Microwave Watts Guide How Many You Need for Different Purposes 

Looking for a microwave that can be a perfect match for your kitchen appliance? Well, then you landed at the correct place. Here you will get to know all the bits and bytes about microwaves that you should know in context to size, uses, and most importantly, wattages’ importance in a microwave.

Buying microwaves can be fun and exciting but not understanding the importance of wattage in the microwave can ruin your fun and excitement.

Today, we will very responsibly focus on the concept of understanding microwaves and the importance of watts in a microwave.

Buying a microwave is always fun as it eases a lot of user work and treats the user as a late-night friend who never says no to a hungry stomach. Most of you here are either first-time microwave buyers who make sure not to miss the point about microwaves and bring home the best one. While the others here are looking for an upgraded microwave that can sit well with their upgraded kitchen.

Well, in both cases, you want to bring home a microwave. But before you do that, there are certain essential factors that you should be considering before getting your favorite microwave home.

Factors like size, uses, affordability, wattage usage, and many more should be considered before getting your microwave home. So, continue to scroll down to find some fantastic, detailed features about microwaves that might guide you to bring home the best one.

Understanding Microwaves

Understanding Microwaves

A microwave is a piece of electronic equipment that is used to heat food. It uses electromagnetic radiations to heat the food and is very easy and convenient to operate. It is automatic designed which only needs a wattage setup and your food gets heated and cooked. Microwave wattage is very important to study as the entire functioning depends on the wattage used.

There are different sizes that microwaves come with:

  • Compact: 0.5 to 0.8 cubic feet
  • Mid-size: 0.9 to 1.3 cubic feet
  • Family: 1.4 to 1.6 cubic feet
  • Full-size: 1.8 to 2.0 cubic feet

Advantages of Microwaves 

Advantages of Microwaves

Microwave is the need of the modern kitchen. Technology has its pace increasing and microwaves are a wonderful addition to it. Initially, humans struggled with cooking food. Harmed themselves with fire, and other related stuff but the microwave is a completely new renovation.

It cooks your food and makes it ready to eat within a blink. You do not require too much effort to cook or heat your food.

Below given are few more discussed benefits of microwaves.

  1. Control cooking time.
  2. Uses less energy.
  3. Safe to operate.
  4. Nutritious and well cooked.
  5. Fast cooking

Disadvantages of Microwaves

Along with some advantages microwaves also have few disadvantages. A few of them are listed below.

  1. Sometimes unevenly cooked
  2. Not advisable to cook baby food.
  3. Causes dehydration.
  4. The cost of the equipment and installation is high.
  5. Occupies more space.

Understanding Watts

Why does buying a microwave need to have a science term, “watts”? I mean is it related? Well, yes, it is. How efficient your microwave is or will be is completely decided by the usage of wattages. Microwave wattages are important and a very critical aspect to look for while buying a microwave. 

Wattages are a very old term used for a long time especially referring to science terminologies. 1 watt means 1 joule of energy used per second. So, we get different microwaves based on their wattages. The greater they are, the more efficient they are.

Microwaves are available in different watts usually starting from 600 to 12000 wattages. The more watts the faster and better the food gets cooked. So yes, looking for watts while buying a microwave is important.

Why Considers Watts?

Watts are responsible for making your microwave work efficiently and effectively. The energy produced by watts cooks and heat your food and drinks, respectively. Hence it becomes very important to select a microwave-based on watts.

Variations of Watts

The Microwaves are available in three different forms based on their watts. It ranges between 600 to 1000. Initial microwave wattage begins from 600 to 800 watts, then 800 to 1000 watts and then 1000 to 1200 watts. These microwaves with different microwave wattages function differently. The higher the microwave wattage higher the speed of cooking.

600-800 Watts

Microwave with 600 watts to 800 watts is cheaper as compared to the other two. As the microwave wattage used in this type of microwaves are low, the food is heated or cooked in a slow process. These microwaves work great in cooking instant meals, heat small meals, or reheat a few drinks.

800-1000 Watts

This microwave is a step higher than the 600-800 wattage microwave. This microwave is generally suggested to be used in the houses for cooking and other related aspects. The microwave works quite well and fast as compared to the microwave having 600 to 800 wattages.

This microwave efficiently boils the water, cooks the food, and gets other small meals instantly ready.

1000-1200 Watts

Microwaves with 1000 to 1200 watts are the most advanced ones. They are usually used in restaurants. These are high-frequency microwaves designed to perform quick and effective actions. If the microwave is used with proper care and instructions, it can also cook raw meat.

As the energy production in this microwave is high, so all the food items are heated and cooked quite fast as compared to the other two.

