The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Fireplaces

If you live in a cold climate, a fireplace is necessary. Now it is up to you how you make it, whether roughly or smartly, to soothe your aesthetic sense. Evolution also has touched this mandatory part of home interior in cold areas, and now we have a wide variety of fireplaces. You can create a cosy interior using different fireplaces according to your budget, need and situation.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of different types of fireplaces.

Traditional and modern fireplaces are significant and have their pros and cons. We start with the traditional one and move on towards modern styles.

Fireplaces with wooden fuel

Among the traditional style, these are the commonest ones and are frequently found in the historical buildings. However, it may locate in modern structures to give them an antique look. In winter, these are good ways to create a warm, cosy atmosphere and a gathering point. The following are the prominent types of wooden fireplaces.

  • Open hearth fireplace
  • Single sided
  • Double-sided see-through fireplace
  • Stove using wooden fuel


The following benefits advocate for this type of fireplace.

  • Low-cost and highly affordable
  • Gives a traditional look to the area.
  • You can use twigs and similar wood collected from the surroundings as fuel.


  • Safety is the main concern
  • Chimneys are mandatory for the proper exit of smoke and CO fumes.
  • Need regular maintenance of chimneys
  • Keep the flammable substances away from the fireplace.

Gas-based fireplaces

Advancement brings changes, and so is with fireplace ideas. With the invention of gas, betterment comes to it. Many companies started developing modern fireplaces for home and office interiors. Ortal Fireplaces are among the best ones as they deal in almost all types of fireplaces to satisfy the passion and needs of their users. These are a few popular types of gas fireplaces.

  • Fireplaces without a vent
  • Fireplaces with B-Vent
  • Fireplaces with direct vent
  • Diaphanous fireplaces


These have introduced many benefits, and the following are the leading ones.

  • Adaptable
  • Latest styles
  • Convenient
  • Less emission and no smoke
  • No need for chimneys and duel storage
  • Easy to ON and OFF
  • Produce more heat with less fuel consumption
  • Useful and operational during a power cut
  • Realistic than electric fireplaces


There are also some drawbacks that one should know before installing them.

  • Costly
  • Limited designs
  • There could be difficulty in using along with devices having oxygen detection systems
  • Security risks are also there
  • Need a gas source
  • Professional installation and maintenance are essential

Electric fireplaces

These are the latest ones in the industry and provide the feel of fire flames with LED lights. As is obvious by their name, these produce heat through electricity. They provide more control with their novelty. They have many features, and users can use them selectively. A wide variety of styles is available for your aesthetic satisfaction. Following are some noticeable types of electric fireplaces.

  • Fireplaces mounted on the wall
  • Mental Electric or TV stand fireplace
  • Fireplaces with logs and coal imitation
  • Stove
  • Suit
  • Inset
  • Radiant bar
  • Basket


These are the latest ones and provide more benefits. Following are a few pros of electric fireplaces.

  • Easy installation to any location
  • Safer than other fireplaces
  • Instant response to ON and OFF with a button
  • Portability
  • Eliminate the need for chimneys or any vent
  • Easy to remove
  • