Key Reasons to Keep a Construction Site Clean

One of the main reasons why so many people in a community resent construction going on in their neighborhoods is generally the mess. Unless contractors are out there before 8 AM, noise isn’t usually an issue. However, with trash blowing all around the site, broken up concrete making dust clouds and the smell of chemical compounds permeating the air, is it any wonder that they file formal complaints with the city? If you are a contractor or subcontractor, it behooves you to do a quick spot check at the end of each day to make sure the ground crew has taken a few moments to tidy up the area before heading home for the day.

Prevent Toxic Chemical Leeching

This is, by far, one of the most dangerous hazards you might encounter on a job site. No matter what kind of structure you are working on, there is always a remote possibility that you will either be working with a toxic chemical or there will be toxic chemicals in a structure you are trying to break down. Also, human waste is a big issue and this is why it is important to provide portable restrooms for construction workers. Either chemical or human waste can create totally unsanitary conditions, which is why dumping regulations for a clean community were instituted in the first place.

Keeping Air Quality Free of Dust Particulates

This can be extremely hazardous for community members who may suffer from some sort of lung disease, acute or systemic. It would be impractical, if not impossible, to buy the entire neighborhood KN95 particulate masks, so the only solution would be to keep the area moist while working and then do a quick cleanup of thermostats at the end of each day.

Avoid Heavy Fines

While not necessarily an ‘ethical’ reason for keeping the area clean, your boss will love you for this one. Although every area has regulations in place, most often they are complaint driven. Therefore, if an inspector is called to a job and finds you are in violation of dumping regulations, your boss may be slapped with a hefty fine that will increase over time if the violations aren’t cleaned up.

Community Relations

You may not realize it at this time, but that next big contract could come from the man down the street! Maintaining community relations is also vital when living and working in a community. You may not know it, but you probably are being watched! What you do on this job can impact contracts going forward. If all it takes to win a bid tomorrow is to keep positive energy flowing on this job, it’s well worth the effort.

One thing is for certain. You do not want OSHA contacted because of observed violations but you do want to be practical in your cleanup efforts. As the job foreman or crew leader, take the time each day to ensure you’ve left a clean job site and then reap the rewards of going the extra mile.

Remember that the clean site stands out as a sign of being professional. You will not find a construction company with a good reputation that does not organize really clean sites. Because of site cleanliness and order, clients trust such companies more. Business relationships are strengthened, which is always very important for long-term operations.

Promoting Proper Work Traffic

There are many things that happen on construction sites so when work areas are filled with rubbish, workflow is automatically hampered. You can always find workers, equipment, and tools at these locations. As a result, the entire area is very difficult to navigate, without even taking into account rubbish piles. You can try planting grass seeds for the workers to feel relaxed.

Promoting Worker Productivity

When you want to do some work on a site that is full of rubbish and scattered debris, several problems appear. Materials and tools often end up lost and when you need them, you simply cannot find them. As a result, your productivity goes down. When the site is well-maintained, work becomes better, with workers instantly being more productive. As workers become more productive, projects get finished faster and construction companies make more money.

Helping The Environment

Regular housekeeping at construction sites does wonders when it comes to helping the environment. This ranges from properly disposing of waste to segregating various types. The construction firm does gain a reputation boost but the community is helped. Some wastes might be health hazards. And there are several wastes on construction sites that need specific treatment when being disposed of. Skip bins did become mandatory on sites in the past years and the best construction companies actually rent several in order to triage waste.

Identifying Rubbish That Can Be Recycled

With construction site housekeeping, especially when combined with waste segregation, it is so simple to identify the rubbish you can recycle. This does boost the professional image of the construction company and helps with conserving the environment.

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