The Best Wiffle Ball Bats (and Where to Find Them!)

Modern times are not exactly favorable to kids in terms of outdoor games. In cities, it is a hassle to find a playground spacious enough to play an outdoor game. Or let alone a playground. With this vision, a man in 1953 invented the game of Wiffle ball for kids to play in confined spaces in a Connecticut suburb.

One day he came home from work and watched the kids’ struggle trying to play baseball with a golf ball in their backyard. So, he decided to do something about it and invented the Wiffle ball. His name is David N. Mullany. He named the game after his son.

The Wiffle ball is the same as a regulation baseball but is made of resilient plastic. It is hollow from inside to throw curves and risers without much effort. One part of the ball is perforated with 99mm oblige holes, and the other side is non-perforated. 

The bat is also like a baseball bat but made of plastic and hollow inside. It is 32 inches in length for all players. The whole set of Wiffle ball bat is designed so that you do not need to throw hard or hit hard. So that it can be played in confines spaces without causing any damage. The plastic material does not allow it to go further than a specified limit. 

The game became popular and gained success around the 1960s. Since then, many tournaments have been organized. Career is also possible in this game. There are leagues and national teams registered on the original site. 

Things to Consider While Buying a Wiffle Bat Ball:

Full Set or Not

The option of buying a full set or just items individually is available to you. If you purchase them separately, it will be customized as per your requirements. Sometimes you get one item of good quality, and the other one is not worth it. 

But it is cheap to purchase them together. And comes as a whole set together with everything. You do not have to go through any hassle.

Branded or Not

Brand means you have a certain degree of trust in them. They provide you with a guarantee and the right quality products. The one such brand is the ORIGINAL WIFFLY company. They are the inventor of the wiffly game. For a few years market has seen new players and brands of waffly bats too. One such is Easton bats and blitsball and many others. They also do not compromise on quality and offer variations than the original wiffly company.


The Wiffle bats are cheap. Due to reasons like they are made of plastic and hollow from inside. But this comes the quality problem. Some plastic wiffly bats are made from chap material. Hence it does not sustain long. Plus, not exactly right while playing.

While buying offline, you can always check the quality. But online is a whole different story. Try reading customer reviews and ratings of the product while purchasing. This will filter out the bad one for you quickly.

Best Wiffle Bat and Where to Get Them

Whether you are practicing for tournaments or just as a fun sport. It is essential to play with the best one available there is. 

1. The Wiffle Original Bat Ball

The original WIFFLE ball bat is the one, is it not up for argue. It is made of durable plastic by the company of a Wiffle inventor. It is usually used in tournaments. The bat is available in 24 and 32 inches. A WIFFLE bat cost 2.50 dollars. It has increases half since its manufacturing. 

It comes in the perfect size, diameter, and material. They are the one legal in a WIFFLE LEGAL tournaments ad matches. Purchasing this is a great way to support the originality. And you also get the classic, timeless feeling with it. Also, they are not available in sets. It would help if you bought the ball and bat separately. They have not changed much in their bat’s style. It the reason for their decreasing popularity. 

You can get this from your nearest store. Or if you are not a fan of walking, order it from the original Wiffle store online. You can also surf amazon and other sites and find the one suitable for you. 

There are also other bats available in the market for you to choose from. Some prefer the original WIFFLE bats, but these bats can also be a good substitute. It is good to have options. 

2. Blitsball Bat

Blitsball is made of highly patent design. It could throw up to 50 feet. It is made to provide more curves and sturdy balance and grip. This is a bit expensive and can cost 199 dollars. It serves as an excellent backyard baseball or in the summer holidays. It is one of those you must have for backyard baseball. It provides color pop for the younger generation, unlike the original one. 

Blitzball Starter Pack - Includes (3) Blitz Balls & 1 Power Bat
  • Backyard plastic baseball
  • Set includes 1 Blitzball Power Bat, and (3) Blitzballs
  • Patent-pending design offers maximum curve, speed and distance
  • Weighs just under 1 oz

3. Louisville Slugger Bats

Louisville Slugger bats, also known as ken giffery jr., is the most iconic one. This one is available in the molded plastic model. It is 33 inches long. 

It is the replica of C271. This bat offers everything in a package. The handles and grip are perfect. 

