6 Trees with Special Meaning & Interesting Facts

Trees are one of the most majestic and integral elements of the Earth. Trees have been admired through ages by almost every culture. They have played an important role in the existence of humans since the beginning of life on earth. They have provided life, shelter, and food to every creature for ages.

Every culture has its unique tree meanings, and it taps into the history of each country. The Universal Symbolism of trees suggests that they are one of the greatest things that connect all of mankind. Trees can be seen as ancient living creatures because of their mystical and enchanting aura.

Trees have always played an important role in the history of humans, starting from healing to protection. For ages, they are being worshipped by many cultures and are believed to have a special energy. It is believed that great energy and wisdom flow through them. There is a wide variety of trees that exist on earth and each of them comes with its special meaning.

Trees have also played an important part in mythology. The Acacia tree symbolizes that you will find something new in your life during your journey. The Alder trees are known as the hiding spot for fairies in many mythological tales. The aspen tree symbolizes exploration.

There can be multiple meanings of trees all over the globe, some meanings are universally known while some are restricted to a limited group of people. In ancient scripts, the tree represents spiritual as well as physical nourishment, liberation, transformation, fertility, and union.

If we put aside metaphysical connections, there exists a very special connection between humans and trees. Oxygen the element which is required by humans to survive is produced by trees while at the same time the carbon dioxide required by plants is produced by humans.

The tendency of societies to worship and mythologize trees is referred to as dendrolatry. In many folk religions, trees are believed to be the home of spirits. Different religions have given importance to different trees. Historically Druidism and Germanic paganism, involve cultic practices that are primarily based on trees. The Oaktree holds great importance in these cultures. The reference of trees can also be found in Bible where Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit from the tree which was used to crucify Jesus.

If you are planning to plant some trees in your landscape, then there are certain factors that you must consider before taking any decision. You can also choose trees according to the special meanings they hold. Trees are such as integral part of the lives of humans, and it is no wonder that they have been assigned different tree meanings. Here are some trees with their special meanings in different cultures.

1. Oak Tree

Oak Tree

The symbolization and special meaning of Oaktree is one of the reasons why they are loved throughout the world. Oak trees symbolize courage and power and it is believed as one of the most powerful trees by some people. The reason behind the popularity of oak trees is their strength, resilience, and gorgeous canopy. The age of oak trees is more than a hundred years.

The enchanting oak tree has appeared in ancient spells, charms, and many amulet instructions. It is believed by many cultures that the wood of Oaktree brings good luck if permission is taken from the spirit of the tree. It is also said that the table of the famous king Arthur was made from an Oak tree.

They particularly chose oak tree wood because it represented sacredness and unity. It is also proven that burning oak wood significantly increases the energy level of working as well as it also facilitates manifestation.

Due to the massive size and longevity of Oak trees, some people associate oak trees with wisdom and honor can. Due to the steadiness of oak trees, they were regarded as the king of the forest in ancient European cultures. Oak trees are also considered very spiritual, which is where the “the holy oak” term comes from.

These trees are known to provide solace as well as comfort and due to this reason, they are believed to be spiritual guardians. Due to these special oak tree meanings, many worship places all over the world are surrounded by oak trees. Oak trees also symbolize survival, luck, health, and morale.

Oaks trees are believed to have healing abilities, for not only the body but also heart and soul. The bark of Oak trees was used by Native Americans to treat frostbite. In some ancient cultures, it was also used to treat headaches.

2. Wisteria Tree

Wisteria Tree

Wisteria tree has many special meanings associated with it, but popularly it symbolizes immortality and long life. Wisteria trees can easily live up to 100 years or even more. There exists a Wisteria tree in Japan which more than the 1200 year. It is no wonder that the Wisteria tree has gained such a majestic symbolism.

This tree is also famous for its impressive growth, mesmerizing beauty, and enchanting fragrance. Wisteria plants are grown in countries like Japan, China, and Korea for more than 2000 years. Wisteria plants first entered the US in the mid-1800 and were used as ornamental plants at that time.

Wisteria was first referred to as “blue vine” by a renowned botanist named Thomas Nuttal. In Feng Shui, the Wisteria plant is a source of encouragement during moments of distress. Wisteria also symbolizes prayer in various Buddhist sects.

3. Cherry Tree

cherry tree

The most basic and widely accepted symbolism associate with cherry trees is revival and new beginnings. The main reason behind this belief is that cherry blossom occurs during the springtime and the cherry tree releases its mesmerizing aroma in the world as a gift during this time.

Unfortunately, the life of cherry tree flowers is very short, which also signifies the shortness of life. The cherry trees show that how important it is to value every moment otherwise we can miss the most important moments of our life within a blink.

