15 Plants That Bring Prosperity, Good Luck, And Fortune

15 Plants That Bring Prosperity, Good Luck, And Fortune to Your FamilyPlants are essential in every household as they serve so much to human life. They are everyone’s favorite when it comes to enhancing the aesthetic of a house. If you are thinking of gradually adding more plants to the inside and outside of your home, it might be good to look at a monthly budget template so you always have room to spend. A plant is a beauty that brings so much fortune and minimizes all the negativity from the house.

Your house would need a plant that brings immense positivity and prosperity to your lovely home. Let us go beyond its importance in interior landscaping, and they play an essential role in glorifying fortune to your house.

Plants help us in so many ways that we cannot live without trees and plants around us. We can say that we are dependent on them as they give us oxygen to survive. They keep the environment cool in a hot, burning summer.

But do you know, apart from all the positivity, they also bring fortune and prosperity? Yes! Many plants attract fortune to your house. We will be listing all the fortune plants, so you bring all the fortune to your place.

Here Is A List of All the Fortune Plants That You Should Not Miss Out On:

1. Money Plant

Money Plant

The money plant had to be at the top of the list. Talking of welcoming prosperity and money plants is the answer to it. There is a lot of belief among people about money plants. This plant not only brings good luck but also purifies the air around the house.

People also believe that the money plant works more effectively when stolen from someone else. Now, that is a belief.

This plant grows very long and needs a lot of water and sunlight. Money plant requires good love and care to grow fast. When placed on the north-east side of the balcony, living room, or bedroom, the money plant acts as a fortune plant. Remember, you should not place it near your bed. You can always place it wherever it gets good sunshine.

In Vaastu Shastra, it is said that the money plant attracts positive energy, good luck, and wellness to the family. Your family will only be surrounded with good luck and prosperity with this super fortune plant.

The money plant leaves are smooth and flattened from the middle with a bit of light greenish color, which is a good sign for a fortune plant.

2. Lucky Bamboo plant

Lucky Bamboo plant

As lucky as it sounds, this plant is also known as Dracaena braunii, bringing fame and success to the family with immense prosperity and wellness. This plant is different from the regular bamboo plant and is popularly placed indoors.

This bamboo plant’s bark should be light in color and not too dark, and there are bamboo plants with brown barks, which is not the type of fortune plant. The yellow-colored bark of this plant should be preferred while getting this for your house.

Asian culture has been following their belief in this plant for 5000 years as it is a symbol of fortune. This plant signifies luck, fortune, power, and harmony in the five elements of life: fire, water, earth, metal, and wood.

This plant should get watered weekly and kept indoors for regions with 15-30 degrees Celsius. This plant will ensure that your family gets good luck and harmony.

3. Holy basil Plant

Holy basil Plant

Every household in India worships the holy basil plant, which is popularly known as tulsi in India. The plant is God, and people worship it on auspicious occasions and festivals.

The leaves of this plant cure’s many health issues and are recommended by doctors worldwide to cure cough and cold. This plant brings prosperity to every family it stays with and needs special care and frequent water.

The positive energy of this plant is unmatched but make sure you place it directly facing the sunlight. It requires sunlight to stay healthy, which will directly benefit you and your family.

Tulsi holds immense religious belief among Hindu religion and is praised like a god for its properties that eradicates negative energy and only spreads positivity. It gives a level of calmness to everyone around it and can be eaten for better health.

4. Neem Tree

Neem Tree

We are all aware of the fact how neem is impactful and has medicinal properties that cure illness. But did you know it is also a fortune plant?

The scientific name of neem is Azadirachta indica and the fact that it attracts a lot of good luck and positivity when placed in the North-west corner of the house.

Neem is a trendy plant that has been used traditionally in every Indian household, and it is said that the leaves of neem are very effective and bring prosperity to every house that it stays.

The air that flows through the neem plant should directly enter the living room or master bedroom, keeping the air healthy. The air that flows through the neem is very pure and restricts bacteria from entering the house.

A plant that brings wellness while purifying the house’s air is like the topped cherry on the cake. Neem is the answer to a healthy life that keeps your family healthy.

