Service Providers Who Should be in Your Rolodex

Despite your best efforts, you’ll sometimes face situations where you need to make “the call.”

You need to know what to do if you find yourself in a sticky situation and need to call a lawyer, require medical care for your pet, or have a rodent problem and need a pest control company.

Having a list with the contact details of specific types of service providers will help.


If you have a list of essential phone numbers — and who doesn’t? — you ought to include the name of a reputable attorney, who will be already networked with a wide range of other good attorneys in different practice areas in your city.

“What you need to have is a lawyer you have a good connection with and can trust,” says criminal law lawyer Rowdy G. Williams. “ When the time comes and you need a particular kind of lawyer, most likely it’s not going to be that person. But we attorneys know who in our city is a rockstar in each practice area, and we’ll regularly refer a friend or client to another lawyer on that basis.”


If you have a pet, you’ll want to ensure it’s well taken care of. With pets such as dogs or cats, they can’t let you know something’s the matter the way your children can and will. If your pet is sick and requires immediate medical attention, you don’t want to scramble for a directory to find a pet hospital or veterinary practice.

So, find a provider of animal medical care and enter the contact information in a place you can quickly access if there’s an emergency.

Pest Control Company

Have you ever wondered why something as small as a mouse can cause such a stir? One reason is the surprise factor. You can be sitting down enjoying a program on television when, all of a sudden, you detect movement with your peripheral vision. You might second guess yourself — until the same thing happens a few moments later.

If you then carefully observe the area of the room where the movement was detected, you might see a mouse scurrying around. One mouse is bad enough. But if you have enough rodent activity to constitute a big issue, you’ll need to contact a pest control company. Knowing who to call will help you restore order fast.

General Contractor

Whether you own or rent a home, you’ll need help from a general contractor from time to time. If your toilet is clogged and overflowing, your roof is leaking into your inside space, or your porch is sagging, you’ll need to get someone to fix the problems sooner rather than later. That’s why it makes sense to have a list of one or more general contractors you can contact as required.

Tow Truck

If you perform preventative maintenance and get timely repairs on your car, you stand a good chance of not getting stranded while out and about. But problems do happen on the roadway. If you have to pull over on the shoulder of the highway or can’t start your car in the shopping mall parking lot, you’ll need to contact a tow truck. You can make things easier on yourself by getting a membership with a company like AAA. It’ll be worth the investment and offer peace of mind.

These are just some of the service providers you need in your Rolodex or phone contact list. No one wants emergency situations, but it makes sense to hope for the best while being prepared for the worst.

One more tip to consider: ensure your phone is always charged. The last thing you’ll want is to have an inoperable phone when you need to call for help.

Amelia Rivera

Amelia Rivera is a graduate of Harvard Business School who has spent over 16 years in the service industry, focusing on customer experience and service innovation. She provides insights into service management and customer satisfaction strategies. Her background includes management roles in hospitality and consulting. Previously, she worked with several multinational corporations, developing their customer service protocols. She enjoys yoga and is passionate about animal rescue and welfare. She is a great traveler and a gourmet food blogger in her spare time.

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