Step-By-Step Guide for Cutting Down a Tree in Sections

Trees are of great use, there is no debate about it. From being a strong reason for human survival to serving their basic needs, trees are simply irreplaceable. But sometimes they can also be a matter of concern and problem to humans and at such times you are forced to take undesirable actions.

Having a tree in your surrounding is very beneficial but when that same tree overgrows or begins to spread close to your house area, or at unwanted spaces then it becomes a matter of concern and instant action is demanded.

Sometimes the height of the tree also turns to be a concern as heavy winds or rains may lead to the sudden falling of the tree causing loss of property and life. So, to deal with these possible mishaps one needs to be hand prepared.

Preparation means finding a solution to the forthcoming problem. And the only possible solution to this problem is cutting down the unwanted trees. This will protect the loss of life and property. But it is not going to be easy to cut a huge and largely spread tree. So, what is the solution?

Well, the solution lies in understanding the methodology of cutting the trees. You cannot just take an instrument and cut it randomly. So how do we do that? How do we cut down a tree methodologically, without harming ourselves or the surrounding areas? Well, to briefly understand, continue to scroll down and find out how we can cut down trees in sections.

Before cutting trees, one should understand that cutting such a huge and strong deeply rooted tree will not be easy. So, we should avoid removing or cutting the tree forcefully, otherwise, we may end up hurting ourselves.

One should follow certain ways and steps to cut down a tree so that they end up causing no damage to themselves and their surroundings.  Below given are the few discussed steps on how to cut down a tree.

Steps to Cut Down a Tree in Segments

Clear the Surrounding

Decide If It Is Safe

Before cutting down a tree, ensure that it is safe to cut and only then try to chop it down. Sometimes trees can be poisonous so ensure complete safety before trying to cut them. Use all your safety guards and then go ahead with cutting the tree.

Clear the Surrounding

Before you head with your materials to cut down the tree, ensure that the surrounding areas are clean. Check for things that might hurt if there is a sudden slip or mishap. Remove away such things to ensure your safety.

Once you get your surroundings clean and free from the materials that might harm you, you can go ahead and continue to cut down the tree that is causing concern.

Safeguard Yourself

Once you are done checking your tree in terms of being poisonous and got your surroundings clear of harmful materials, the very next thing that you do is putting on your safeguard equipment.

Well, I am sure you would not want to learn how to cut down a tree with a bare body, without any protections on. Safety is the primary concern and that is the reason why we are cutting down the tree. So, make sure to wear your safety equipment. Please keep a note to avoid wearing clothes that might get stuck here and there and then cause Discomfort.

Be Patient and Focused

Cutting down a tree is no joke and is not going to happen just in a blink. We are all aware of how deeply trees are rooted down the ground. We are also aware of how huge a tree can spread, so cutting down would not be easy and especially when we want to cut in sections.

Ensure that you are cutting the tree patiently and with care. So that you can give your entire concentration to it. Cutting in sections requires understanding and analysis, hence one should practice a lot of patience and focus before practicing cutting a tree.

The Ladder is a Must

Steps to Cut Down a Tree in Segments

Ensure to have your ladder ready. That will help you reach a particular height without too much of a risk. Also, ensure to have few people around in case of disbalance. The ladder will work as a great asset.

Keep Your Instruments Ready

Since now you are ready to take action ahead. Keep your instruments required for cutting ready. The instruments that you will be needing to cut down the tree are: –

  • A hard cap
  • Safety glasses
  • Work gloves
  • A chain saw.
  • Felling wedges
  • Hearing protection
  • Iron holdings

These together are the equipment that will help us to cut the tree into segments effectively and comfortably.

Get the above safety pieces of equipment from the below-mentioned links.

A Hard Cap

Safety Glasses

Chain Saw

Felling Wedges

Hearing Protection

Iron Holdings

Cut or Remove the Smaller Branches First

After getting your things arranged and guards protected, the next step is cutting down or taking off small branches of the tree so that it makes cutting the tree easier.

Cutting down the small branches will also reduce your later work. To begin the process by chopping the small branches.