5. Peace lily

Peace lily

Peace lily indeed leaves you in the peace of mind with its subtle beauty with white leaves with a combination of green leaves. This plant’s beauty is unmatched and is also placed in many households of feng shui, and they say that peace lily is a fortune plant.

This fortune pant is known as Spathiphyllum, the botanical name of a peace lily. It detoxifies the air around it and leaves a pure breeze that attracts everyone towards it. This plant kills all the air contaminants such as benzene.

It requires soft sunlight partly with some shade, and once in a week, watering is enough for this beautiful plant.

The temperature that it loves ranges between 15-30 degrees Celsius, and it keeps blooming in a region with a temperature around 15-30 degrees.

6. Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera Plant

The plant is said to be one of those plants that act as a natural herb that cures acne, dryness, flaking of the scalp and works best as medicine. This plant is trendy worldwide and is also bought by every plant lover to enhance their house’s beauty.

This fortune plant attracts lots of positive energy to the house when placed facing directly towards the sun. This plant should be placed in the north or east direction of a living room or a bedroom.

This plant has qualities that can also be used in making fresh smoothie drinks to detox your body. This fortune plant detoxes not only your body but also the environment around it.

It can be placed indoors of the house and should get enough sunlight and weekly watering to survive. It can survive and bloom in the region with a temperature ranging from 15-45 degrees. Aloe Vera is a tough plant that can tackle strong to mild heat while blooming all year long.

7. Jasmine


As beautiful as the name of the plant sounds and looks are just the beginning of all its beneficial properties. This beautiful plant was found in Asia and is from the family of Oleaceae. The scientific name of this beauty is Jasminum which was adopted from the Persian word Yasmin, meaning God’s gift.

This is one of the popular flowers that has a beautiful fragrance with a delicate white-colored flower. It promotes love and positivity in the house and soothes all the tiredness when you come back after a tiring day at work.

If you wish to place this plant indoors, then place it facing the south direction. When placing it outdoors, face it towards the north, east, and north-east direction.

Jasmine needs good sunlight and frequent water to bloom all year long, so make sure you keep hydrating the jasmine plant at your place.

8. Snake Plant

Snake Plant

This plant may sound poisonous, but it is a fortune plant that brings immense prosperity to a family. The snake plant’s scientific name is sansevieria, which also has several names in the local areas where it is found. One of its names is mother-in-law’s tongue. Now that is a funny name.

Studies state that NASA implemented this plant to purify the air around it, and they found it very effective in improving the quality of air. This clearly shows how effective it can turn out to purify all the air in your home.

The vibe that this plant offers to the environment is very pure and is filled with positivity. Your house will be surrounded by immense positive energy.

This fortune plant is suitable to be placed indoors in a house, and it needs partial sunlight to grow and live longer. It stays happy in a region with a temperature of 15-30 degrees Celsius. Do not forget to water it once a week, so it consistently purifies the air.

The snake plant has leaves that look slightly like the snakes and has a slight greenish tone of color with some white leaves too.

9. Rose Flower

Rose Flower

We are all aware of the fact that rose signifies love. It speaks the language of love without even saying a word. Imagine having a Rose plant in your garden, and every time you feel romantic, you plug a rose and give it to your loved one.

Rose is a flower of love but can also turn out lucky to the family it stays with. There are several types of rose with several colors, but the red one has everyone’s heart.

Rose is very well-known to attract luck, love, and fortune. Every color of rose has its meaning and significance. They have a wonderful smell that attracts every individual and is loved by everyone all around the world.

The rose flower’s scientific name is Rosa, and it loves being with proper sunlight to stay gorgeous all year long. It requires daily water and stays happy in the region with a temperature of 15-45 degrees.

10. Orchids


Being one of the gorgeous flowers and favorite to many, orchids also attract good luck and prosperity. This fortune flower is blessed with immense beauty to admire for humans like us.

It nurtures the relationship and builds trust in the family, and research states that it helps one find their true love. It purifies the air and spreads only positive energy in whichever house it is placed at.

According to Vaastu Shastra, orchids help in the growth of family members with an abundance of love. Be it a pink, white, or purple orchid, and prosperity will come with all the colors.

This plant can be placed indoors to enhance the house’s beauty and maintain all the aesthetics of the house. This plant can survive in the region with a temperature ranging from 15-45 degrees Celsius.

