6 Creative Ways To Make Your AC Unit Part Of Home Decor

The air conditioner is one of the most important home appliances that we often take for granted. Most of the time, they are tucked away out of sight and mind. But, sometimes those of us who care about interior aesthetics are not so lucky. At first, it probably doesn’t seem easy to incorporate an air conditioning unit into your interior design. If you’re having trouble figuring out how to incorporate an air conditioning unit with the furniture and décor of your home, we’re here to help. Read on for six creative ways to either conceal or incorporate your AC unit into the décor of your home.

1. Cover It With A Curtain

One of the simplest methods to conceal your air conditioner in the interior design of your home is to cover it with a curtain. You might hang a lightweight drape over an indoor wall unit that allows cool air to flow through it while the air conditioner is running.

Choose a curtain fabric that’s a complimentary color and texture to match the overall interior design of your home. You can prevent the air conditioner from being the center of attention if the drapes are simple and you place eye-catching wall art or furnishings adjacent to the AC unit. In general, the material you use to cover the air conditioning unit should be simple and not overly noticeable, that is unless your interior design already has an excessive amount of accent pieces, colors, designs, and styles.

2. Paint Your Air Conditioner Unit

If you have a creative imagination or are an accomplished painter, you may make the air conditioner appear as though it belongs in the interior design of your home. Just a little creativity can work wonders.

You can use acrylic paint to decorate the wall AC unit in a way that blends in with the room’s overall design and aesthetic. It will not only add a touch of style to your home, but it will also look like a work of art, making it the perfect addition to the aesthetics of your home. As an intriguing painting, your wall air conditioner can look totally unique and brand new.

Of course, it’s a good idea to first make sure the AC unit is in excellent functioning condition and doesn’t need any repairs before investing substantial time in painting it. If your room air conditioner does not cool or turn on, you might want to contact an air conditioner repair specialist to ensure your home is as comfortable as it is beautiful during the summer.

3. Put It Inside A Bookcase

Placing the air conditioner within a bookcase is another ingenious way to hide it while integrating it into the room’s general design. A bookshelf is already a great design feature to incorporate into your room’s design, so you get a double bonus! Simply find a bookcase with shelves that are adjustable so you can move them to fit the frame of the AC unit neatly inside.

4. Decorate the Surrounding walls Of Your AC Unit

Another great strategy to get your guests’ focus off your ugly air conditioner is to decorate the wall around it with some striking wall accents. Just make sure that the piece of art, painting, or decoration you hang will serve as the wall’s main focal point so it can distract from the AC unit.

5. Match Air Conditioner Colors With Walls

Choosing the right color for your air conditioning unit to properly integrate it into the room’s interior design isn’t always easy. For instance, a white air conditioning unit hung on the wall will stand out significantly and appear unattractive if the walls of your room are painted black.

Conversely, if your walls are white and the AC unit is beige, it might fit in with the rest of your interior design more organically. The great majority of air conditioners are light in color, but if you’re buying a new air conditioner, you might consider painting it to match the color of the room’s walls before installing it.

6. Use It In Your Home As A Shelf

Even a small increase in storage space is always beneficial in a household situation. You can easily convert a (smooth-running) air conditioning unit into a shelf by placing small palm trees and decorations on it. Picture frames, potted plants, ornamental items, and art pieces are just a few examples of what you could put on the air conditioning unit if you chose to utilize it as a shelf.

Bright flowers or family photos displayed on the surface will improve the area’s appearance and appeal. These can also pull guests’ attention away from the air conditioner and toward the

items you have placed there.

How Will You Get Creative With Your AC Unit?

We can’t live without our air conditioners because they’re essential to health and safety in the summertime. But that doesn’t mean they have to ruin the interior design of our homes! There are several ways to conceal or integrate an AC unit into your home’s overall interior design, including the ones that have already been highlighted. We hope you enjoy these DIY hacks to better incorporate your air conditioner into your interior design!

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