It is a little shaky in a while swinging. But the performance is never compromised due to that. But might be compromised little for quality. 

Louisville Slugger 2020 Dynasty SPD (-10) 2 5/8" USA Baseball Bat, 28"/18 oz
  • ST7 alloy barrel designed for more power on contact
  • One-piece construction for stiffer feel on contact and more energy transfer
  • Durable HUB 1-shot end cap design
  • Balanced swing weight that feels great through the zone

4. Easton Pro Stix Training Set

Easton is named in the households for backyard baseball. It is designed with a replica of a wooden bat. The handle of this bat is oval but does not affect the performance or grip. It is a power punch and offers a variation from the original yellow Wiffle bat.

As any normal Wiffle bat, it is 33 inches in length. This one is not exactly suitable for kids due to its length. 

You should go and inspect this bat out yourself and do justice for it.

EASTON GHOST ADVANCED -11 Fastpitch Softball Bat, 32/21, FP20GHAD11
  • DOUBLE BARREL 2 - Second generation Double Barrel construction combines a lighter inner barrel with a stronger outer barrel, creating the lowest...
  • LAUNCH COMP - Launch Composite Technology allows for a longer, lighter and stronger barrel, creating an even bigger sweet spot, pushing the limits of...
  • POWER BOOST - Patent-pending "Soft Knob" technology provides hitters more leverage and power potential, while reducing vibration and improving comfort...
  • CONNEXION EVOLUTION - By doubling the amount of Nitrocell foam injected into the ConneXion joint, the Ghost Advanced produces almost zero vibration...


Take your normal Wiffle bat and modify it as you need. Hence you get the modified Wiffle bats. It is quite fun and a creative way to make it as per your needs. 

This is quite famous and severs as a great summer project. Just do a quick search on YouTube. You will find a ton of results related to it. With this, you can also customize it yourself for impressing anyone you want. Now the question is, where do I get one of these Wiffle bats?

You can go to the nearest local store to ask for one. This way, you will be able to inspect it, choose the right one. But if they are selling it a high price, then you always have Walmart and target. Just to the kid’s toy section, you might find it at a low price there. 

If you are a person with a busy schedule, order it online from amazon or Blitsball. You can compare them and get the best one available. 

Wiffle Ball 2 Pack Wiffle 32" Bats and 6 Baseballs Official Size = 8 Pack
  • Gift Pack Set Includes 2 32" Wiffle Bat & 6 Wiffle Baseballs
  • Ball and Bat are made of high quality plastic in the USA!
  • Fun for the whole family!
  • Plastic provides safety to younger players & is designed for slow and limited flight.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does a Game of Wiffle Ball Last?

The Wiffle ball game rule allows the game to continue for one hour or six innings, whichever comes first. Suppose the game ends with a tie at the end of six innings or one hour. One more inning is played. The team starts with base loaded or how many players will fill the base. This rule is known as the tie-breaker rule. 

At the end of the extra inning, the winner will be determined. 

Is Wiffle Ball the Same as the Pick Ball Game?

Pick ball is a variation of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. While Wiffle, all is a variation of baseball, designed to play indoors and outdoors too. 

Pick ball is played in a court somewhat like badminton with two or four players. Wiffle ball is played in a field like a baseball with a minimum of two and a maximum of 10 players with five on each side. 

So, Wiffle ball is not like to pick ball games in any way. 

How Heavy is a Wiffle Ball?

Wiffleball weighs around 20 grams. It is the same as a baseball but is hollow and lightweight. It is made of resilient plastic and is 3mm thick. It was designed to throw varieties of curves and risers as it was played in the backyard mostly. 


In this article, we try to piece together a complete guide to Wiffle ball and where you could get one. Whether you are an old Wiffle player or trying to buy one for your son or brother or sister: this article lets you know where to get the best one within a reasonable price. 

When it comes to Wiffle bats, the old one is hesitant to change from the original one. But today’s generation wants something more than a yellow Wiffle bat. In this article, we try to provide you some substitute for that.

It is not easy to purchase anything as there are so many options available. As a resultant, we get confused and jumbled on which one to buy. We try to give you the list of the best Wiffle bat ball available in the market.

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