11. Golden Pathos

Golden Pathos

Pathos plant is a fortune plant that could be declared immortal because it can survive for years and keep your house safe from all the negativity for years.

The scientific name of this plant is Epipremnum Aureum and is from the family of money plants. This plant is said to bring happiness and good luck to the family.

This fortune plant can be placed indoors of your house and should be watered weekly or less frequently. The temperature that suits this plant ranges from 15-30 degrees Celsius.

The leaves of this flower are trendy for its appearance as it has pretty longer left that can grow too long while looking beautiful with your house’s interior.

Golden pathos can survive with or without your attention because it has the power to survive for years and will surely fill your house with fortune.

If you cannot maintain plants as they require constant attention, this plant is something you can invest in, and you will have a plant that takes care of itself.

12. Jade Plant

Jade Plant

A plant that was a favorite of every feng shui practitioner is said to be a fortune plant that brings success and prosperity to the family. It is also believed that this plant nurtures the growth of everyone in the family.

Jade is also known as the lucky plant, jade tree, and friendship tree that lives for years while having beautiful features. The leaves of this plant have heart-shaped leaves with a thick greenish color.

When you place jade plants in your office or living room, they are considered auspicious. This plant is also gifted to business owners as jade resembles for growth.

Jade stays happy in the region with a temperature of 15-30 degrees Celsius and requires less frequent water. The jade plant can be placed indoors with partial sunlight.

13. Citrus Plant

Citrus Plant

The citrus plant is a fortune plant that attracts good luck and prosperity to the family. The beauty of this flower is the citrus fruit that it produces. Do make lemonade from the lemon you get from the citrus plant.

There are several citrus trees that people plant for their family’s prosperity, but there are indoor citrus plants available that can help your family grow with immense success.

The scientific name of the citrus plant is citrus medica and is also known as Buddha’s hand. The finger-shaped citron of the citrus plant resembles lord Buddha’s upturned fingers during meditation.

The citrus plant can live in partial sunlight and with less frequent water. The temperature that this fortune plant loves ranges between 15-30 degrees Celsius.

You can even grow a taller citrus plant in your bedroom at your convenience, thanks to the many different choices this plant offers.

14. Palm Tree

Palm Tree

The palm tree that can look beautiful with the interior of your house is the one that can bring good luck to your family.

The parlor palm tree is the plant that can be placed indoors, and studies show that the palm trees attract wellness. This fortune plant purifies the air and keeps the environment away from negativity.

The palm tree keeps you and your family with all the positive vibes, so your family grows with time and becomes stronger.

This plant requires medium sunlight to bloom beautifully and frequent water to live a healthy life. The plant can survive in the temperature ranging from 15-30 degree Celsius.

When the palm tree is placed at your house entrance, everyone entering your house will leave all the negative energy and enter with positive energy.

15. Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant

In feng shui, this plant is said to bring money, good luck, and fortune to the family. It can be placed in any corner of the house, and it will help you purify the air around you effectively. This plant produces oxygen and lets out all the negativity outside the house.

This plant is known to bring austerity and auspiciousness in wealth or money. The round-shaped leaves of this plant are regarded as money and prosperity in feng shui.

If you place a rubber plant in your house, it will create an environment with no stress and filled with all the positive energy all around the house.

This fortune plant grows 6-10 feet tall and looks very aesthetic when placed in the living room or the master bedroom.

This plant needs partial sunlight to stay healthy all year long and less frequent water to keep blooming. It needs a region with a temperature of 15-30 degrees Celsius.

The rubber plant tree is an indoor plant that has many names like Indian rubber bush, rubber fig, or rubber bush. The scientific name of the rubber tree is Ficus elastica.


Every plant has its uniqueness and power that serves humanity. Plants and trees are an essential part of living which should be taken care of. Plants help us with so much more than just oxygen.

In this blog, we learned about plants’ various contributions to human life and welcoming one of these plants will help you and your family grow. Plants bring us good luck, prosperity, harmony, and fortune, and taking good care of these is our responsibility.

Get yourself your favorite plant so you and your family filled with immense love and growth while having a positive environment all-around your beautiful house.

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