Simple Tips to Transform Waste into Home Decor

When it comes to home décor, you want it to reflect your style whether be it your dining hall or library. You can achieve this by creating unique designs that people spend a fortune buying. Every day you throw out boxes, toilet paper rolls, and plastic containers that can easily be recycled. Even if you have a separate bin and you do your due diligence to recycle, there is always something that can be used more than once. Follow these simple steps to turn any trash into a beautiful treasure.

Create an Indoor Ecosystem

With the right size mason or glass jar, you can have your very own mini-world inside your home. It’s incredibly simple to start and it will keep running for years without much intervention. All you need is the bottle, some rocks, sand, and a small piece of moss to get started. Place the jar on its side and put the rocks at the bottom to keep it steady. The rocks will also act as a drainage system. Next, place the sand on top of the rocks and cover it with moss.

You will start to see condensation as the mini-ecosystem is closed off. As the water evaporates, it will cause the moss to grow. If you want to, you can even add a flower or two and watch it transform into a garden.

Plastic Containers for Gardening

Those plastic bottles and packaging that food comes in can be cut open and reused to plant some indoor ferns or a small yellow herb in garden. Avoid using containers only once, and find ways to turn that plastic into something useful. If you have lots of soda bottles, you can turn them into colorful vases that will add to the aesthetics of any home.

Plastic takes up to 100 years – sometimes more – to decompose, so reusing any container for a second or third time will do wonders for the environment. If you have off cuttings of vegetables, place them in the plastic container with a bit of water to sprout new roots. For other tips, here are 10 ways to reduce your waste footprint at home.

Turn Cardboard into Eyepieces

With just a little bit of glue, some paint, and enough cereal boxes or toilet rolls, you can make some interesting designs using just your imagination. You can create a stunning lampshade by joining a few toilet rolls bent together in a spherical shape. For a simple way to refurbish your mirrors, cut out flowers or patterns that you like and place them around the edges.

If you need a jewelry stand to hold your bracelets and necklaces, spray paint a few toilet rolls and glue them together at the opening sections to create a long hollow pipe. Glue a stick to the middle that acts as a stand and you’ve got something most people spend a fortune on.

Transform Toilet Paper Rolls Into Wall Décor

All you need is some glue and paint to make this work. Take your toilet paper rolls and simply use your imagination to see how you can turn it into wall masterpieces. The best thing about it is that you do not even have to tell anyone you used toilet paper rolls. Because of the paint, nobody can say what they are. This is actually why you should add them to walls, where people do not investigate as much as what they see on tables or in similar areas.

Turn Cereal Boxes Into Organizers

A cereal box can be used to get a very cheap and useful neat décor in your home. You can use it for crafting templates and are quite great when it comes to organizers. All you really need to make the old cereal box a very functional and beautiful decoration is a piece of fabric or scrapbook paper.

Turn Glass Jars And Bottles Into Storage Options

When you look for DIY projects online, you can find so many that feature mason jars. This does not mean other glass items are not useful. You can use glass bottles and jars to gain very valuable storage containers. And you just need to use the exact same techniques you would with mason jars. Glass jars can also be great centerpieces for a party during holiday or simply a vase.

Use Books For Crafting Projects

Obviously, books should not be destroyed simply to get some sort of beautiful decoration in a room. However, there are books you cannot give away or sell. We are talking about those that are simply too worn out. If you have such books, do not throw them away. You can use them for several crafting purposes and you can basically use all parts of the book for them.

Your home is where you spend a considerable amount of your time, so you want it to be a comfortable environment that looks good. Follow these few simple tips to spark off some creative ways to turn your home waste into home décor.

Vivian Le

Vivian Le, possessing a Master’s in Architecture from Harvard University, has been transforming living spaces with her DIY expertise for over 15 years. Since joining us in 2020, Vivian has shared her creative and practical solutions, inspiring countless readers. Her experience ranges from small home improvement projects to large-scale renovations. In her leisure time, Vivian enjoys pottery and exploring historical architecture. Apart from that she is also a passionate urban sketcher, often found capturing the essence of various cityscapes.

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