20+ Inspiring Dry Riverbed Landscaping Ideas in 2020

You must be tired after searching the inspiring day riverbed landscaping ideas throughout the web. Well, you have landed on the right page where you will get the fantastic ways through which you can have a dry riverbed in your landscape. 

But before beginning, do you know the benefits of having an inspiring dry riverbed? If not, then go ahead to read. Dry riverbeds can avoid ruts in your landscape and can even put an end to drainage problems. 

There is one smart thing related to dry riverbeds, which states that these appear merely beautiful. When you have one, then your yard, terrace, or garden will look amazing. Well, you can take the help of an expert; however, you will not enjoy the fun installing it.  

So, you will get 25 inspiring dry riverbed landscaping ideas 2020 in this article so that you can install one on your own. Go ahead to read on. 

1. Gray Pebble Walk

Grey Pebble Walk

When you build a dry riverbed, then pebbles are an outstanding option. The green plants look pretty with the contrasting dark and light gray pebbles. You need to ensure that you include some light-colored stones across the side if you want dark-colored pebbles for a vivid display. 

2. Tan Cobbles 

Tan Cobbles

There are numerous distinct shapes and sizes of river cobbles. Different stones make a perfectly natural look when they are assembled. Go for a blend of gray and tan rocks if you desire a warm looking dry river. 

If you want a beautiful dry riverbed, you can plant vibrant flowers across the side.  

3. Backyard Haven 

Backyard Haven

As the name suggests, this riverbed idea surrounds the entire darn yard. This idea is perfect for the massive project that incorporates everything from gravel pits, rock beds, and a little bridge to connect two regions and mulch mounds. 

4. Simple but fascinating Japanese style 

Simple but fascinating Japanese style

If you are going to do something like this for the first time, then this dry riverbed landscaping idea is perfect for you. It is effortless and needs two important things – some time and flat rocks.

You can rotate the flat stones and then start to top up space in a line way when you are done with clearing the creek region, and you desire to fill with rocks and border it with fabric. As a result, you will have a wonderful and elegant outdoor dry riverbed when the creek is filled. 

5. Flower Aisle

Flower Aisle

No other thing can make a flowerbed beautiful, more than an inspiring dry riverbed. A natural but stunning dry riverbed is a fantastic idea in the event your garden possesses flowerbeds. You need to ensure that you use rocks or pebbles that are of the same size and color so that your flowers will not get overshadowed. 

6. Elegant Stone Feature 

Elegant Stone Feature

You can go with this inspiring dry riverbed landscaping idea if you think the previous ones are straightforward. To make the bed’s slope throughout the seating region, this idea needs some manipulation for land as it is extensively involved in the “Do it Yourself” idea. So, you need to work on it carefully. 

7. Space Saver 

Space Saver

It is possible that you do not possess a larger area in your yard; however, it does not imply that you cannot install a dry riverbed. A small riverbed prevents any drainage issues and looks simply amazing. You can adore it with little rocks and some small bushes throughout it. 

8. Dry Creek Bed having a Fountain 

Dry Creek Bed having a Fountain

If you have a classy rock fountain, then converting your backyard into a rock garden oasis is fantastic. Think and style an inspiring dry riverbed landscaping idea and plant a fountain, center, and front. If you have an outdoor fountain, it makes merely calmer ambiance, and yes, they are straightforward to install. 

9. Steppingstone 


You can channel extra water with the help of this easy and inspiring dry riverbed landscaping idea. You can use small pebbles with identical colors and include a twist with stones having square shapes in the event you want this style. 

10. Slanted Dry Riverbed 

Slanted Dry

You can create a stunning feature that is noticeable from any place in the outdoor region when you style and create your inspiring dry riverbed on a slant like this. You can feel pride when you put a lot of dedication and hard work after building a charm like this. 

11. Sparkly Garden 

Sparkly Garden

This dry riverbed idea is entirely the one in the event you want an exceptional design. You can make use of vibrant recycled glass pebbles to line these across the sides and top up your creek. You need to include a decorative fountain across the way.  

12. A Contrast of Stones 

A Contrast of Stones

When you use two impressive and distinct stones, and that too in color and shape, making visual interest is easy and straightforward to pull off. You can observe how these bordered the bed with flourishing plants, top up the bottom with dark and little stones, and then placed the large ones, jagged rocks, and light colors all over.  

13. Mini Town 

Mini Town

Your dry riverbed will get a pop of color with these blue glass pebbles. You can become creative with little sculptures and figurines, such as benches, houses, and boats. In the event you live in a chilly climate, you can put some succulents. 

14. Blue Serenity 

Blue Serenity

This dry, riverbed landscaping idea is simply serene to observe. Put little pebbles inside and big stones across the border to achieve this appearance. For a flowing effect of water, you can use blue glass pebbles and include a statement pot.  

15. Basic is Sometimes Better 

Basic is Sometimes Better

You can make a stunning garden feature by making use of simple stones. The rocks do not look distributed; however, these offer a contrast to the flourishing plants that border the bed. This inspiring dry riverbed landscaping idea also helps in draining away the rainfall from the area. 

16. Double Up 

Double Up

Why don’t you create a sizeable dry riverbed having bridges and make some use of some extra space? Include some green, little bushes and make use of bright mulch throughout the riverbed. Based on the length of the river, you need to add two or more wooden bridges. 

17. Garden Balls

Garden Balls

The distinctive spheres are made with peat moss and concrete. These are then adored around for a classic feature that will make your dry riverbed stand out from your neighbors’ other riverbeds. 

18. Wooden Bridge

Wooden Bridge

If you want a rustic look for your dry riverbed idea, you can add a wooden bridge. Border the creek with little pebbles in the center and big stones across the sides. The dark green grass and wooden bridge are an excellent combination. 

19. Dry Creek Patio

Dry Creek Patio

You can transform your yard from basic to fantastic with the help of this dry riverbed idea. The rock placements create a partial moat throughout the patio seating region and include an evident fascination with the outdoor ambiance. 

20. White Vintage

White Vintage

You can include the classic white bridge for the vintage appearance after filling your dry riverbed with rocks and stones. The green grass and an impressive white bridge appear beautiful together. 

21. An impressive look

An impressive look

The impressive distinction in the middle of the close by white rocks and the bark mulch is beautiful against the lush green plants. You can top up space with round stones to make this dry riverbed merely memorable. 

22. Shells and Starfish

Shells and Starfish

Want a beach-like feel in your yard? Well, you can have it. Distribute some starfish and shells after placing a pot having white stones at the creek’s end. To show the white stones look excellent, make use of brown rocks and mulch across the side.

23. Break it up

Break it up

It will be a fantastic dry riverbed landscaping idea where the lawn says hello to the fence. Plant the line and top it up with rocks, plants, and stones after digging the region. You can also build a tiny rock bridge here. 

24. Nature’s Log

Nature’s Log

With classy-toned rocks and stones, place some tree logs on the dry riverbed’s side to get a nature-inspired look.

25. Line the circumference

Line the circumference

You can cover your entire house with this classy dry riverbed idea. You can get rid of rainwater with this fantastic idea. In addition to this, it will indeed look beautiful than your neighbors’ dry riverbeds.

Final Words

Hopefully, you got what you were looking for. You can build and install inspiring dry riverbed landscaping ideas on your own with the help of this article. So, what are you waiting for? Gather all the materials and get to work. 

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