How to Use Microwave Grill: Settings, Utensils & Best Practices 

Need to know how to use microwave grill? You’re in the right spot! This guide will help you make tasty pizzas and sandwiches easily at home.

Using your microwave grill is simple and quick. We’ll show you the best settings and the right tools to use. You’ll learn how to make your food just the way you like it, whether it’s a crispy pizza or a toasty sandwich.

This article is all about making things easy. We’ll give you clear, step-by-step instructions on using your microwave grill. No more confusing guides, just easy cooking.

Let’s get started and make some delicious food!

Using a microwave grill means quick cooking. In just a few minutes, you can have a hot pizza or a melty cheese sandwich. It’s also convenient and keeps your kitchen clean. No need to worry about washing lots of dishes!

Microwave grills are great for making all sorts of quick, tasty, and healthy meals. They’re fast and easy to use. Not only do they save you time in cooking, but they also mean less cleaning up afterward.

If you do not know the model of your Microwave, just search for the brand and you will get all the models there, check the pictures and know your model then search for a specific model’s instructions manual.

How to Use a Microwave Grill

How to Use a Grill Microwave

Here’s how to use a grill microwave effectively:

  • Grill Option: Look for the ‘Grill’ button. It’s for grilling food. You’ll see buttons numbered 1, 2, and 3.
    • Button 1: For slow grilling.
    • Button 2: For medium grilling.
    • Button 3: For high-power grilling. Choose according to what you’re cooking.
  • Time Setting: There’s a dial to set the cooking time. Adjust it based on what you’re grilling.
  • Standing Time: Some foods need to rest after grilling. Use the timer for this.
  • Close the Door: Unlike oven grills, keep the microwave door closed while grilling.
  • Start: Once everything is set, press ‘Start’ to begin grilling.

Usage Guide to Combi Microwaves (Combination Mode)

Usage Guide to Combi Microwaves (Combination Mode)

Here’s a quick guide for using Combi Microwaves (Combination Mode):

  • Combi Setting: Find and press the ‘Combi’ button to choose the combination settings. You can refer to the sticker or manual that came with your microwave. Typically, these settings include low, medium, and high-power grilling. Usually, low or medium power is enough.
  • Time Dial: There will be a dial to set the cooking time. Adjust this according to the food you’re preparing.
  • Timer for Standing Time: If your food needs to rest after cooking, use the ‘Timer’ option for this.
  • Close the Door: Remember to close the microwave door before starting.
  • Start the Process: Once you’ve set everything up, hit ‘Start’ to begin cooking.

Confusion in Grill Setting

1. Testing Standard Mode

  • Fill a microwave-safe jug or container with water.
  • Put it in the microwave and turn it on using the standard settings.
  • After a few moments, turn off the microwave, take out the jug, and check the water’s temperature. It should be hot.

2. Testing Grill Mode

  • Now, put the same jug or container back in the microwave.
  • This time, change the setting to Grill mode.
  • Give it the same amount of time as you did for the standard mode.
  • Afterward, check the water temperature again. It will be cooler compared to when in standard mode.
  • This difference helps you understand the distinct functions of each mode.

The Utensils You Should Use with Microwave

The Utensils You Should Use with Microwave

Choosing the Right Utensils for Your Microwave Grill:

  1. Special Utensils Needed: Regular kitchen utensils aren’t suitable for microwave grills due to their unique properties. It’s important to use microwave-specific utensils.
  2. Suitable Utensils Include:
    • Aluminum Foil: Ideal for use in the microwave, but be cautious as it can spark.
    • Recycled Paper: Check if it’s microwave-safe before use.
    • Wire Wrist Ties: These can create arching effects, similar to aluminum foil.
    • Containers Without Lids: Use containers without airtight lids for better cooking.
    • Microwave-Safe Plastic: Only use plastic that is specifically designed for microwave use. Standard plastics can melt and release harmful chemicals.

Special about Grilling Purpose with Grill Microwave

When we use utensils in Grill Microwave, we need to check if we have covered utensils with some lid or not. As in the Grill Microwaves, we need not cover the utensils containing food for cooking. As in this case, heat will come from above so covering something will not let that heat go to food but will be there on the lid so it will just heat the lid, not the food.

