Patio Power: Tips for Making Your Patio the Place to Be

Spring is here, and the warm weather has arrived. After months of snow, sleet and rain, it’s time to get outside and enjoy all the outdoors with foundation plants have to offer. And there are few better places to start enjoying the outdoors than your own backyard.

Beautiful backyards and optimized patios are a hot commodity right now; just ask a Whitby real estate agent. Homeowners have come to highly value their backyards as safe spaces, and their popularity in Whitby and other cities isn’t likely to decrease any time soon.

If you made it through winter by thinking of those hot summer days and cool summer nights, it’s time to make sure your patio is ready for the summer. You don’t want to wait until you’ve planned a backyard gathering only to find your furniture is dirty or broken. There are endless options for beautifying your backyard and priming your patio. Make the most of summer with these tips for making your patio the place to be.

Create Shade

Despite yearning for sunny days all winter long, it’s important to remember that too much sun can quickly ruin the fun. Make sure you have a safe space away from the harsh summer sun. Awnings and canopies are great options, and then there’s the increasingly popular pergola. These structures provide necessary shade, look fantastic, and allow you to still enjoy the sun without getting a sunburn.

When deciding where to put your shade structure, keep in mind how the sun travels across your backyard throughout the day.

Another bonus of adding covered areas to your backyard is that it also provides protection for those light summer rains, meaning you don’t have to go running indoors at the first sight of rain clouds.

Add Lights

Just as the proper lighting in your home can help create the right atmosphere for each room’s purpose, the right lighting outdoors is essential to creating the right feeling for those evening and nighttime gatherings.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate lighting into your backyard, no matter your style. Solar lights are perfect for lining walkways or illuminating gardens. Twinkle lights on structures, fences or hanging in trees add a magical, cozy vibe, and candlelit sconces can elevate an outdoor dining experience.

Liven Up Landscaping

There’s a reason why homeowners aren’t just covering their backyard in concrete and leaving it at that. When you’re outdoors, you want to feel like you’re outdoors, and there’s no better way to provide that feeling than with landscaping. It can turn an ordinary backyard into an oasis.

Fill your backyard with your favourite flowers and plants. These add life and color to your outdoor space. If you have a green thumb, go crazy (but not too crazy) in the garden. Otherwise, consider opting for container gardens, which are easy to add to decks and patios and have the benefit of portability.

Try these tips to ensure your backyard is ready for summer and all the fun the season brings.

Jackson Moore

Jackson Moore, holds a degree in Architecture from the Cornell University, has specialized in outdoor living spaces for over 15 years. Before joining our editorial team in 2019, he worked with several well-recognized design firms, creating stunning and functional patio designs. Jackson also advocates for sustainable building practices and incorporates these principles into his writing. His hobbies include woodworking and exploring historical architecture. Apart from that he is also a avid traveler, drawing inspiration from different cultures to enrich his designs.

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