4 Best Microwave You Can Buy Online

Below given are few microwaves based on various microwave wattages which would be a great fit for your list of kitchens appliances.

Nostalgia RMO7AQ Retro 0.7 cu ft 700-Watt Countertop Microwave Oven


The microwave wattage of the microwave is 700 watts and is 0.7 cubic feet in size. It has 12 pre-programmed cooking settings, which makes it very efficient to use. The food is evenly cooked throughout and is a perfect blend of modern advancement which saves time and efforts. 

SHARP White Carousel 1.4 Cu. Ft. 1000W Countertop Microwave Oven


The microwave is 1000 watts with a size of 1.4 cubic Feet. The capacity of the microwave is for countertop use. Certain programmed cooking functions make operating microwaves super fun. It also has 10 cooking power levels.

Sharp ZSMC2242DS, Stainless Steel Countertop 1200-Watt Microwave Oven


This microwave is a premium stainless-steel countertop with 16 removable glass turntables. The size of the microwave is about 2.2 cubic feet, which holds the capacity to cook and reheat larger serving trays. The microwave wattage is 1200 watts that have 10 power levels. Get this advanced piece of microwave today and make it a part of your kitchen appliance.

Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN686S


This amazing piece of Panasonic microwave is 1200 watts. The size of the microwave spreads to around 1.2 cubic foot. This is designed with Turbo Defrost. The food is evenly cooked throughout the process. The microwave is very efficient and light in weight. It includes 14 present menu items, a quick minute timer, delay start and child safety lock.

The Power Source is 120V / 60Hertz while the power Consumption is 1480W. The microwave keeps the food warm healthy and delicious.

Overall View on Buying A Microwave

Overall View on Buying A Microwave

If you tend to be a busy person and hardly cook anything at home, then having a microwave with 600-800 wattage would be very beneficial. As you only need to heat the outside food or sometimes just cook some instant meals. For such cases, a microwave wattage of 600 to 800 watts works great.

If you are looking to get a microwave for normal usage, then a microwave having a wattage between 800 to 1000 will be a very good choice. Whereas if you are looking for a restaurant or a larger usage of compiling equipment a microwave having a wattage between 1000-1200 will be very efficient and convenient.

Although microwaves vary in terms of their functions, structure and usage, the end decision of getting home a microwave should always depend on your requirement and comfort. Based on these two aspects, you should be deciding what type of microwave you should get home.

Buying Guide for Microwave – What to Look for

Buying Guide for Microwave – What to Look for

Understand Your Usage

Before buying a microwave understand your purpose in buying it. Knowing why you want to buy will allow you to choose the correct and effective product.

Understanding Wattage

As we understand that wattage is the reason why a microwave works effectively. So, choose a microwave with a wattage that fits your needs and comfort.

Checking Size

Another important aspect to check before buying a microwave is understanding the size and place of accommodation in your kitchen. Microwaves come in different sizes and can be accommodated at different places in the kitchen.

To understand your needs and check different available sizes and choose the one that best fits your kitchen.


Price is always to be considered while buying anything. You would not want to pay a heavy price for a piece of normal electronic equipment. So, you are going to make sure you bring back a piece of equipment that is worth the pay.

Check for microwaves online and compare the prices along with different platforms. Look for people who have brought microwaves of a similar kind. Figure out a few days and sort the best worth price microwave wattage that you want to add up to your kitchen appliance.


Another aspect that is worth checking before getting the microwave wattage of your choice is its durability. Usually, the durability of a microwave is 10 years. So, make sure to make it a point of getting the durability of your microwave discussed before you get it home.


Microwave is the need of the hour. It is your effective solution that saves time and energy. We cannot enjoy giving hours of efforts in the kitchen all the time. And microwaves work as a wonderful solution to all the unwanted time in the kitchen.

Therefore, getting a microwave home is important and useful. Equally important is to understand which microwave to get home. We cannot just pounce on any and get home and then regret and then invest again. I am sure we are looking for effective investment.

Therefore, understanding all the aspects of getting a microwave prior is more important than to directly attack and order. One should be considering everything from the cost, tp durability to microwave wattage. Everything should be worth the pay and promising enough to save your time.

We hope that this article might have resolved a lot of your buying guide issues and in understanding how important it is to have a check on microwave wattage before getting it home.

Other than the buying guide, as a consumer one should always know and learn to keep and understand one’s comfort and need as a priority before buying anything. So, ensure that you as a user are comfortable and satisfied with the product that you want to bring home.

Your comfortability and satisfaction are the most important guideline to adhere before getting your product home. We hope to see you getting your favourite microwave home today and waving goodbye to your long-term effort and time.

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