Is There an App that Identifies Caterpillars?

Are you trying to find something fascinating on a caterpillar identification chart? Or do you want to take a step towards exploring nature? Either way, your quest to identify caterpillars brought you to the right page.

Caterpillars are small precursors of butterflies and moths. However, identifying one type from many colors, shapes, and sizes can be overwhelming. That is where technology steps in.

Developers are hell-bent on giving users an intriguing experience to explore these species through mobile applications. One can find all the details related to caterpillars and butterflies on these apps.

Today, we will explore their unique contribution to nature lovers, researchers, and other users. Let’s hop in!

What is the Need for Caterpillar Identification Apps?

A tablet displaying a simple identification key to help users identify caterpillars efficiently

You spot a yellow caterpillar crossing the lawn in the middle of a summer afternoon. Chances are, its exceptional beauty will tickle your curiosity to learn more about its color, purpose, size, and other details.

However, there are thousands of caterpillar species across the globe. Hence, it is challenging to identify one without the aid of suitable tools. Caterpillar identification apps are vital in helping us in our quest for these beautiful miracles of nature. But there is more to the use of such mobile applications!

Caterpillars are an integral part of the plant ecosystem. At every stage of their transformation, caterpillars contribute to a healthier and more prosperous nature. Besides being prey to larger insects and birds, they also help in pollination.

With our planet on the verge of collapse due to pollution and hazardous threats, we are responsible for conserving these creatures. Whether you are a researcher or a wildlife photographer, caterpillar identification mobile applications will empower you to take positive action.

Lastly, caterpillar identification applications also enable a space for valuable contributions from their users. One can add any practical data linked to any specific variety and raise awareness to save butterflies and moths.

Top Caterpillar Identification Apps for IOS and Android Users

As we understand the importance of caterpillar identification apps, it is time to explore a few. Whether you have an Android phone or an iOS device, these apps will help your research.

1. Leps By Fieldguide

A butterfly with vibrant orange and blue wings gracefully rests on a white background. Image by Leps By Fieldguide

Leps by Fieldguide is one of the best caterpillar and butterfly identification apps. It is free of charge, which means the user does not have to pay money for in-app features. Besides, it is ad-free for a better user experience. The tool is also power-packed with a smart user interface for effortless navigation and data storage. You can find over 700 species of butterflies, caterpillars, and moths on Leps.

Download the app from the App Store or Play Store, upload the image of a desired caterpillar or butterfly, and click done. On successful recognition, the application will give you details about its name, characteristics, and habitat.

2. iNaturalist Mobile Application

A mobile app called iNaturalist that allows users to explore and connect with nature

iNaturalist is the second-best mobile application on our list. It is not specifically designed for caterpillar identification only, as you can find various other insects with its help. Whether you have an Android or iOS device, iNaturalist will give you a simple and neat user interface to work on.

This tool is an innovative and non-profit contribution of the California Academy of Sciences. Thus, the data you get from uploading a caterpillar image is perfectly reliable.

The bonus point is that you also interact with a community of like-minded people. You can teach, learn, and share valuable data on iNaturalist.

3. Big Butterfly Count

Mobile app interface displaying the Big Butterfly Count logo and features.

Big Butterfly Count is another mobile application that helps you recognize various species specific to your location. It is a fantastic creation for those who want to give back to the community and raise awareness about caterpillars and butterflies. If you are a caterpillar researcher or learner, this application is a must-have on your device. A powerful feature of butterfly identification is the basics that this tool offers. However, there is more!

The butterfly counting feature helps one participate in counting, where they record the total new butterfly submissions within a decided period. Besides, the data submission feature allows nature enthusiasts to post their valuable data to educate other users.

4. iRecord Butterflies

iRecord Butterflies: A mobile app for butterfly enthusiasts to record and share their sightings

The Center for Ecology and Hydrology in the United Kingdom introduced this mobile application for Android and iOS users. The institution collects and verifies data from reliable sources with assistance from professional researchers.

The app has a clean user interface. To use it, download the app on your device, turn on your location, and click images or upload them. The AI will recognize its specifications, show details, and further notify us if the species is rare.

Another beneficial feature of the app is that it keeps updating. You can download it for free, but you might need to pay for in-app features.

5. Picture Insect: Bug Finder

A thumbnail screenshot of butterfly insect identification using the Bug Finder app

Picture Insect, as its name suggests, is a bug-finding application.

Besides searching for caterpillars, one has the liberty to search for various other bugs. You can download the application and search for intricate details and in-depth information about over a thousand butterflies and caterpillars.

If you want to learn better and faster about insects, this is a must-have application for Android and iOS users. Danger notifications make things better with their alerts for hazardous bugs and insects.

However, as Picture Insect: Bug Finder is designed for studying these species, it has only a few features that one can use for free.


All in all, our upgrading technology and the continuous quest of our curious minds to find common ground with caterpillar identification applications.

The colorful little caterpillars reflect the unique beauties of nature. Its valuable contribution to our biodiversity, however, needs our responsible help.

We thank these five ultimate mobile apps for their valuable contribution to our knowledge and nature.

Whether you are an Android or iOS user, we recommend downloading these apps to quench your thirst for caterpillar identification.

Which application suits your individual needs for caterpillar identification? Comment below and share with us.

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