who can visit your house from anywhere.

Therefore, having a better and effective physical barrier is a must to have, especially when you have a yard or a lawn to which you do not want to see any damage.

You can use wire tangled, or some spoke mounted ropes as well. They will keep the more giant animals like a raccoon at a bay. They can create a lot of mess than those common animals which we have mentioned above.

These are some of the ways you can save your yard from unwanted digging, or we can say, an illegal excavation program hosted by unwanted animals. They are not our enemy, so we do not have to kill them nor harm or torture them.

You can come with your idea while using one of the mentioned tips. Whatever you come up with, make sure that they are not hazardous to the animals and your lawn or yard.

How to Repair Those Scorched Patches and Diggings?

Scorched Patches

We know how to deal with the animals, but what about the mess they have created? What to do with those scorched patches? Holes are more comfortable to repair than scorched patches.

To repair holes, you must fill them with the soil and then sprinkle some fertilizer and pour the seed and water mixture over it. Sooner you will see new grasses over there. Ensure that you have used the same ground soil of your yard to make sure that the grass grows effectively and efficiently.

For scorched patches, you must make soil lose by turning them. Make the soil lose and water them often to maintain the moisture. Once it is done, add water and fertilizer mix over it is following the seed placement. It would help if you covered this spot for a few days, and once the grass shoots are visible, you can uncover it. Now, let the sun do its work.

Are Domestic Pets a thing to Worry?

Apart from the animals coming from outside, we should first take care of our pets as well. They are also the ones who roam around in the lawn and yard. Train them so that they behave accordingly. They often scratch up and wither up the grasses, which is not what you would like to happen.

Cats are more to worry about. They always chase rodents, and when the rodents get inside their holes, cats scratch them and wither up the more, creating an extra mess. Therefore, it is advised to keep your pets inside your house, and when they come outside to play and have fun, make sure that they are not roaming around your flower beds as their feet can damage the flowers and small shrubs as well.

Another thing which you should take care of is their excretion. Pets often urinate in the yard, which is not a good thing for your yard or lawn. Their urine damages the grass and imbalance the nutrient and salt level of the soil as well. In return, the grass becomes dull and sometimes lose their color and texture as well.


We all love greenery, and that is why we do a lot of hard work to maintain the greenery in our yard, lawn, garden, flower bed, etc. Nature is always mesmerizing, and we all owe many things or say blessings from nature.

Similar things apply to the animals as well. They are also a part of our earth, and they need food and shelter. You cannot just talk to an animal who lives underground and ask them if they can shift to some corner of a fence, right?

Therefore, they will look out for food, and they will dig a hole under the ground to live and thrive. This will lead to their encounter with us for sure, and therefore, we should be prepared for that as this is not something that will happen just once in a lifetime.

Always go for the convenient and harmless method to stop animals from digging holes in the yard. Use traps first and if it is not worthwhile, then go for the repellant as well. Sow strong grasses and make a physical barricade for the more giant animals. Invent some of your ideas and use it to see if it is safe or not. Remember, this is something which will happen again for sure.

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