The cherry tree has a very special status in Japan. The tree is known as “sakura” in Japan. With the blossoming of cherry trees, a special festival is held just for viewing these trees. This period of cherry blossom is referred to as “Hanami”. Originally it was a time for the Buddhist to meditate on life’s nature, but with time it has become a celebratory holiday with friends, music, and excellent food.

In ancient Japan, cherry trees were also a symbol of Samurai who knew that their life could come to an end at any moment just like a flower of the cherry tree. The association of cherry trees continued till World War II where it was the symbol of the famous Kamikaze.

It is believed in many parts of Asia that the tree spirit of the cherry tree has an elixir that is responsible for the immortality of gods. About humans, this juice symbolizes that the soul is immortal and reincarnation.

In native America, cherry trees symbolize compassion and strong expression. The other things which are symbolized by cherry trees include mindfulness, happiness, awakenings as well as rebirth. Some special cherry meanings can be associated with the health benefits of cherries themselves.

4. Birch


The birch tree is known as the elegant force of nature. The white silvery bark of the Birch tree looks sophisticated and extremely graceful from outside, but the real beauty of this tree lies in its roots which have an ability to grow in places where nothing else can grow.

The ultimate beauty of the Birch can be seen every season; this is what makes it a great specimen for your garden. Birch trees are amazing for the wildlife as well. They are known to attract a wide variety of birds as well as bees.

As the birch tree is one of the pioneer tree species, it symbolizes new beginnings and growths. The birch tree is considered very sacred in the mythology of the Celts and it is believed to have a very strong and protective influence.

They are one of the first trees which grow back leaves with the start of the spring. Therefore, they are associated with new beginnings. In Chinese culture, the Birch tree symbolizes protection and rejuvenation. Other special meaning of Birch tree includes love, protection, and purification.

In Native American culture, the Birch tree symbolizes truth and a new beginning by the cleansing of the past. The bark of the Birch tree also holds very importance to Native Americans who used it to make baskets, shoes, and various artworks. Birch tree’s wood has also been used to make cribs of the babies because of the special meaning of the tree.

5. Maple


The maple tree is scientifically known as Acer. The word Acer is derived from Latin ǎcěr which means sharp. This is since maple leaves have sharp edges (the leaves of most species are palmated). Many species of maple trees are found in the Northern hemisphere. Maple leaves originally belonged to Asia.

There are several varieties also found in Europe, North America, and northern Africa. Some species of maple tree which are found in southern China and the Mediterranean region are evergreen. The special maple tree meanings include balance, offerings, promise, generosity, and intelligence.

One of the main reasons why maple trees have been given such meanings is that they can adapt to many different soils as well as different types of climates. Native Americans understood the importance of the maple tree as it produced maple syrup which acted as a food source for them. Maple trees also represent success and prosperity.

There exists a special type of maple tree known as the striking Japanese maple which symbolizes great blessings and a peaceful retreat. The reason behind the popularity of the Japanese maple tree is its beauty and alluring star-shaped leaves. There also exists an interesting ritual in Japan in which the people visit mountains after every fall to see the leaves of maple tree have acquired shining crimson color during that part of the year. 

6. Dogwood


Dogwood trees are one of the most popular landscape trees in the whole country. They denote safety, loyalty, kindness, stability, wishes, and protection. In the Native American culture, dogwood trees are seen as a symbol of good luck. The flowers produced by these dogwood trees are gentle and small while the tree itself is hard and strong enough to face harsh weather. This is the reason why they are also seen as a symbol of durability.

Dogwood trees hold great importance even in Christianity and are a reoccurring symbol. According to an ancient legend, it is believed that the cross which was used to crucify Jesus was made using wood from a Dogwood tree. Because of this tale, dogwood trees are also associated with the joyful festival of Easter. They are also considered a symbol of renewal, rebirth, and new beginnings.

These are not only the trees with special meanings. The Wisteria trees known for their beauty represent romance. Redwood trees symbolize forever love while pine trees represent humility. The fortitude, springtime, and immortality are represented by Fir trees. The Willows represent inner wisdom, dreams, and freedom.

The reason behind this symbolization is that Willow trees have a remarkable ability to grow a new tree by putting a healthy branch in the moist soil during the winter or spring season. These trees also represent renewal and immortality.


It is well-known that the mythology of trees is continuing to expand. People are coming with new thoughts and ideas as well as the older connections are being reinterpreted. You should also sometimes try sitting under a tree and find your true meaning and mystical connection.

The trees have been there since the beginning of mankind and because of the length of time people have connected to trees and have developed enormous feelings for them. The strong symbolism is a reason why humans are so fascinated with trees and are continuously drawn towards them.

Whichever trees with special meanings you choose for your landscape just make sure that they are well cared of. Do not hesitate to turn to a professional service for the care needs of the trees in your garden. 

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