25 Inspiring Tire Planters Ideas to Add to your Outdoor Living Space

Ready to turn those old tires sitting in your garage into something amazing for your garden? It’s easier than you might think, and we are here to guide you.

We will take those tires, give them a fresh coat of paint, and chop them up into cool shapes (safely, of course!).

Think of it like a fun arts and crafts project, but in the end, you get these awesome planters for your flowers or herbs. And the best part? It’s super eco-friendly.

There are many things at our home that we don’t use, so why not utilize those things to create something beautiful and worthy?

How about you creatively use them to make something beautiful out of it? Check out the list below for some pretty tire planters

Best Handpicked Tire Planters Ideas

1. Teacup Tire

Teacup Tire

One of the things that you can do with your tires is to turn them into a teacup!

You can use your creativity and paint whatever you wish on them and have a little tea party.

Your kids will love them, and your neighbors will keep asking you how you did it. You can put flowers in these teacups and make your garden prettier.

2. Stacked Tire

Stacked Tire

Here, you can stack up to four tires of different sizes to create a pop-up vase for your plant.

You can paint bright colors on each tire, different on each one, to bring out a popping color.

Then, all you need is your soil and plant, and you are ready to go.

3. Cover the Vase Tire

Cover the Vase Tire

This is probably a very different approach to using the tire.

If you don’t want to take your flowers from the vase but want a creative and beautiful touch, paint your tire with the color of your vase and keep it as shown in the picture.

4. Hanging Tire

Hanging Tire

Take your DIY game to the next level with this hanging tire idea.

It is your choice to use the tires by painting or not painting them creatively or doing whatever you wish.

Then, put in your beautiful plants/flowers and hang them outside your house. Such an eye-pleaser!

5. Tire Garden

Tire Garden

Everyone’s fond of having their garden and growing vegetables or flowers in it.

Why spend your money buying vases when you can easily use your tires? All you need to do is line up your tires, fill them with soil, plant your favorite plants, and enjoy watching them grow.

6. Rope Tire

Potted Pansies

Have extra rope lying around your house? Use this technique, glue the rope across the tire, and spray it to give it a beautiful, natural look.

No one can determine that it is a tire, not a table. You can use any flowers you want for it.

7. Edgy Tire

Edgy Tire

The bigger the tire, the bigger your plant is. In this particular design, you can paint the tire or keep it simple.

Make it unique by cutting off the tire’s edges in a unique pattern to up your game. You can include any pattern you want in it and make it pretty.

8. Blooming Tire

Blooming Tire

Here, you can spray paint and stack up against your tires and keep them in your garden.

The best tires to use are the mini tires, which can fit more in your garden. Here, blooming plants are used to create a blooming effect. You can easily buy them.

It creates a unique effect on your garden.

9. Pot Tires

Pot Tires

You have seen your kids get along with tires. These tire pots in your garden will keep your garden ‘young,’ and the kids will love it.

Adding any color of your choice and any flower makes this idea lovely for your garden.

10. Raised Tire

Raised Tire

This is a 2-in-1 idea for using tires. One is where you place the tire in your garden, fill it with soil, and plant it. The other method is to use the tire ring.

The tire rings, being small, can fit one single plant; you have to put it like shown in the picture, and voila.

11. Flamingo Tire

Flamingo Tire

You will need a wide tire to create this type of tire planter. All you have to do is scrape some parts of the tire while keeping the center part intact.

You can put the soil in the center and grow some succulents or small plants.

12. Wishing Well Tire

Wishing Well Tire

These well-wishing tires are made according to your personality.

However, if you want to keep them, all you have to do is stack them up nicely, make a hole in the sides of the tire, and build a roof to create a well.

You can also stick the roof on the sides of the tires if you can’t make a hole in the tire.

13. Topsy-Turvy Tire

Topsy-Turvy Tire

Instead of stacking them up straight, stack them in a topsy-turvy way so you can put your flowers in every tire except one.

You can choose to keep the tires plain and add different colors of flowers or vice-versa.

14. Parrot Tire

Parrot Tire

Everyone loves birds, and everyone will love this parrot tire, too. You only need a used tire and start carving it into a parrot.

Spray paint, fill it with soil, and have a beautiful parrot tire planter.

15. Hanging Tire

Hanging Tire

Either let your tire hang or wrap them around your garden pillars.

Keeping the colors plain white, add fresh plants to your tires, and create a minimalistic style that is classy yet elegant.

Transform your outdoor area into something quirky.

16. Christmas Tire

Christmas Tire

This Christmas Tire idea will look perfect for your outdoor seating area or even on your front porch.

All you have to do is buy a perfect-sized tire, spray paint it, add a stick in the middle, and then your soil and plants.

To give it a festive look, add berries and pinecones.

