Reasons You Should Sell Your House And Travel the World

The number of people choosing to live an RV or van life and travel the world is steadily growing. You may have considered this too, but need to know if it’s right for you.

We believe that everyone should be true to themselves and live life on their own terms. This is why we compiled this list of reasons why you should sell your house and travel the world.

It’s More Affordable Than Maintaining A Big House

The costs of maintaining a large property can be astronomical. Rent or mortgage payments, power and utility bills, home insurance, and general maintenance costs begin to take their toll.

Sure, living in a motorhome is not 100% free of costs. But it will cost you far less than maintaining a large property and trying to keep up with the monthly payments.

If you are in a position to sell your house for cash and buy a motorhome, go for it. When you are retired, and no longer need a large family home, this could be the next logical step.

Different Scenery Will Inspire You

Are you a writer, or a social influencer and blogger/vlogger? Perhaps you’re a musician or an artist? If these are your passions in life, you need constant stimulation and inspiration. And nothing does that more than traveling.

We are all different and are motivated by different things. But one thing that is true for everyone, is that a change of scenery can be very inspirational. Have you gazed longingly at picture postcards of sandy beaches and azure waters? That could be your life if you decided to travel the world by boat.

Imagine the peace and tranquility of being out on the water. And the new adventures you’ll have when going ashore in Ibiza, or one of the Aegean Islands. If that sounds like the ideal life for you, take the first step. Make inquiries today about a sailboat charter in Greece and you’ll never regret it.

You Get To Travel Wherever You Like

Have you been meaning to travel the world, but you just kept putting it off? Something always came up, right? Long work hours, possibly? Well, the time to make that change is now.

Most companies now offer remote work options, and that means that you are not tied to a specific location. Being a remote worker doesn’t mean that you have to work from your existing home. It also doesn’t mean that your home has to be a house or apartment.

You can travel around the country, or travel around the world, and rent out your house to earn a passive income. If you decide to return to your home base at some point, you can do that. Or you can be a permanent digital nomad, and live this way indefinitely. The choice is yours.

Van Life Can Be Very Liberating

Of course, RV or van life can be challenging, You need to adjust to living in a small space. But it can also be very liberating.

Suddenly, your priorities change. You start to focus more on your own needs. Rather than on the status of having a big house in the suburbs, or a perfectly manicured lawn.

What have you always wanted to do with your life? What are your dreams and goals? Take a look at your bucket list, and if you don’t have one, make one.

Remote Work Is Becoming The Norm Now

While online jobs were always a possibility for some, the global pandemic and ensuing lockdowns necessitated a fully remote work approach. And having had a taste of this new way of life, most people are reluctant to return to the old way of doing things.

Working from home, wherever that home may be, allows you the freedom to work more flexible hours. And when your home is an RV, a remodeled van, or even a boat, you will be able to travel as you work.

This will improve your work/life balance, and overall quality of life.

Change Can Be Beneficial

Modern life can be stressful. And as we all know, high stress and anxiety levels can negatively affect our health. A simpler lifestyle, but with more freedom, awaits you.

While change can be scary, being stuck in a rut will only frustrate you and stifle your creativity. So shed those doubts, break down those barriers and make the change.

Your mental and physical health will improve as a result, and you’ll start living your best life.

You’ll Meet More People And Make New Friends

This is perhaps one of the biggest benefits of selling your house and traveling the world. As the saying goes, “no man is an island”.

People need to feel connected to others, to feel a part of something bigger. And what better way to get out there and make new friends than this?

So if you’ve been wanting a change, if you’ve been yearning for new meaning in your life, do it. Take the plunge, and discover a whole new world of possibilities.

Kimberly Tran

Kimberly Tran brings a wealth of knowledge from her 15 years in architecture and urban planning. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a Master's in Urban Planning. She began her career in a top architectural firm before transitioning to property development. Joining our team in 2020, she has since been a driving force in exploring innovative living spaces. Kimberly balances her professional life with a passion for landscape photography and volunteering in community redevelopment programs.

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