Microwave Not Heating? Simple Explanations and Fixes

This is 2021 Nowadays, most people’s common kitchen problem generally starts with the microwave, not heating, though this was not a general thing from the beginning. People got one of the finest inventions for their kitchen in 1946 when a cook accidentally invented the microwave, since it is the claim, and no one knows the reality.

Microwaves make human life much easier, in fact, it made easy of the easiest the way it gets modified with time, there was a time in the stone age and medieval period we the humans were even struggling to cook our food and now boom now there is a present time where we can cook (roasting/ grilling, etc.) food in one go with even one click, this is the contribution microwave has made which no one can deny.

After this much contribution if someone faces issues like their microwave is not working it is a big issue to face day to day life as many of us is totally dependent on microwave oven for cooking food or recook of our food or getting food ready to eat by making it warm. So, the microwave is not heating, a problem that should be solved.

Types of Microwave Ovens

Microwave has evolved a lot with the time and modified every time with more features that make more it more easy cooking stuffs for us. There is the bifurcation of microwaves that every one of us should know so that it can give us a better idea why our microwave is not heating sometimes, So the bifurcation can be given by:

Convection Microwave Ovens

Convection microwave ovens can also be termed as hybrid ovens as these ovens include one of the most modified microwave ovens like some of the ovens even get connected with the mobile phones or even have remotes. Convection microwaves do all the stuff which different microwaves can do, like reheat, grill, etc., and even bake. Also, it takes very little time to get heated.

Non-Convection Microwave Ovens

Non-Convection Microwaves ovens are the set of ovens there are different types of ovens that falls under the category of non-convection microwave ovens, the basic difference between convection and non-convection microwave ovens are non-convection do individuals tasks like reheat done by solo microwave, grilling is one by grill microwave and baking is done by OTGs, and non-convection microwaves take more time to get heated.

Common Issues/ Problems in Ovens

As Microwaves process to be boon to us but microwave, not heating is one of the most common problem/issue that always put difficulties in our day to day lives, as microwaves are an integral part of our lives nowadays, so to fix the problem of microwave, not heating must be fixed to have a flexible and smooth routine, here are some very common reasons why microwaves not heating and their easy fixes with explanations:

Capacitor Got Deteriorate

Capacitor is one of the most important devices in the microwave which helps in the working of the microwave, in present-day deterioration of capacitor is one of the most common reasons for microwave, not heating.

Microwave is working, but not heating is one of the most common issues that people face and almost 90% of the time, the reason is deteriorating capacitor; the capacitor acts as an important factor to convert A/C current into D/C current that helps in heating.

These problems are very common with the conventional microwave oven as mainly new and modified microwaves use the capacitor in their microwaves.


Generally, in most the cases, Capacitor never got repaired, but that does not mean that capacitor cannot be repaired. Mechanics are able to repair and fix the capacitor, but for normal peoples, it is not generally possible, and commonly capacitor gets outdated with time, and it is recommended to get it to change when gets outdated.

Door Sensors Stucked

Stucking of door sensors are the problems that arise with the new generation microwave ovens and are one of the very common reasons for microwave, not heating, most of the doors contain sensors. These sensors are placed with the doors to protect the burning of hands as sometimes people do not close the doors and then end up burning their hands.

These sensors are responsible for sending signals, and after the signals are sent to the control panels, the heating process starts after that, sometimes the sensors of the door stuck, which implies that the door is closed, then also the sensors do not respond to the doors and the signals not sent which creates the problems of microwaves not heating.


The fixation to this problem is easiest from the fixes for microwaves, not heating; to fix this problem, one needs to just switch off their microwave ovens once and then restart them. If the problem persists, just try and open and shut the door of the microwave oven gently. Major of the problems related to door sensors are being fixed by this technique. If not, try not to do anything but just contact the company and the mechanic for the same.

Issues with Fuse

The problem of microwave not is also included in the factor into it, and it is the defect infuse. Yes, as microwave ovens are electrical appliances, it does have some set if fuse fixed generally in the backside of the microwave ovens.

The Fuse can stop working for many reasons like low shading of electricity, defect in the parental wiring of the connector, etc. Though fuse is not a very big device then also it is able to create a big shot circuit in the microwave oven or even in the whole kitchen. It is not a very common problem we see but also it is not so technical and can be fixed by us very easily.


The fixation of the fuse is not so complex, nor is it so technical; the fuse generally can be removed manually or with the common size screwdriver; the only thing we should take care of is that the switch must be off while doing it. When we remove the switch, make sure you do not switch on the microwave.

After the removal of fuse, it is commonly visible if the fuse got burned or fuse got broken if both the cases are not visible try to clean the fuse strip with the clean and dry clothes ad reput the fuse and after this, the problem of microwave, not heating persists then put a new fuse in your microwave.

Deterioration of Diode

High voltage electrical diode is very small, but one of the most important micro parts of the microwave ovens, the assembling of microwave ovens is not even possible without these diodes. These diodes help to control the voltage and the current to flow in magnetron.

The problem of microwave not heating even it is working sometimes arises due to the failure / disconnected/ short-circuiting of this diode, as this diode is responsible for transferring the current in the magnetron.

Sometimes, these diodes get disconnected from their nodes, and the possible reason can be the accidental slamming, etc., of microwaves, and the short-circuiting may possibly be due to the extra voltage being put on the diode due to sudden electricity cut or restore.


The fixation of diode creating a problem of microwave, not heating can be bit technical and complex, yet it can be done by us, but for that, we need to open the basic structure of microwave with the help screwdriver which generally from the backside, The hand needs to be soft while removing the diode as it is micro cylindrical in shape, try to fix and connect it and if do not work try to but new ones and replace it with old ones.

Magnetron Stopped Working

Magnetron is also one of the most important parts of the microwave, and if the magnetron is not working, the microwave will not be working at all. Without magnetron, the microwave will be no more than an electrical box. The microwave will work but will not heat if the magnetron stops working. The problem of microwave not heating arose when magnetron stopped working.

Magnetron is a vacuum that circulates the heat when it receives current. It is the main part that generates heat and is responsible for the heating of the microwave.


The fixation with the problem of the magnetron is as complex as the fixation of diodes as they both complement each other. The fixation includes the same process as the diode one needs to open the body of the microwave and then must check where the magnetron is disconnected or burnt so that it can be connected or replaced. Fixing the magnetron in most cases fixes the problem of the microwave, not heating.

Outdated Stabilizer

Stabilizers are the soul of machines as it always protects the electronics from catching a short circuit when the switch does not work properly or with the issues of low shading and sudden power cuts. The problem of microwave, not heating sometimes happens when the ins built or connected stabilizers do not work properly as some of the new and modified microwaves have inbuilt stabilizers, and with time, they become outdated.


There is no specified fixation as in case of stabilizers when it is a tin built stabilizer the one should see that there no interruption in the stabilizer connection and in case of extra added stabilizer the one should check the stabilizer by removing it and sometimes should change the stabilizer when it is old as stabilizers got outdated with time.

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