The Best Places Online to Get Freebies

The Internet is a splendid invention and has brought so many benefits to everyone, and it produces more and more by the day. One of the biggest is the number of freebies it’s possible to score and the opportunities to save money. Who doesn’t love those?

Like everyone else, you’re a consumer, and the chances are you’ve already harnessed the power of the Internet to get your teeth into some fantastic deals. Maybe you’ve been doing so through websites, or through social media, or through apps, but either way, you know how to sniff out a freebie.

Right now, the cost of living is going through the roof for a lot of people, so this is an exceptional moment to keep more of your money in your own pocket. Below is a list of websites that offer freebies and help you to hold on to more of your cash.

Women Freebies

If you’re a lady and are wishing to make a purchase of some kind, don’t head straight out to the supermarket, the mall or other retail venue. Instead, go online and visit womenfreebies first. This site offers a wide variety of products for women for free, but also more generic products, for which women are the site’s target audience. It’s a go-to site high up on any list of freebie websites.

Women Freebies provide a huge amount of value, giving women the chance to try products before they buy them. Women can receive samples of skincare products, beauty products, food products and a whole lot more. Sometimes, the site will even give away computers for free.

In return, the site will ask for a review of the products, if it asks for anything at all. This gives companies a chance to see which products customers enjoy and which they don’t.

Freaky Freddies

Freaky Freddies is another terrific site for freebies, and you should definitely call in here before you rush out and buy any items. Freaky Freddie’s offers a vast range of freebies, often in the form of samples. Like womenfreebies, the site merely requests a review for some of the goods on the site in return for them providing you with the freebie.

You can get stuff for babies. You can get clothes. You can get books. You can get computer equipment. You can get food, pet supplies, products to improve your home and more. The list is seemingly endless, so the site rewards the user with splendid value.

Just Free Stuff

Just Free Stuff is a further fantastic site, has firmly established itself in the world of freebie-giving sites, having been around since 1997, and has built a massive fanbase. According to its About page, more than 100,000 people subscribe to Just Free Stuff’s daily newsletter, and the site receives around 350,000 unique page views per month.

Just Free Stuff boasts a wide variety of categories, with everything from Amazon deals and affiliate programs to books, software, pet supplies and more. Websites can gain extra value since they’ll also find seasonable freebies categories online here, such as Halloween and Christmas.

Companies on the site want the users of the site to be their next customer, which is why people can get stuff for free from the site. This can benefit the site owner, whose site may be getting mentioned when a person reviews a product. Other website owners — some of these may be bloggers themselves — can link back to the site, benefiting Just Free Stuff by driving traffic to it and helping it to perform well in search engine rankings.

Vortex Alpha

The Vortex Alpha network specializes in affiliate offers for operators in casino and finance. Although based in the UK, the company has a global reach and helps casinos and financial sector operators to get in front of more eyeballs and attract more customers.

An affiliate program is useful for a casino because people are often looking for tips for finding online casino bonuses, tips on good sites to play on, or on how to win at a casino, and more. When they type in their search, an affiliated website may come up and, by driving traffic to the casino for the casino, earn itself some money and the casino some new business.


Influenster is a go-to site if you’re a fan of social media where you can post pictures of beautiful flowers. In fact, it’s more of a program, and when you sign up, each month Influenster will send you a box of products which you then review. A lot of the products are aimed at women, so it’s an excellent website to sign up with if you want to try free health and beauty products.

Of course, that’s not to say it’s a site for women only. There are lots of other categories on there, and you can even browse by retailers rather than by types of products, so there’s plenty of choice. If you’re not sure what are the best products to score for free, you might even be able to seek a little help from the blog, which offers ‘Best’ articles, such as best beers, based on reviews from others in the program.

Everyone loves a freebie, and as the internet grows and grows, the opportunities to come by freebies grow too. At a time when living costs are rising, this is a good moment to be able to get something for nothing more than a simple review of the product being offered. Why not take advantage of it?

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