15 Easy to Implement Japanese Home Decor Ideas

Japanese home decor items are very eye-pleasing, simple, and are found at reasonable prices. Many people globally love using Japanese decor items to find a touch of natural beauty within their respective houses.

It helps the interior of the houses to remain clean. Some people follow a few of the Japanese customs or maybe love to follow their lifestyle. The people find it interesting to do so. It adds a different taste to their daily life.

Of course, following the Japanese style is not an easy job because each one is busy on today’s date. Still, the one who loves will find a way to cherish Japan inside their homes by using Japanese decor. Let us go through 15 interesting Japanese home decor ideas which will make you fall in love with them!

Japanese Home Decor Ideas

1. Japanese Artificial Bamboo Leaves Plant

Who does not love nature? Several people are nature lovers and desire to have a touch of wooden elements inside their homes. Adapting nature inside one’s home is the best thing to do. Bamboo is very famous in Japan.

As a result, Japanese people use bamboo wood for various essentials like frames, doors, walls, etc. Apart from these, if you want to have something sleek and a touch of nature inside your homes, I think a fancy bamboo leaves plant can bring a beautiful Japanese finish to a corner of your home.

This is a hexagon pot of 20 cm which consists of artificial bamboo leaves. The wood is polished and provides a beautiful and natural look. It provides a calming effect inside one’s home.

2. Japanese Buddha Showpiece

Buddha is a religious idol. Buddhists would love to have showpieces of Buddha in their homes. Nowadays, Buddhists and people from various religions keep showpieces of Buddha in the living rooms.

It has become a trend, but at the same time, it also looks serene to view the meditating Buddha. You can also gift showpieces of Buddha on any occasion like Diwali, birthdays, etc. The materials of the showpiece may vary, but Japan’s unique touch is always present in all the showpieces.

It is a Japanese home decor item. It can be used as a gift or can also be kept in the living rooms. The material used here is polyresin, and the colors used are orange and black, which is an exotic combination.

Tip – Never wash this item to clean. Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe it.

3. Japanese Canvas Paintings

Vibrant colors add a hue to the bedrooms. Couples usually use bedrooms. So why not add a tinge of rich colors to their life and love? Canvas paintings look beautiful, especially when those are placed at the back walls of the beds placed.

Paintings should always be in contrast with the walls. It creates a sober look. Never go for matched walls and paintings. It creates a mess! Whenever it is a canvas painting, always go for cherry blossoms paintings.

It develops a romantic atmosphere all around the bedroom and, of course, an impression of Japan. I always prefer going for pink blossoms because it creates a real look.

It is a modern art oil painting which has got no frames. Paintings are available in 3 different sizes – Small, Medium, and Large. It can be bought according to the consumer’s convenience. Tip – Frame the painting with bamboo wood to get an authentic Japanese decor to peek.

4. Japanese Sliding Doors and Screens

Japanese Sliding Doors and Screens

Japanese Sliding Doors are known as Shoji. It plays a vital role in every Japanese home. Items of building homes are very costly nowadays. That is why Japanese homes are small, and most people rent apartments so that each corner of the home can be utilized. People there think that a swinging door might occupy a lot of space and wood is always costly

So, Shoji’s are used, which can be slid back and forth. It saves a lot of space which swinging doors usually take up. Screens are made up of translucent papers. Doors block sunlight, but the Shoji and the screen will not do so.

Rather it allows the natural light to come inside the homes along with the view of nature. Despite fixing swinging doors, Shoji and screen would be a great combination to style up the interior of your homes.

5. Japanese Meditation Room

Japanese Meditation Room

Japanese people especially have a peaceful space inside their homes which is meant for having tea, doing yoga, or meditating. Creating such a space inside your home would let you view the Japanese culture, and it would be a perfect place to have Japanese tea.

Choose a room in your house or apartment and layout it with a floor cushion for relaxing or meditating. Add a water feature in the room. It will distract you from the unnecessary noises created outside the room. The music system should be present in that room for listening to calming music. The room should be painted with light colors, which defines peace.

Example – light green (natural color).

Tip – This should not be done in the living room. The living room is different from this room. Above mentioned things should be added in a single different room. It will help us to endure the rich Japanese culture in our homes.