17. Rim Planter

Rim Planter

Just like tires, the tire rim also makes up for a great planter.

All you have to do is replace the tire with its rim, create a mosaic style or any other style you wish, and plant your flowers.

It looks just as good as with the tire.

18. Coffee Cup Tire

Coffee Cup Tire

Just like your teacups, you can create a coffee cup tire planter.

Here, you have to use two regular equal-sized tires, and one small tire is used to create a coffee mug.

Again, you can paint it as you want, even as your coffee mug.

19. Tire Vase

Tire Vase Stock Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos ...

Fool your guests into thinking this is an actual vase, and see their reaction when they find out it is made up of tires.

Create an actual vase by putting small tires in the big ones or using just the rim of the big tire, as shown in the picture.

20. Tire-Variety


Using the different sizes of tires to create your garden is also a creative way to do it.

You can use the regular-sized tires for your single plants or a bunch, and the big tractor tires you can grow many plants.

In that way, your whole garden is made.

21. Deep Tires

Deep Tires

Stacking tires up together will help you in making your planter deep.

You can put plenty of soil in it, make your pot deep, and grow large plants.

Tires are incredibly sturdy and help create the perfect vase for your planter.

22. Tire Fun House

Tire Fun House

Its just as much fun as it looks in the picture. Take your stacking-up game to the next level by making this fun tire planter house.

No doubt your kids will love it, and you, too. It serves both purposes of fun/entertainment and a pretty garden.

23. Mushroom Tire

Mushroom Tire

Make fun decorative items for your tire planter like this mushroom or rabbits, or even big flowers like you see in Disney movies.

Not only will it make your tire planter look pretty, but everyone will admire it, too.

24. Rim Pots

Rim Pots

Again, using tire rim, create these fantastic rim pots. Sometimes, they are difficult to paint, but you can also leave them as they are.

In both ways, they create a fantastic platform for your plants.

25. Tire Wall

Tire Wall

Just like you stack your tires vertically, you can do the same horizontally, and it will still look perfect.

Make a wall by stacking the tires horizontally, like in the picture, and drop in different types of plants or even flowers.

Detailed Instructions for Creating Tire Planters

Detailed Instructions for Creating Tire Planters

Creating planters out of old tires is an eco-friendly way to recycle and adds a unique touch to your garden.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you transform old tires into beautiful planters:

Materials Needed

– Old tires
– Non-toxic outdoor paint and brushes
– Sharp utility knife or a jigsaw
– Sandpaper
– Drill (optional)
– Protective gloves and eyewear
– Soil and plants

Steps for Creating Tire Planters

1. Preparing the Tire

– Clean the tire thoroughly to remove dirt and grime.
– If you’re cutting the tire, wear protective gloves and eyewear.
– For designs like the Teacup Tire or Flamingo Tire, mark your cutting lines with chalk for guidance.

2. Cutting the Tire

– Use a sharp utility knife or a jigsaw to cut the tire. This step requires strength and patience, especially if using a knife.
– Cut slowly and steadily, following your chalk lines.
– You can cut patterns along the edges for designs like the Edgy Tire.

3. Sanding and Painting

– Once cut to shape, sand any rough edges for a smoother finish.
– Paint the tire with your chosen colors. Use non-toxic paint, especially if you plan to grow edible plants.
– Apply multiple coats if necessary, allowing each coat to dry thoroughly.

4. Drilling Drainage Holes (Optional)

– If you plan to place the planter on the ground, consider drilling holes in the bottom for water drainage.

5. Assembling the Planter

– For stacked designs like stacked tires or topsy-turvy tires, securely place the tires on each other. You can use an adhesive for added stability.
– For hanging designs, securely attach a strong rope or chain to the tire. Ensure it’s safely anchored before hanging.

6. Adding Soil and Plants

– Fill the tire with potting soil.
– Plant your chosen plants or flowers. Consider the plant’s sunlight and water requirements when positioning your tire planter.

7. Maintenance

– Regularly water your plants, ensuring they do not overwater (especially if there are no drainage holes).
– Repaint or touch up the tire as needed to maintain its appearance.


Alright, let’s wrap this up! We’ve journeyed through the fun and creative world of turning old tires into stunning garden planters.

From painting them with bright, cheerful colors to cutting them into unique shapes, we’ve seen how a simple tire can become a beautiful home for your plants.

This project isn’t just about beautifying your garden; it’s a small step towards being more eco-friendly and giving a second life to something we usually consider waste.

Whether you’ve created a teacup planter for a sleek look or a painted tire for a more modern look, you’ve added a personal and environmentally conscious element to your outdoor space.

These tire planters are a testament to your creativity and commitment to recycling. So, pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Enjoy your new green space with these upcycled treasures. Here’s to many more fun and sustainable DIY projects in your future!

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