As we checked above we normally use the medium as the maximum temperature range for food cooking, so this is the reason for that. We need not cover the food containing utensils with a lid so heat directly goes to the food. If you put it on a high-temperature range it will mess things up and will cause serious problems like burning of food or may cause damage to the Microwave as well. As you are using the Combi model here so it will not go above the medium temperature range. If it will go up, then be ready for the mess.

There is also a great thing to notice that Microwave Safe goods are very safe that you can use with your Microwave. However, they will heat up when you place them under the hot grill process. Also, you need to take care of things that the Microwave plastic will not melt with the Microwave under normal usage, but if you are using it for Grilling purposes, then it will melt and create a mess for you.

So, you cannot use the plastic made for standard microwave purposes for grilling purposes. You need to make sure that you should have Pyrex material utensils as they have a very high melting point so they can stay good at high-temperature ranges. Except for Pyrex, there are also other materials as well that can withstand high temperatures so check out the things and choose wisely.

Now, the point here is what you should use that will be safe and secure. No need to worry about this. We have answers to all your questions and doubts. When you use a Microwave, it should be very crucial to take care of everything about it and look after the usage and safety tips, too.

There are a lot of tests that you can perform to determine if the utensil or plate is safe to use with the microwave or not. Let us have a look at a simple test here. This test will be taken with a proven Microwaveable tool.

Let Us Check How Does It Work

Let Us Check How Does It Work

Get a Microwave jug first and fill it with water to the half of it. Once filled, please place it inside the Microwave. Now, the next step is to put in the dishes or utensils that you want to test if they withstand.

Now turn the Microwave on and run it on full power for the next 2-3 minutes. Now, after this, if you see and feel the jug or container warm, then it is a green signal that the microwave is working well.

Now feel the other utensils and dishes that you placed in previously. Once you touch them and you feel that they are not hot, and they are cool then it means that those utensils are good to go with the microwave. This means that they do not absorb the microwave’s energy and are safe to use anyway.

If they are getting hot so it means that they are absorbing the heat of the microwave and this will be alarming for you that you should not use them with a Microwave. If they are absorbing the heat, then they will melt and stick to the microwave rotating disk or grilling bars. This will damage your beautiful Microwave, which no one will be willing to do.

Except for all the above guidelines and tips, there are some more that you can take care of to get complete information about the Microwave you have, and you can use it in the best way and enjoy its benefits to the fullest.

  • The first pointer is not to use the Combi settings for small portions of sizes of food. It will be too much heat for a small portion of food and the food may get damaged. So, in this case, grilling will be the best option.
  • Sometimes, you must grill some food with a wire rack, and if you are doing that, you need to know this. Place a heatproof plate before you start grilling with a wire rack, as when you grill with a wire rack, it may need some oil splatter, and nobody wants those grease stains in their Microwave.
  • The doors must be closed when you try to grill or use a standard Microwave. The microwave has special technology to release extra heat from the inner part itself so no need to worry if you have closed the door while cooking the food. It is not like a conventional oven that does not have this type of technology to escape extra heat on its own.
  • While you are grilling something in your microwave, make sure you stay away from it as its outer part may get too hot, and it may burn your skin or hand if you try to touch it. Allow it to stand for the next few minutes, and the heat will just spread out and try to merge with room temperature to give you delicious, equally hot, and fresh food.
  • Just like anything in this world, Microwaves need to be cleaned after regular intervals of time. You can clean it just after you have the meal that you made in the microwave. It also reduces the chances of any stain on it and keeps it reliable. If you do not clean it, then during cooking, the previous residues start burning and producing a pungent smell. You can clean it by having a liter of water in which you can put 3-5 spoons of lemon juice. Now you can switch it on, and once the mixture gets hot, it will just loosen the dirt stuck to it, and you can simply wipe it out with a cloth without putting in any effort.


So here is the complete article about the Grill Microwave and now you are pro in using it, taking care of each and everything. You know how to maintain it and which type of utensil you should use with your Microwave in standard condition and grilling mode.

Also, you have a clear vision about timer management on it; temperature changes according to the need.

Let us get your microwave then, and if you have purchased it just now, congratulations. Use it wisely with the tips given above and enjoy healthy and tasty food anytime and easily.

Happy Cooking and Happy Eating!

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