Is It Ok to Have Beetles in Your House?

Is it okay to have beetles inside your homes? Well, the answer here is a Yes and a No. This is because beetles do not cause any collateral damage to the health of human beings. However, the influx of beetles can arrive in your homes during the weather change.

Say, when the period is during the typical monsoon weather or at the onset of an early fall season. This is because bees and other forms of insects pop out from their hibernating holes that are made inside the top layers of the soil.

In this online guide, we will have a more detailed look at whether it is really less dangerous to allow beetles to thrive inside your homes or not. Alongside, we will also have a look into the types of beetles that enter homes or properties on the whole!

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How Dangerous is it to Have Beetles Inside Your Homes?

Although beetles do not cause any health or infection-related threats to human beings, homeowners still have a tab on beetles that enter their homes, residential villas, or commercial properties. This is mainly because the beetles quickly group. In other words, if one beetle is found, the other beetles also come out of their hibernating holes. This way, they have a tendency to overcrowd your living or working spaces on the whole.

The black beetle types, like cockroaches, have a huge nuisance value on the minds of homeowners as they infest bacterial infections on food or dairy products that are kept inside kitchen countertops or refrigerators. They invade easily into food products that are left uncovered. And quickly, they spread bacterial or viral genes into the food products that you may consume later.

This can be quite dangerous because you can fall sick upon consuming foods, wherein bacterial or viral infections get into the foods that you consume. The beetles can also infiltrate your wardrobes, spoiling your expensive silk or woolen clothes. They spoke holes into your dresses, thereby making them unfit to wear or use.

Types of Beetles that Can Enter Your Homes or Properties

Having seen the overall types of damage or harm beetles can cause to your homes or living spaces, here comes the next segment. You will be learning about the different types of beetles that can enter your homes or properties. Helping you get started with the same:

1. Asian Lady Beetles

Asian Lady Beetles perched on a white daisy

If you have a look at it, Asian Lady Beetles are commonly referred to as ladybugs. The ladybugs come to you in various shapes, designs, and hues. The ladybugs usually have shades like yellow, orange, or red. These beetles have black dots on their wings and white dots on their heads.

Garden owners introduce ladybugs into their growing spaces as these beetles control the population of aphids that eat away lettuce or cucumber plants. However, the main problem homeowners have is that this variety of beetles multiplies in huge numbers, and this way, the homeowners find it highly of a nuisance value to manage them inside homes or living spaces.

2. Lyctus Beetles

A Lyctus Beetle with a striking black and orange head perched on a leaf

The Lyctus Beetles are the type of beetles that have long and slender body forms. In a way, this is a powder-form kind of species that can easily invade homes, living spaces, and offices, too. These are types of beetles that can cause severe damage to wooden furniture like, say, cupboards, doors, or sofa sets.

The beetles infest in large numbers and kind of bore themselves into wood. The beetles are black or reddish, and each beetle is less than 1/4th feet long. The beetles easily penetrate different forms of hardwood. Therefore, when you discover a severe form of Lyctus Beetle infestation, you must call your Pest Control Center immediately and act upon it at once.

3. Do You Know What Carpet Beetles Can Do?

A black and white spotted beetle, known as a carpet beetle, can cause damage to carpets and other materials

As the name itself suggests, carpet beetles feed on fibers and organic forms of clothing, as a matter of fact. This is because they feed on carpets and other forms of natural fibers seamlessly indeed.

You will find a variety of carpet beetles in different shades. Brown or Black beetle types invade carpets, rugs, or linen clothing you have put up for your flooring and furniture sets.

Generally, carpet beetles feed on their larvae in dark or protected spaces. Therefore, they thrive in silk, wool cashmere, fur, bone, feathers, and synthetic or cellulose fabrics that have a mix of plant-based and animal fibers, too. As these are beetles of smaller stature, these bugs go undetected most of the time.

4. Explore What June Bugs Can Do if They Are Allowed to Invade 

A beetle on a leaf with the words beetle on it Discover the wonders of June bugs invading

June bugs is a generic name you give to different species of plant or leaf-eating beetles. These include Japanese beetles, May Beetles, and hundreds of other species that can rapidly infest your home gardens.

These beetles are leaf-eating beetles that can eat away your growing plants and garden herbs in a rampant manner. Therefore, when you allow these bugs to invade your garden spaces, your beautiful landscaping might get damaged adversely.

Above all, these are nocturnal insects that are attracted to light and often make loud buzzing noises.

How Do You Eliminate Beetles in Case They Infest Your Homes?

Here are the following steps you must incorporate to eliminate beetle infestation in your homes or properties. Let us have a look at the pointers:

  • You may have to seal the gaps, cracks, and windows surrounding the exteriors of your homes or property villas.
  • To reduce the number of hiding spots, you must declutter things in your home. Kindly throw away old carton boxes, cardboard sheets, or plastic bottles from the corners of your home.
  • Regular vacuuming is needed to keep your rugs, carpets, or linen safe from the infestation of carpet bugs.
  • Use air-tight boxes to store food or beverage items.
  • Above all, you need to remove rotting wood from your properties. Therefore, constant inspection of trims or baseboards of your wooden furniture or cabinets is required so that you can detect them on time!


You have seen several ways and means by which bugs can infest wooden furniture, food items, or linen clothing in your homes or property spaces. Garden pests can also cause a severe degree of collateral damage to your growing areas.

The different types of beetles that can cause varied types of infestation have also been discussed with you in a nutshell. Plus, you have been provided with comprehensive tips and ideas on keeping these beetles or pests away from the living areas of your homes.

This way, you can keep those nauseating pests or insects at bay and pave the way for a clean living!

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