Relay Race Ideas for Picnics, Beach and Family Gatherings [Updated 2020]

Relay races are games where equal teams race to achieve a task. Relay race games provide team competition for many different occasions – day camps, school recesses, and outdoor parties, as well as many other group get-togethers. We have listed relay race ideas for many various ages and situations. Read on to find the perfect relay race for your needs. 

A team racing competition where players take turns to complete equal parts to achieve a task is called a Relay Race. They can be entertaining and can be a great way of learning coordination and teamwork.

The players must show unity and work together is to finish the given task quickly and win. Cooperation and unity are the base of this concept. And to this relay races have been a part of recreational activities at work, home, and picnics. People have modified them into multiple fun variations.

We have listed down a variety of creative and fun relay race ideas for picnics, the beach, and family gatherings for you. We have chosen the best concerning aspects like child-friendly and with props or without them too. We have a variety listed down for small to large groups, so let us get to it.

Here are the Best Relay Race Ideas in 2020

1. Wheelbarrow Relay

Wheelbarrow Relay

This can be a hilarious activity for both children and adults, though adults find this way trickier than children. It is fun to play in large groups. This requires a levelled surface, preferably covered in grass or on the beach, to avoid hurting the participant’s hands. It is an excellent activity if you do not want to carry any equipment.

The rules are simple, divide your group into teams (of 2-5, each team should have an equal number of members) and divide the race track in equal parts in one number less than team members, for example, if each team has five members the tract will be divide into four parts.

Two people from each team will be standing in line in the position, as shown in the picture and the rest three at the node of each part. In the start, the two participants start in a way that the one on its feet holds another one who is walking on hands, when they reach the node, the one walking on its hand now holds the person who has been standing there, and it goes on the same way.

2. Lemon and Spoon Relay

Lemon and Spoon Relay

Here is a good one if you are good with balancing, kids, or adults, this is fun for everyone. And it can be played with many people too if you have enough lemon and spoons and nothing else.

Here is how to go about it, divide the number of people in teams. Like every other relay only, one from each team will be standing behind the starting line with a spoon in the mouth that is balancing a lemon on it. The entire team must pass and balance the lemon till the finish line without it falling even once.

However, you can change the rules as per the requirement of the age group. A levelled ground would work the best for this. Variations of this can be balancing a book on the head or with an egg (we warn you it can get messy).

3. Skipping Rope Relay

Skipping rope relay

Do you know how to walk or run while using a skipping rope? The ones who know how to do it also know how fun it could be. This activity is great for parks and outings, except beaches, well to be fair, it can be done, but it gets a tad confusing with sand.

Divide the group into two teams or more (depending on the size of the group) and have one member of each team stand in a single-file line. They must skip their way to the second team member and give them the rope, which they will use to go ahead, and the same thing goes on till the end.

You can also replace the rope with a hula hoop for a fun variation. It is for people of all ages and can be played anywhere with enough space. Soft surfaces can be recommended for children to avoid injuries because of falling though there is minimal risk.

4. Needle and Thread Relay

Needle and Thread Relay

If you are one of the rare people who can get the thread past the needle loop, you will love this game, and the rest of you all will do too. This is fun if you have a small group of people as the team in this race can have only two in one team.

The rules are easy. One person will have the needle and will be standing at the start point, and another participant with the thread will be standing halfway. The person with a needle must run to the thread, and both must get the thread into the needle loop, and the second person must take this till the finishing line.

There can be variations where there can be more team members and where they must pass a thread through needles multiple times and so on.

5. Hopper Ball Relay

Hopper Ball Relay

It looks fun, right? It just gets better when you try it. Hop into the hilarious ride. Not only for children but adults too, well actually it is funnier and entertaining with adults. Each team would require a one-hopper ball, and we suggest making sure nothing sharp is placed on the floor or ground as it can deflate the ball.

All the team leaders stand in a straight line and start hopping to reach their mate and pass on the hopping equipment, and now they hop to the next one. The only rule is not running/ walking, only hopping. The fastest one to reach their team wins. Easy and Fun.

6. Big Foot Relay

Big Foot relay

Bigfoot games and races are famous for team building and some undeniable fun. But big foot relay race is something new and kind of funny. But some efforts will be needed if you do not have or do not want to buy a bigfoot prop. But do not you worry it is super easy, take a sheet of corrugated cardboard and cut it into two giant-sized feet, paste free size flip-flops and there, it is ready.

So here is how it goes. Each team would require one pair of bigfoots that needs to be worn and carried to your teammate, and they would do the same till the last mate does not reach the finishing line. The best part is kids between 4 to 7 can use adult flip-flops and participate, but make sure the surface should not be hurtful if they fall because there is a substantial chance they might trip. If it is on grass or sand, it is adorable to seem the trip and run again.

7. Bottoms up Relay

Bottoms up relay

This idea is for people of every age and every place as well, but with required modifications. The rest of the rules are the same as other relay races with the twist that. All the participants have a drink with them, and it can be lemonade, water, or some other juice. And one cannot proceed without finishing the entire beverage.

This is one of the best activities that adults can do on a beach if you want a drinking game. It depends on you if you want to fill the glass half or full or even keep shots. Also, one another rule is it is a fast walking race, running should be avoided anyway for health reasons. It can be played anywhere with enough space.

It is also a high activity on a sunny day in a park with some chilled lemonade for kids, keep the glass small and see to it they do not gulp the drink faster than required. 

8. Mix-it-Up Relay

Mix-it-up relay

Suppose you liked many ideas and cannot choose one from the list mentioned above. This is the one for you, as here can “mix-it-up.” After dividing the group into teams, Players take turns to go from one point to another and back again until every team member has got a chance. The twist is everyone must do something different, one can skip, and another can hop, and so on.

Adults and children both can enjoy playing it on a beach or parks. No props or equipment is required, so this can also be a fun go-to if someone forgot anything at home. You can modify it the way you like, make it more twisted by adding some rules or make it funnier by adding some props. It is up to you.

Wrapping Up

And with that, we conclude this list of Best Relay Race Ideas for Picnics, the Beach, and Family Gatherings 2020.

We hope you liked and found the ideas useful and cannot wait to try some of the fun races. Some of these can be tried indoors with enough space as well.

Enjoy ;)……!

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