Top 7 online jobs from home for students

University and college students who are looking to make extra income will be pleased to know that there are so many jobs to choose from online.

Together with a reliable custom essay writing service, this article will look at the top 7 online jobs from home that are perfect for students and pay very well.

There are so many job websites like Monster and indeed that upload jobs regularly. On top of that, plenty of companies have their career pages on places like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

How to land an online job

A professional essay writer from CustomWritings Lauren Bradshaw said, ”If a student wants to land an online job, they have to be proactive and check the internet regularly, make sure their CV is up-to-date and looks polished, they should never give up if they don’t land a job in their first attempt”.

Not many people can land a job on the first attempt. If a student is persistent and wants to make some money on the side by having an online job, they will get one, and below are the top online jobs a university or college student can get.

#1. Social media manager

Companies these days know that if they want to reach millions of people at once, they need to have a social media presence, be it your business about pedestal fans or just your reviews on the same. This can be having accounts on various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Having an online account is a very quick way to get the message across to existing, new, and potential customers. Most companies these days know how important it is to have a social media presence, but managing their online presence is a time-consuming job.

This is why they hire students who are tech-savvy to manage their platforms for them on a part-time basis. For instance, In the UK and USA, students can work between 20-25 hours a week doing tasks such as posting on Twitter and Facebook, replying to customer queries, and earning £12-15 per hour.

#2. Virtual assistant

In this role, students and essay writers will work as personal assistants and will perform a variety of tasks assigned to them by the person who posted the job.

Some of the tasks assigned to students include setting up appointments, taking messages, reserving meeting rooms, booking hotels and flights, organizing events, and more. The money that virtual assistants make is very good as well, with many earning between £15-20 per hour.

#3. Data entry clerk

This position is good for students with attention to detail because it involves things like compiling reports and entering data, plus one can do this in the comfort of their own home or a dorm.

While most companies will hire those with experience under their belt, opportunities for newbies are available too. If a student is good at managing numbers, this is the job to apply for and earn some extra income on the side.

#4. English tutor

Any student who is a native English speaker will find so many tutorial jobs online, as more and more people want to master the English language to better themselves. One can use tools such as zoom and skype to teach English to non-native speakers one on one or in a group setting.

Some companies have operations in different English and would like to have employees who know how to speak English, hence why there is some income to be made from teaching English online.

In China, English tutors are in high demand and students can schedule their tutoring hours without clashing with their studies.

#5. Freelance writer

The internet has millions of websites that require content and that is why over the last 20 years, there has been a high demand for top-quality writers.

As a freelance online essay writing service writer, a student will be tasked with various writing tasks like producing articles, blog posts on flowers, reports on travel journeys, and essays just to name a few.

These jobs are very flexible and can easily be fitted around a student’s study or academic essay writing service writer’s schedule.

Being a freelance writer allows a student to work from home or in a dorm, improve their creativity and express themselves, plus producing content for well-known websites can boost one’s CV. Top-quality freelance websites include, Contena, Fiver, and Upwork.

#6. Online customer service jobs

The customer service sector has seen massive growth in the last decade, with businesses looking for people to help with emails or online chats. Companies that post these roles are looking for students because they give them the flexibility that doesn’t interfere with their studies.

The money students get paid doing this job is very good, and the minimum requirement is a good internet connection whether it is at home, in the library, or dorm.

#7. Graphic designer

Students or professional essay writers enrolled in a graphic design course might generate some extra cash with the skills they are learning while they study. Just like the role above, there is a big demand for graphic designers thanks to advancements in technology.

It doesn’t matter where a student is located, there are top brands all across the world looking for a skilled designer to make logos, banners, posters, and more for them.

Jobs can be found on websites such as, PeoplePerHour, and Upwork. If a student excels in this role, they can add it to their portfolio, which will make them a very attractive employee in the future.

Final thoughts

Professional writing services and many experts say that the demand for part-time online employees is very high, especially in recent years and while pay might not be on the same wavelength as industry standards, it is a good way for a student to make money and study at the same time.

The experience that one earns doing these online jobs can be added to their CV, which will make it easy for them to land a job once they graduate. With so many websites offering a variety of roles, it is up to a student to pick which role is good for them.

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