The Best TV Remote Apps to Make your Life Easy!

Technology has only made life easy for mankind. Every single day there is a new invention out that makes life even easier than before from planting outdoor ivy plants to taking care of your garden. We all know how dramatic TV remotes could be, either they get lost somewhere in the couches or they break way too easily. Nothing is more frustrating when you lose your TV remote just before an important live match.

Well, we have a quick solution to make our TV viewing experience even more comfortable and exciting. We are going to enlighten you about the best apps that can turn your smartphone into a TV remote. That is surely going to enhance your TV viewing experience but do you know what else is going to give your TV experience a major upgrade?

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Without any further delay let’s get into it:

Universal Remote

As the name suggests the Universal Remote TV Smart app can connect to all your smart TVs making it a single solution to all your problems. Once you finish downloading the app, scan and connect it to any Smart TV around you, using a Wi-Fi network. It connects using a pairing code that appears both on your phone as well as your TV.

What makes it stand out from the other TV remote apps is that it changes depending on the model of Smart TV you’re using it for and offers features accordingly. For instance, if you’re using it for your Samsung TV the Universal Remote TV app will adapt the functions and features of the Samsung TV remote and if you’re using it for Roku it will work as a Roku remote and provide you with the same functions and buttons.

The only downside of the Universal Smart TV remote App is that it’s ad-supported and you have to pay to get rid of the frequent and annoying ads.

Amazon Fire App

If you own an Amazon Fire TV and looking for a simpler solution to navigate it then the Amazon Fire App is surely your thing. It offers all the features, easy text entry as well as voice search options to enhance your Fire TV experience. The app is available on iOS as well as the Android play store for download.

To get it connected to your Amazon Fire TV you’ll need to put a four-digit code that you see on your TV screens and you’re good to go. One thing that the Amazon Fire TV remote app lacks is a power button which means that you’ll have to use your regular TV remote to turn on the TV and then switch to using your mobile phone app as a remote control.

Even if you have more than one Fire TV device at your home, there is no need to worry, the app is flexible enough to switch between different units.


One of the most convenient apps for Samsung TV owners is the SamRemote app. It’s a virtual remote app that enables you to control your Samsung TV using your smartphones or tablets. Even though it’s not an official Samsung product it still works the best with Samsung TV and provides all the features that any physical Samsung TV remote has.

SamRemote is a free app that you can get easily from Google Play Store. once you finish downloading, open the app, scan the Samsung TV near you and connect t to the app. Rest is all just the easy work for you with the SamRemote app and your smartphone as your remote control.

Google Home

Google Home is hands down of the best TV remote apps. It helps you control all the Google Chromecast devices. You can also set up and control your Google Nest and Home Speakers and not your pedestal fan maybe one day, but not now. All you need to do is open the Google Home remote app, scan for the nearest devices, connect to the device you want to choose, and start using your phone as a remote control.

The app is free and you can download it easily from the app stores. Switch channels with the app, use volume controls, put on shows, movies, and music just like you do with your regular remotes.

Roku Remote

If you own Roku then you’re surely going to love this app. Roku remote app is free of cost and easily available for download on Google Play. It enables you to control almost everything on the Roku. You’ll only have to use the real TV remote for the volume rest you can leave on this app.

The app also has a voice control feature which makes it easy for you to search for movies, shows, private listening, and originals on Roku using your voice command. The Roku Remote app includes navigation buttons just like any other remote control with a play and pause, fast-forward and rewind button. It’s a simple and convenient solution to control your Roku device using your smartphone.

Final Words

You can easily lose remote controls but a smartphone is something that is going to stay in your hands that is why we found some convenient ways for you to connect your smartphone to your TV and use it as a remote. All the above-mentioned apps are absolutely free and user-friendly. So, without wasting any time, get your hands on them.

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