9 Best Double Shower Curtain Rods You Should Consider 

Going by the latest bathroom trends, we can observe how much double shower curtain rods have been popular. A double shower curtain rod is the simplest way to give your bathroom a luxurious yet inexpensive look. What could be more generous?

Though, mainly a double shower curtain rod is used for hanging the liner and decorative curtain separately, adding more space between the two, ultimately resulting in a better and efficient drying process. Still, it also serves numerous purposes and adds to the aesthetic of your bathroom. There will not be any unsightlier bathroom forms and functions, all thanks to the double shower curtain rod.

Designers suggest that a double shower curtain rod adds more room and space to your shower holding up the wet shower curtain to its place and preventing it from clinging to you and while also acting as a barrier for water to splashing all over the bathroom.

Double Shower Curtain Rods

However, the most important thing to keep in mind before buying a double shower curtain rod is to make sure it will fit well and suit your shower. Sometimes, when a bathroom is small or has sunk, toilets close enough to the shower or tub, adding a double shower curtain rod could be a design disaster. Therefore, keep correct measurements and other important stuff already noted before choosing a double shower curtain rod.

For a quick understanding, you can check out the following double shower curtain rods where each type, its benefits, drawbacks, and uses are mentioned briefly.

Best Double Shower Curtain Rods

1. Double Curved Shower Curtain Rod

It is one of the firms, lightweight, and usually rustproof double shower curtain rods. While being easy to install, it also caters to a bathroom’s design requirements and compliments the bath decor.

You can use the second rod for whatever purpose you like, from hanging shower liner and shower curtain separately to hanging towels and clothes. 

The double curved shower curtain rod is one of the most demanded types among the other double shower curtain rods. You can easily purchase one online from

Or from any other hardware store.

2. Double Tension Shower Curtain Rod

This is the best option if you want to avoid drilling holes into your bathroom walls, having a permanent-mount installation. It requires no tools for installing. It would help if you twisted it to tighten it.

These are widely available in the market with a rustproof and lightweight type. Double tension shower curtain rods come in adjustable types as well, where you can adjust from 44 to 72 inches without cutting.

It works excellently and gives your bathroom a modern and clean look.

3. Double Straight Shower Curtain Rod

, Unlike the curved double shower curtain rod, this one is a straight double shower curtain rod. The use remains the same, of course, to hang shower liner and decorative curtain separately.

But the advantage a double straight shower curtain rod provides is its stability and firmness, allowing you to have a strong base for hanging as many clothes as possible.

This rod is available in stainless steel, which will be rustproof for nearly a lifetime. It does include mounting hardware and double bracket flanges if you go for buying it from 

4. Adjustable Double Curved Shower Curtain Rod

If you are looking for a stylish double shower curtain rod, you”ll have absolutely no regret buying this one.

It comes with adjustable poles, which can be used anywhere, like in a master, kid’s, or guest’s bathroom.

You can go for brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze if you want to have something different from the usual stainless steel and aluminum. This can also work as a perfect, beautiful, fitting accessory to your bath while also serving its essential purpose.

You can securely mount it to the wall with the hardware that it comes with. Get more information on 

5. Adjustable Double Curved Rod with Shower Curtain Roller Rings

The intelligent design offers a gentle and warm feel to this double shower curtain rod. It looks spectacular when placed in the bathroom. The design also allows an extra elbow room in the bath.

You tend to get a limited lifetime warranty with an additional set of 12 shower curtain rod rings preventing unwanted snagging or tugging.

6. Solid Brass Double Shower Curtain Rod

You will find this rod in a brass construction resisting rust and decay because of its high-quality finish. It is perfect for everyday use in the bath without requiring much maintenance.

It contains all the necessary mounting hardware required while installing it. Enhance your bathroom and shower design by installing one of these and giving your bath a modern and clean look.

Order one from here right now for getting free shipping,

7. NeverRust Aluminium Double Shower Curtain Rod

Strong, light, and rustproof; all these qualities in just one double shower curtain rod, and that’s Zenna Home NeverRust Aluminium Double Shower Curtain Rod.

It is guaranteed to be lifetime rust-free.

What else could be better?

The double shower curtain rod design keeps mildew from forming, allows one hand space inside the bath, and comes with an easy installation process. It does include mounting hardware along with instructions, and there is no need for cutting.

Buy from here and have its rich bronze finish multiply your points for the bathroom decor.

8. Stainless Steel Double Curved Shower Curtain Rod

This double shower curtain rod comes within differing color choices such as oil-rubbed, bronze, chrome, polished brass, and brushed nickel. Hence, presenting before you flexibility while considering the bathroom style and decor.

Not just offering various colors and finishes, this double shower curtain rod also proffers almost three different lengths to fit your shower needs. Thirty-six inches, 48 inches, and 60 inches, respectively, are the rod lengths you could find in this variety of double shower curtain rods.

Where you will also find that the rod curves at a 22- degree angle.

9. Moen Stainless steel Double Shower Curtain Rod

Well, this product is highly appreciated by the customers who have brought it. It comes in polished nickel, brushed nickel, and old-world bronze, and all three types are corrosion resistant.

As stated by its name, Moen Stainless steel Double Shower Curtain Rod is made from stainless steel, which is very lasting, permanent, and stout.

You can consider buying it because it is popular among the buyers who appreciate its versatile form and pattern, which could quickly put up any bathroom decoration and makeover.

The following link might help you check out other customers’ reviews about the listed product, and you can consider it is buying it from here,


Why Use A Double Shower Curtain Rod?

It is highly operational and helps manage the curtain and liner individually. If looked at for a design purpose, double shower curtain rods can also help achieve the bathroom aesthetic by improving the style.

Does A Shower Curtain Go Inside or Outside The Tub?

A shower curtain serves the purpose of preventing the spilling of water all over the bathroom. Hence, no matter which shower curtain you are using, it must be inside the tub and not outside.

Do Curved Shower Curtain Rods Need Special Curtains?

The simple answer is no. A curved shower curtain rod does not need any particular or specific type of curtains. You can use the same curtain you are using on your straight shower curtain rod without any problem.

Which Is Better, A Curved Shower Curtain Rod or A Straight One?

It depends on the shape and size of your shower and bathroom. Though, curved shower curtain rods do look more luxurious and make the showers more spacious. But a straight shower curtain rod gives out a more modern and symmetrical look to your bathroom.

How Often Should You Change Your Shower Curtain?

The answer to this question is, every 5 to 6 months if you have a crowded and humid bathroom space. Make sure to wash the liner every month to have a proper, fresh, and hygienic shower.

How High Should A Shower Curtain Be Hanged?

The ideal hanging height can be when the shower curtain is just slightly higher from touching the floor. Going by the numbers, you can install it around 75 to 77 inches from the floor. Do not let it touch the floor for better use and an approved look.

If you want to add style and versatility to your bathroom or your bathroom decor, then go for double shower curtain rods and add more space in your shower! We hope all this information has helped you gain a lot about double shower curtain rods ensuring the style purpose and utilities they set out.

On that account, it is time you survey your bathroom and find out that one perfect double shower curtain rod that fits well to change and transform the whole look of your sauna. So, all the very best for that budding idea in your mind!

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