6. Keep the Atmosphere Natural

The interior of the rooms should always be painted with light colors. Light colors allow sunlight to pass through the rooms, therefore, creating a natural effect. Japanese rooms are always found to be painted with natural colors.

So, you can paint your room light green or light wooden brown to welcome nature within your house. Because green represents plants and brown represent the woods. These kinds of colors please the eyes to no small extent soothing the modern home interiors.

Bonsai plants can be kept inside the rooms. It adds an essence of Japanese culture into the rooms.

It is a masterpiece, and it adds authenticity to the homes. This tree is lucky. So, why not bring happiness and beauty together at home?

7. Japanese furniture

Japanese furniture does not fill rooms a lot like the other heavy furniture. Placing Japanese furniture is a great thing to do in your living rooms. Japanese furniture is usually low and has got a modern touch within them. It will not make you feel, “oh, boring!

Floor cushions can also be used in living rooms with low tables.

Lighting in the living rooms should always be angular. Japanese heater tables can be kept in the living rooms of mountainous areas. It is also known as kokatsu. It can be utilized for having tea, studying, etc.

8. Japanese Bamboo Curtains

Bamboo curtains save a lot of space. Instead of using heavy material curtains, you can go for bamboo curtains. It looks very stylish and is popular in Eastern homes. Bamboo wood is an ideal type of wood for use.

Bamboo curtains add a uniquely Japanese flavor to your room. Tip – Use these curtains in living rooms or meditation rooms. These are not meant for bedrooms. Bamboo curtains allow the rooms to look clean and tidy.

It is an Eco-friendly product and an appropriate one for nature lovers.

9. Japanese Lanterns

As you all know, lanterns have a remarkable Asian history, especially in Japan. Placing such lanterns inside your homes represent the Japanese culture which is rare. These lanterns represent love and protection from evil. It can be used for weddings, parties, or home decorations. These are made up of eco-friendly paper.

These are premium quality lanterns. I love these lanterns a lot, especially the white ones. Tip – It can be hanged anywhere in the house.

10. Japanese Wooden Ofuro

Japanese Wooden Ofuro

Ofuro is nothing but a wooden bathtub. Bathtubs are nowadays standard in almost every house. Plastic bathtubs are the most used ones. For getting the authentic Ofuro effect, one should use a wooden bathtub. Such kinds of bathtubs can be customized and prepared for personal use. Of course, bathtubs are meant to be kept in the washrooms.

11. Japanese Ikebana

Japanese Ikebana

Japanese Ikebana is a unique Japanese art of flower arrangement. It brings natural beauty to a home. Artistic skills are essential for creating this arrangement.

In Japan, orchids and palms are the most used flowers. But you can surely use any flower of your choice because it is all about your choice and taste.

Tip – Flowers should be arranged in a block print wooden flowerpot for aesthetic vibes inside the homes.

12. Shoe Rack Near the Entrance Door 

The Japanese people have got a system of opening their shoes as soon as they enter their homes. It is probably the first thing they do. It is done to avoid dirt in the house as the Japanese people prefer neat and clean rooms.

Many of us do not have the habit of leaving shoes at the entrance of the home. It is for them to get inspired and encourage your family and friends who do not follow such healthy manners. It is for your and your house’s betterment.

Tip – Shoe racks can be placed at any corner just after the entrance of the homes.

13. Japanese Tatami Mats

Japanese Tatami Mats

Most of us sleep or sit at high places as we love to follow the Western culture. But among us, some people prefer Eastern culture. People in the East, like in Japan, sleep or sit on the tatami mats laid on the floors of the homes.

You can try sleeping or sitting on tatami mats. It would help you to find a Japanese essence within your home decor. It is cool to try something different and unique than that of the others because it is tough to find tatami mats nowadays in other countries.

14. Japanese Hanging Calligraphy

Japanese Hanging Calligraphy

Japanese people have a beautiful artistic history of calligraphy. It is widespread to see Japanese families hanging poems in calligraphy along with gorgeous flower arrangements. Even we can try the same thing for our home decor.

In Western countries, these kinds of home decor are rarely found. Why don’t you join a calligraphy course? Write a quote of your own and hang your masterpiece at your home.

Tip – It can be something related to meditation so that it is decent to hang that on the walls of the meditation room.

15. Origami

Origami is the art of paper folding. This art is associated with Japanese culture. It is a kind of paper folding practice.

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