Measure the Cuts You Make

Once you are done with removing the branches, your main work starts there. Now we finally head up to cutting the tree in sections. To cut the tree into sections the very first important aspect is to measure every cut you make.

Measuring the cuts allows you to have an idea and indulges you in following a pattern of cutting. Once you are aware of the measurements, you understand the amount of energy and tactics required to cut the other parts.

Therefore, ensure to keep a measure of the cuts you make so that you can cut the tree into sections.

Estimate the Fall

Cutting down a tree should never be followed by a careless habit. One of the major needed things to avoid it is understanding and analyzing where and to which side your tree might fall after the cut.

Once you are aware of the estimated fall, ensure that no property or human can be hurt. Clearing the estimated falling area will allow you to prevent further damage.

So always ensure to recheck the area of estimation fall of the tree.

Have Your Exit Routes Cleared

Whenever you are doing something that involves a life risk, always remember to keep an emergency exit ready so that you do not harm yourself.

The same is the case with cutting down a tree, you never know what mishap could take place so always keep yourself alerted and ready for the escape.

So, make a point to have an exit route, while you practice cutting down a tree.

Begin Cutting

Mark a point that you want to begin cutting from. One possible way is to directly attack the bottom of the tree and cut the notch. Another possible way is to cut the tree in measurements.

You can begin from the near top of the tree and make your first cut using a sharp blade, axe, or other related equipment.

Following the measurement of the first cut made by you, keep repeating them multiple times. This will ensure safe section cuts.

This act will consume a little time, more concentration but will effectively cut down the trees in sections. As earlier mentioned, cutting down the tree without harming yourself is our major concern. So even if you must invest a little more concentration, energy and time then go ahead, as it ensures to give you proper section cuts.

You can also decide to cut from the bottom of the tree and then fall the entire body to cut into sections. Ultimate choice stays on your comfort and safety. So, choose well.

Get an Expert’s Help

Mess Clearing after Cutting Down a Tree

Sometimes we have equipment and knowledge regarding how to cut down a tree, but we fail to practically imply it. Even if we try, still we fear creating some mess. In such situations, it is always advisable to take help from experts.

Various firms are working especially to cut down trees in sections or as desired by the client. So, it is often advisable to take assistance from these firms to avoid any further major mishaps.

Appointing firms to cut down the trees, can solve and ease the process for you. Your involvement would not be required and hence you remain secured and safe.

But again, choosing what way to cut down a tree again depends on the person’s personal choice and comfort so choose accordingly.

Mess Clearing after Cutting Down a Tree

After getting your desired tree cut the next thing that bothers are the clearance of the mess after the cutting of the tree. We cannot just leave the mess around and walk away. We must settle the mess at the needed place. So, what do we do actually? Just throw it. No.

The smaller branches of the trees if are safe can be used as firewood during your bonfire session. Smaller branches can also be colored and used as an artifact. You can also use those woods in making furniture.

Once the tree is cut and if you have not decided what to do with it then tie the pieces of the trees or the branches and get it settled near somewhere nearby. This will clear your mess after cutting down the tree.

Later you can sell them, modify, and use them or burn them in a bonfire that again goes better as per your comfort and choice.


Trees are our best friends and our primary reason for survival. We always should be protecting it and multiplying it. But somehow in certain situations when trees become a concern to human property or life it needs to be eradicated to feel safe.

There are various methods you could be used to cut down a tree if it is in a smaller size. But if it exceeds the normal size then you need to be very concerned while deciding to cut.

Of Course, you can use the above-directed methods and could feel secure from any mishaps while cutting down a tree. But always remember before initiating the cut or deciding how to cut down a tree one should always keep one’s comfortability as a priority. Do nothing that asks you to compromise with your comfort.

Never go out to cut long, heavy trees without any prior preparations. Especially when you are looking to cut down your tree in sections. Be prepared, have the equipment, keep your emergency exit points ready, get a few friends to help over, and then begin your cut.

I hope this article was of some help and would initiate a safe and effective guide on how to cut down a tree in sections.

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