How Many Watts Does a Refrigerator Use

We all get used to refrigerators in our lives. No matter where we live or how we live, the refrigerator is a key essential in every household.

It is not only one of the most essential equipment in your house but also the biggest and most used.

You might have your refrigerator on for 24 hours a day, and that is normal because the real job of the refrigerator is to keep things healthy and fresh for a long.

As we said, your refrigerator might be on for 24 hours, and this might turn you up to a question of how much electricity a refrigerator uses in a day.

On average, if we calculate the average electricity a refrigerator uses, then it will range between 300 to 800 watts.

Furthermore, you can say that it uses 3 to 6 amps and 120 volts of electricity.

We are here with this article to help you in detail about the electricity charged by your Samsung refrigerator.

Electricity Used by a Refrigerator

 A refrigerator plugged into an electrical outlet, using energy to keep food cold and fresh

If we talk about home refrigerators, then on average, it ranges between 300 to 800 watts of electricity. In other words, it can also be stated as 3 and 6 amps and 120 volts of electricity. Typically, refrigerators are said to have lower running wattage than the average wattage because they switch on and off automatically during the day. In layman’s language, to know the energy the refrigerator uses, you should divide the wattage by 3 to check the actual usage.

Therefore, with the above information, it can be said that your 500-watt refrigerator will use 167 running watts. Apart from this, certain other factors like how old the refrigerator is and the model you are using also affect the electricity use of a refrigerator. Your basic refrigerator might have two sides to it, one being the freezer and the other being the fridge. Usually, both areas require the same amount of energy, but somehow, a little more is required for the fridge to offer cold air. It is typically smaller in area but requires a little less energy for use.

If we talk about the electricity use in a year, then it will be anywhere around 235 USD and 20 USD for a month. The electricity for refrigerators is measured in kilowatt-hours (kwh), and one kilowatt is 1,000 watts. Hence, a refrigerator uses 4kWh of energy daily for regular use. With this, you might have understood how basically a refrigerator charges electricity and how the bill is generated. One gets a monthly bill, and that is how it works for any electric equipment.

Amps and Volts Used by a Refrigerator

 A refrigerator's daily electricity consumption: Amps and Volts Used by a Refrigerator

While understanding refrigerators, one should know that, basically, a refrigerator is determined by its voltage and amperage. You can find the yellow-colored label on your refrigerator to know in detail about the volts and amps of your particular fridge. If you see the label and want to calculate volts and amps, then here is how you can do that:

  • Convert your refrigerator’s power consumption in watt-hours by multiplying the one mentioned on the label by 1,000.
  • For Example, you get 630,000 Wh after multiplying and then dividing it by 365 (days in a year) to get per-day data.
  • Then, divide the required number by 24 (hours in a day) to get the average hour used for your fridge.
  • Most refrigerators use 120 volts; hence, divide the number by 120 volts to get the amp out of your fridge.

For those with a Samsung refrigerator looking to understand these specifications in the context of a reset, this detailed Samsung Refrigerator Reset and Electrical Guide can be immensely helpful, providing essential safety and technical guidelines.

Cost of Powering a Refrigerator

A refrigerator with a price tag.

When one gets a monthly electricity bill, there is a composition of 30 days of various electricity equipment. You don’t get to know how much each of your appliances is using on a particular day. All the equipment altogether contributes to the final bill of the day.

If you want to know the average monthly and yearly costs to run refrigerators in each state, then check the table:

State Average Electricity Rate Yearly Cost Monthly Cost
New York 20.59 USD/kWh 25.12 USD 301 USD
California 22.00 USD/kWh 26.84 USD 322 USD
Massachusetts 22.59 USD/kWh 27.56 USD 330 USD
Texas 12.56 USD/kWh 15.32 USD 184 USD
Virginia 12.58 USD/kWh 15.35 USD 184 USD
Florida 12.21 USD/kWh 14.90 USD 179 USD
Maryland 14.48 USD/kWh 17.67 USD 212 USD
US Average 14.19 USD/kWh 17.31 USD 208 USD


Knowing in detail about your refrigerator is quite important as it is one of the most used equipment in your house. You have to keep an estimate of how much battery it will consume and how much every month or year you have to pay for it.

When you get an electricity bill, it is difficult to evaluate how much consumption for a refrigerator is there and how much per day it costs. However, with our help and this article, you can easily evaluate the same and know more about the energy consumption of your fridge.

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