12 Fantastic Indoor Beaded Curtains for Doorways

Beaded curtains look different and unique than that ordinary cloth curtains. It does not matter whether the fabric of the cloth curtains is made up of georgette or cotton.

Cloth curtains are considered to be boring nowadays! People want change in their lives, which is why these beaded curtains came into existence to change the scenario and enhance and emphasize living in style. Style is such a kind of a word with which everyone is obsessed.

These beaded curtains bring a festive kind of look to your home and are fun too. These beaded curtains can filter both sound and light. These beads are adjustable and can be cut down easily as per the user’s desired length and width.

These beaded curtains are straightforward to clean. A cotton cloth or a rag can be used over the beads to clean the damp and the dust if any. Beads are various types found in the local marketplaces and on online websites, like natural woods to disco metallic.

These curtains can also be customized according to the consumer’s needs.

So, let us now go through these twelve fabulous curtain beads, which would blow your mind off, and it would be great if you give it a look and hang it on your living rooms, doorways, or bedrooms.

Indoor Beaded Curtains for Doorways Reviews

1. Ornamental Door String Curtain Coffee Beads

This is a beautiful door string curtain made up of coffee beads. Not only on the doors but also it can be used on the windows. The coffee beads here are not only found in brown color but also are found in various colors like green, golden, red, etc.

The ones who prefer a matte look should probably go with the brown coffee beaded curtains and the ones who prefer it to be colorful or jolly should go with the green or red beads. Other colors are available too in case you do not like green or red.

The curtains are made from polyester material. And it has got a string-type structure in which the coffee beans are hung in between. The package only consists of a single piece. I would recommend that if you are going ahead to buy this, please do buy two sets, it looks more concentrated.

2. Beaded Teardrop Curtains

‘Teardrops’ yeah you got that right! These teardrop beads are a set of little beads which would add an exotic touch to the doorways or corridors of your houses. This does not actually serve as a curtain because it is fully made up of tiny beads.

This is a very fancy thing, and you should go ahead with using this if you are just bored of the curtains and want to try something new just like adding a bit of spice to your daily light oil-free food.

It can be easily hung from a door frame. You can hang this from a window frame too! But because of its length, it is more suitable for the doorways. This teardrop bead curtain works as a great space divider in the so-called big rooms of the houses.

It is really very easy to install, and you can cut it off according to your desired length if needed. You can also use these beads to simply decorate a wall of your house. 

3. Silver Disc Beaded Door Curtains

Like glittery things? Want your room or house to be shiny like glitter? What about decorating your room with shiny disc beaded curtains? Trust me this will bring all glam and glitz to your room!

A single package provides around twenty-five strands or so. I think twenty-five strands are kind of enough disc beads to bring a glittery look to your room.

But if you wish to, you can buy more packages to get more strands and make it look more concentrated.

These silver disc beaded curtains would give you a feel of disco in your own room.

Along with the air, these beautiful disc beads twists and turn and reflects with the light. I find these designed beads to be very simple yet beautiful. Can go forward with buying this!

4. Decorative Ribbon Strings

This is an exotic piece of ribbon strings that can be easily used as curtains to decorate houses or rooms. These curtains are available in several colors and using this, would bring some sort of color to your life! It is a hundred percent polyester, and it is easy to clean as well as hang.

These curtains can also be cut according to the required size of the users. As this is available in various colors, people of different tastes and choices can buy this. It makes the rooms and your houses more charming than that of the usual!

5. Aluminium Chain Curtains

This is a unique one among all the curtains. This curtain is made from aluminium chains and if you are willing to use this, I am going to assure you that this will bring a different modern touch to your home or room.

The few of the linked chains can be easily removed from the bottom to shorten the curtain accordingly. These curtains are also very easy to clean, and it is lightweight.

The package has also got one extended year of warranty which provides a hundred percent of satisfaction to the users.

6. Crystal Decorative Beaded Curtains

Love crystals? Like gems? Want a different sort of spark in your room? What if you like rain too? Want the raindrops to persist forever in your room? Try these curtains! These curtains are perfectly beaded for doors especially. To cover large areas, you can go ahead by buying more packages to fill the place with crystal raindrop beads.

7. Pearl Beaded Curtains

Do you desire sober items with a touch of aristocracy into them? Why don’t you try these sober curtains? It has got pearl beads into it and this adds to the abrupt glamour of the product. It is a beautiful piece! The curtains are made from polyester and are available in various exotic colors. These curtains are easy to clean, install and replace. It helps in the circulation of air in the room.

8. Handmade Beaded Curtain

Looking for a bit of more privacy? Want imagery too at the same time? Try this link provided below. It is a doorway curtain that is thick and has got numerous individual beads into it. The image can be viewed from both sides. Do not shorten this, it may lead to some loss of the design.

9. Divider String Beaded Curtains

This beaded curtain is made from a hundred percent of polyester material. This is an airy type of room divider. It means that the curtains let the air circulate in the room properly, therefore, making the room fresh and healthy.

In this package the curtains are glittery, and it also consists of round-shaped beads which makes the curtains look more stunning especially with the glittery effect.

You can easily cut the length of these beaded curtains if needed.

These curtains are also very easy to hang.

Altogether, it is a beautiful piece of set and it looks awesome, whenever it is hung on the doorways of living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, office rooms, or balconies. You can also hang this on the window frames to make the respective room more decorative! These divider beaded curtains are mostly hung in the living rooms to maintain the privacy of the bedrooms inside the houses.

10. Dream Catcher Beaded Curtains

There are several people who believe to have dream catchers in their rooms to ignore negativity and to welcome positivity during their dreams as the Americans believe that the rooms are filled with dreams during the nighttime.

So, why not have both the dream catcher as well as the curtains at the same time? It is an exquisite piece to be hung on the doorways of the bedrooms.

11. Door Beaded Curtains

Want something artistic? What about a hand-painted workpiece? Want the bamboo strands as the beads of your curtains? Check out the link provided below!

The curtain looks like a brown bamboo door. And the door structure is visible from both sides of the curtain. Presently, this curtain has got the highest quality in the market.

12. Bamboo Wood Beaded Curtains

Like simple, yet authentic designs? Prefer a matte look rather than a glossy look? Do not want to hang shiny polyester curtains in your house? Here, I have got a wonderful piece of bamboo wood beaded curtains for you people.

You all might have been thinking while reading this article that what should we use?

We do not use glossy curtains and neither do we want to use them! These wood beaded curtains are made up of real and high-quality bamboo wood. The color may appear to be a bit different than that of the link provided below.

There are twenty-seven bamboo strands in the package. These curtains are mostly used in the door frames or can be hung on the gateways or in the walls of the living rooms too. It is very easy to install because all you need is two nails and a hammer for installing in your house, preferably anywhere you feel like it.

The beads come in two different colors. One is brown and the other one is ivory. Depending on the color of the wall one should choose the color. And if you have planned to place it in a door frame then definitely you should go ahead with buying the ivory color to enhance and emphasize the look of your door because most of the people have got brown doors in their houses.

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