Is Gorilla Wood Glue Food Safe

We get so cautious while buying and eating food to make sure it is healthy and nutritious, but sometimes the toxicity in food comes from the thing that comes in contact with it; it can be a spoon or the box you stored your food in.

The adhesive made to make wooden or ceramic utensils is full of chemicals and toxins, and when they come in contact with the food we consume, it can make it toxic, too. That is why using food-safe glue is important while making or repairing things that can come in contact with our food.

Today’s market offers a range of food-safe ceramic glue and wood adhesives designed for safety and durability. We will delve into the specifics of Gorilla wood glue, exploring its effectiveness and application.

What Does Food Safe Mean?

The term “Food safe” describes the things that are safe to come in contact with food. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has set some standards to be recognized as food safe. The product should be made of non-toxic ingredients. It should not transfer harmful chemicals into food when used on indirect food contact surfaces like countertops, cutting boards, wooden bowls, butcher blocks, wooden spoons, or storage containers made with wood.

What is Food-Safe Wood Glue?

Food-safe glue means that the glue used will do its purpose without causing a food safety hazard.

We use glue to make or repair wooden kitchen utensils like a cutting board or a wooden spoon, but we do not want the harmful chemicals used to make that glue to leach into our food and cause us harm, which is where food-safe wood glue comes in. Food-safe wood glue is specifically formulated with nontoxic ingredients, which makes it suitable to be used on indirect food contact surfaces.

Gorilla Wood Glue

Gorilla is a popular adhesive brand, and its wood glue is a type of PVA (polyvinyl Acetate) Glue. Gorilla wood glue is white or yellowish-white and is very popularly used in woodwork for both interior and exterior projects. The best thing about it is that it is non-toxic and, therefore, can be used to make wooden utensils.

Directions to Use Gorilla Wood Glue

Directions to Use Gorilla Wood Glue

1. Prepare the Surface

Preparing the surface will ensure a long-lasting, strong bond. Remove all the dust or debris from the surface with the help of a wet cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment. The purpose is to make the surface clean and smooth.

2. Apply Wood Glue

You can apply glue with a brush or a glue roller according to the size of the area you want to cover. Kitchen utensils are usually not that big, so that a brush may work well. Take the brush and spread a layer of wood glue evenly on the surface.

3. Let It Dry

There is a set time, and there is a cure time. The set time is when the glue starts thickening; it may take about 10 minutes to an hour, according to the quantity you have used. Cure time is when the glue hardens and archives bonding strength. It usually takes 24 hours for the glue to set completely.

4. Clean Up

Firstly, wipe away the excess glue with the help of a clean cloth while it is still sitting, and then clean your hands with soap and water to remove the glue. If dried glue is on the surface, use a putty knife or sandpaper to get it off.

5. Storing Wood Glue

The glue can be used for about two years or longer when stored in the right conditions. You should clean the cap with warm water to unclog it and then close the bottle tightly. This will prevent the glue from getting dried up.


So next time you are working on a DIY project involving items that can come in contact with the food, it is ideal to use materials labeled as food-safe and FDA-approved. Always check the labels to know if the product is food-approved and then only use it; your awareness about these details can keep your family safe.

Gorilla wood glue is a versatile adhesive specifically formulated to be used with food contact surfaces and can be used in any woodwork in and outside your house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gorilla Wood Glue Waterproof?

No, it is water resistant but not waterproof, which means it can only handle light exposure to moisture. If the bond is kept in water constantly, it will weaken and eventually fail.

How Much Time Does It Take for Gorilla Wood Glue to Dry?

In normal conditions, the glue will only take 20 to 30 minutes to set, but it gets fully cured and achieves its strong bond after 24 hours.

Can Gorilla Wood Glue Be Used on a Cutting Board?

Yes, gorilla wood glue can be used on a cutting board because it is food-safe, while any other wood glue can contain toxins. So, please consider before using. Being food-safe means this glue won’t create a food safety risk.

Are All Glue by Gorilla Food Safe?

No, not all gorilla glues are food-safe. If you buy a regular glue by Gorilla, it is made up of polyurethane, a toxic synthetic resin that cannot be consumed. Know that gorilla glue and gorilla wood glue are different.

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