Revolutionary and yet Environment-Friendly Air Filter – The Briiv Air Purifier

What comes to your mind when you think about an air filter? A big, heavy machine with a hissing sound, isn’t it? Yet, almost each of us uses some kind of air filter in our home. Either they are natural, like houseplants or something artificial like air filters available on the market right now.

Our environment is in a declining state, and it is getting worse each day and we are losing beautiful flowers. Whether it is heat waves, glaciers melting, animals and plants going extinct due to severe poaching and cutting down the jungle for our own benefits. We are damaging our earth in all possible ways.

And the credit goes to us and our unsustainable technology. We have not only affected other thriving lives but also affected our environment as well. The water we drink, the air we breathe, everything is contaminated and needs to be pure before we can use it for ourselves.

This has led to the invention of air filters or purifiers. There are plenty of them available right now. They may clean our air but eventually damage the environment because they are not environment friendly nor made up of bio-degradable materials. Even if someone claims to be sustainable, it just loses its significance over time.

So, is there something out of the line? Something which is above all in all aspects? Well, the answer is yes, and it is what we will be talking about in this article.

Most Sustainable Air Purifier

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Briiv. The world’s most sustainable air purifier ever made. It has been created with environment-friendly material, and when we say environment friendly, we really mean it. Whether it is an outer body or the internal constituents, each and everything is environment friendly.

It has been praised by many; Forbes, Livingetc, and designWeek are just to name a few. From design to performance, it has been applauded in all aspects. Due to this, it has been rewarded with The Red Dot Award 2021 for Product Design.

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Why You Should have Briiv?

There is plenty of reason to go for Briiv or to switch to it. We have listed some of the reasons you should choose Briiv, and we believe that would be enough to let you change your mind. So, let us see what makes Briiv an exceptional air purifier.

1. It is Classy

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How many of you have an air filter which improves your environment? If you have something, you must be lucky as there are almost none. But, Briiv, on the other hand, not only improves the air you breathe it also adds an extra edge to the design and aura of your house.

You can use it anywhere from your house to your office, whether you need it in your bedroom while you sleep or in the dining room when you are expecting some guests. You do not need to drag it to the places like any other ordinary air purifier, and you can pick it up and then keep it wherever you want it to be.

2. Simple to use

A smartphone has become a part of our life, and there are plenty of apps out there that we use daily. Similarly, Briiv has a smart, simple app which enables its users to control it on the go. Moreover, it requires zero maintenance. Just a tap on your app, and you are all clean to use, and you do not need watering either.

It doesn’t require hectic installation, neither it requires wires to operate. You can just download its app, and that’s it; your Briiv is now ready to serve you at your command.

3. Removes Pollutants

When we hear pollutants, the first thing that comes to our mind is the smoke vehicles exhale. Well, this is not the only cause of pollution or contamination of the air we breathe. Other than outdoor fumes, many contributors worsen the air indoors like, moulds, stoves, candles, pets, and the gas evolves while cooking.

All of these problems can be solved with just a Briiv. Briiv fixes all.

4. A suitable replacement for indoor plants

Nothing can match the plants and their abilities. But, Briiv could be a great alternative to all the houseplants you have. It is a remarkable mixture of nature and science. It is as useful as 3,043 medium houseplants.

So, you can rely on it. It will help you and your family get the best air you could have in your home, office or anywhere around.

5. Impressive Filtering System

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It has three filter units in it. All of them are made with purely natural materials and are biodegradable. Moreover, they are 100% environment friendly, making them stand out from the other air filters available.

Its three-layer filtration system clears out everything which is present in the air as contamination, whether it is PM10, Pollens, Allergens, PM0.5, Bacteria, Mould Spores, Fine Dusts, VOCs, you name it. Briiv deals with it all to make sure that it is pure air that you breathe every time Briiv is with you. Here are a brief description of what each filter does –

  1. Moss – This is 100% natural dries moss catches all the big contaminants from the air. It captures large particulate matters like dust and animal dander from the air.
  2. Coconut Fibre – After moss, coconut fibre works as a second filter. It clears the air further and removes the particulate matter passed through the moss.
  3. Combination Silk Matrix – It comprises two parts. One is carbon and the second one is Nanofibers. It is engineered beautifully and made so efficient that it catches even the VOC, which falls in the molecular range somewhere. Where carbon or activated charcoal captures all the foul and bad smells, the other part, nanofiber, removes the finest part available.

Unlike other standard HEPA filters, which are made up of microfibres, the Briiv nanofiber filter works far more better than the microfibers, and unlike HEPA, Briiv nanofibers are 100% biodegradable.

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6. Energy Consumption

Energy consumption plays a crucial role when considering any appliances around the world. But, Briiv doesn’t have to worry about it as it is very efficient and has a power consumption of 0.005kWh.

So, Briiv has a compact and powerful mechanism to clean your air which works quite efficiently. This will not be a burden on your wallet and will keep your electricity bills within your reach.

7. Filter Replacements

Like other air filters, Briiv also requires replacement for its filters. But, unlike other filters, it is not costly. Instead, it comes in very handy and costs just a few bucks yearly except carbon silk matrix, which requires replacements every three months.

Its replacement procedure is also simple. Follow these four simple and easy steps, and you are done with the replacement –

  1. Take out the glass lid, which has moss and coconut fibre sitting idle. Once you remove the top glass lid, you will be with the remaining bottom half part.
  2. This part will have your previous used filter sitting in a compartment. Hold the hold thing up and pour the used filter into the dustbin. You don’t need to have to touch it with your hand.
  3. Take out your new filter and insert it into the compartment. It would be best to spread it evenly in the room by hand.
  4. Now, just put the glass lid back on and Voila! You are ready with your new filters. Isn’t it simple?

Ending Note

We are sure that you may have changed your mind about the air filter. Briiv has come as an excellent option to choose. It has all the things a person needs in his air filter.

It is not only efficient but also has a pretty impressive design. It saves electricity which eventually reduces the burden on your wallet. It works perfectly with the same power and efficiency no matter where you keep it. It matches your décor and is easy to use as well. It has all you need.

Keeping up with the latest technology, the Briiv has impressed us with its environment-friendly parts. Unlike other sustainable air filters, which wither up their sustainability with time, it assures us to keep it and maintain it throughout its life. Overall, it is a power pack device with as minimum expense as an air filter could have.

Elise Wu

Elise Wu, an alumna of Yale University with a degree in Environmental Policy, has spent more than two decades advocating for environmental protection and sustainable resource management. Before joining our website in 2019, she worked with various NGOs and governmental bodies, playing a key role in developing eco-friendly policies. Besides her professional pursuits, Elise is also a passionate hiker and loves nature photographer, often exploring the untamed wilderness to reconnect with the environment she tirelessly works to preserve.

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