Surrounded in Style: 10 Pool Fencing Ideas

Pool fencing at its core is about the safety of your home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go all out to create an incredible presentation. When you stylize a pool area, it makes the water much more inviting.

1. Glass

The pool fencing Dandenong has used over the years proves that glass is the perfect combination of style and security. It is the most flexible fencing idea since it can be traditional or modern in its look. You also get the benefit of a material that is easy to clean with green-rated products. Glass fencing is a lot more durable than it sounds, and outside of the design, aesthetics makes sense if you want to raise the value of your pool. Surround your expensive pool with an equally expensive material that was tailor-made to bring out its look.

2. Modern

Modern is the choice for pool owners that aren’t quite ready for a smart fence. The modern look blends glass, wood, and sometimes granite to create a more intimate experience. This is exactly what you require to go with your modern fence. This usually works best for smaller pools, and when done makes the pool look like an open room. Some designers even add moving paintings to the wall that completely change the atmosphere. A modern look takes on ‘layers’ with its approach, and when finished will look like the most inviting space of your home.

3. Smart

A smart fence is quite an achievement if you’re willing to put in the work. It doesn’t appear until a certain boundary is crossed near the pool. Without proper credentials, the fence will come up from the ground to the appropriate height and prevent entry. The fence comes up slowly to prevent harm, and can immediately stop if the person is stepping over it. This may sound like it is outside of your budget, but is actually quite affordable. Unfortunately, smart fences are still considered beta technology and may not be allowed by your city. But just like robotic lawnmowers, they will eventually gain open acceptance.

4. Traditional

The traditional picket fence still has its place when it comes to pool design. Nothing is more welcoming in a home than a white picket fence. Instead of looking like a barrier, it enhances the look of the pool with its many styles. A traditional fence can be made of fiberglass, metal, plastic, and wood. Upkeep is low but requires a good installation to last for years. A traditional fence also allows for painting for a quick redesign at any time of the year.

5. Iron

The wrought iron fence has been a staple of many hotels and apartment buildings for years. It is tough, high, and cheap to maintain. When you are more worried about security than design, iron gets the job done. But with a little planning, iron pool fences have the capacity to be just as pretty as other materials. Setting up a little mini garden along the edges can really bring out its beauty. If you want to go all out, change the decorations based on the current season.

6. Steel

Stainless steel has a much prettier vibe than iron and can get away with being its own decoration. This is due to many other stainless steel pool products being in development for years. Just like a kitchen that favors stainless steel, a pool will have access to an endless number of matching accessories. Stainless steel is the ‘safe’ bet when going for a tough inexpensive fence that is meant to last for years. You won’t get a lot of pizazz without putting in the work, but you also won’t be starving for ways to make it look incredible.

7. Mesh

It isn’t often you hear the words ‘mesh fence’ and ‘stylish’ in the same sentence. Thanks to a lot of work, polyester mesh fabric can work well with any pool. The key here is the type of posts you use to hold it up. Choose posts that go with the design you want, and then match them with an invisible or colorful mesh. The entire process is easy, and the mesh has gained attention for being the most painless pool fence installation in history. The only downside is that it lacks the toughness of steel, glass, and iron.

8. Showtime

Showtime is a merger between glass, modern and smart. It takes the best of all three fence materials and turns your pool into a work of art. You get a light and color spectacle, with the downside being the upkeep. It is also the most expensive fencing option available since you have to coordinate your furniture style with the actual fence. When a showtime fence is done right, it will make your pool look like a vacation getaway for a famous celebrity. Now and forever, the showtime fence is considered a prime adult expense that is fun to show off to friends and family.

9. Removeable

Removable fences are a step below the mesh and are meant for temporary protection and design. Their importance comes from the creativity of the buyer. You can quickly set up and break down fully themed fences for your pools. This works best for families with young kids or families that host a lot of parties. It can also be an incredible choice for homeowners that live in places with bad weather. Having to repair an expensive pool fence multiple times a year from natural damages can wear on your wallet. With a temporary fence, you can store it away safely and cover your pool.

10. Nature’s Fence

Like a good Disney movie, your backyard comes to life when it is surrounded by a healthy number of plants and flowers. Creating a natural fence is both beautiful in looks and great for your relaxation. The aroma near the pool will seem less artificial as the chemicals in the water are drowned out by the pleasant smell of flowers. Build a pool fence with flowers, and you can put the money saved towards other pool-related activities.

Choose Wisely

Changing a pool fencing design is no small project. Plan ahead, and make sure to look at all of the options. Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, the results will blow you away.

Jackson Moore

Jackson Moore, holds a degree in Architecture from the Cornell University, has specialized in outdoor living spaces for over 15 years. Before joining our editorial team in 2019, he worked with several well-recognized design firms, creating stunning and functional patio designs. Jackson also advocates for sustainable building practices and incorporates these principles into his writing. His hobbies include woodworking and exploring historical architecture. Apart from that he is also a avid traveler, drawing inspiration from different cultures to enrich his designs.

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