How to Turn Your Vision into A Dream Space?

Every homeowner desires to create an inspiring interior design that makes a great first impression. Luckily, that’s possible thanks to the proliferation of modern interior design styles. Modern interior design trends focus on reflecting a homeowner’s personal taste and improving the functionality of his contemporary home.

Every aspect of this architecture style, whether a color scheme or room décor, screams innovation and progress. The home interior gets planned in such a way that whatever activity a homeowner opts to do seems effortless.

Here are a few modern home interior design tips from experts to turn your vision into a masterpiece.

Modernism Art

Unlike traditional artists, modern artists use vibrant colors and unlikely forms to come up with expressive artworks. Fauvism, abstract art, and cubism show a reaction to obsolete traditions and bring the rise of industrialized society.

Adding a huge piece of art with a minimal frame hung on a wall is the perfect way to add a touch of modernism to any interior space. Experts suggest focusing more on small art series on spacious walls rather than gallery arrangements to avoid cluttering the modernist look.

Consider Going Green

While it’s fun to decorate a home with stunning décor, it doesn’t hurt to add a few environment-friendly pieces. That’s true, considering we live in an era where everyone seems to focus on green living.

Therefore, incorporating sustainable and eco-friendly modern architecture design can help a home stand out.

Aim for Simplicity

The strength of decorations lies in their ability to communicate emotions and capture the beauty of magic in simple and ordinary items. But for elegance, it’s wise to keep things simple. A single fantastic-looking light fixture in a modern home is sometimes all that’s needed.

It brings out a minimalistic look and creates a wider space where every detail counts.

Select Color That Inspire

Remember, in structural design, a homeowner’s choice of color can make or break his home’s interior design. Therefore, it’s crucial to take caution when blending colors for any interior decoration. For any décor to stand out, it’s to select colorful patterns that attract attention rather than neutrals, which tend to be too subtle.

Select Modern Flooring

One way to wow the guest is to install stylish and sleek modern flooring. Most interior design services suggest marble flooring with smooth surfaces or tiled flooring with clean lines. In modern flooring, it’s wise to avoid too much texture since it can prove hazardous. Also, opt for neutral colors for tiles and ensure they match the home’s décor.

Homeowners can also go for sleek hardwood flooring, but they need to ensure the wood features a smooth finish and blends with decorations, fixtures, furniture, cabinetry, etc. Remember, a modern flooring is not only exquisite but also increases a home’s value.

Focus On the Line

Modern architecture styles are based on simple, clean lines. Most interior spaces in modern homes are refined, with few aspects (accessories) because, under this premise, there’s no need to add details that fulfill no important role in the space.

Vertical and horizontal lines are echoed more in the design of the pieces of furniture and décor. For example, cylindrical columns common in contemporary homes often form clear vertical lines.

Include Design Icons Furniture

During the first half of the 20th century, designers like Marcel Breuer, Eero Saarinen, and Le Corbusier created iconic objects of modern design that are still re-produced to date. Homeowners can incorporate objects with classic designs into their home’s interior for a more aesthetic appeal.

Although it’s hard and costly to secure an original piece created by these designers, there are several replicas on the market as good as the original.

Open Plan

In modern home interior design, an open-layout is necessary. The open spaces encourage excellent airflow and light penetration between different zones while eliminating unnecessary structures.

Bottom Line

Modern architectural styles involve adding functional elements to optimize a living space while improving its comfort levels.

The design ensures that everything in a contemporary home, from décor to fixtures, has a place and purpose.

With the help of these modern interior design tips, homeowners can plan their home interior such that everything stands out and they can do any activity seamlessly. Use these tips today to renovate your home to suit your sensibilities.

Danielle Myers

Danielle Myers, a graduate of Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Interior Design, has been demystifying the design world through her insightful writing since 2016. Her journey with us began in 2020, and she has since been sharing her knowledge of contemporary design ideas and decorating tips. Before joining us, Danielle gained experience by working with several renowned design studios in New York. Her articles often reflect her passion for Scandinavian design and eco-friendly living solutions. She is an avid traveler, seeking inspiration from different cultures and architectures.

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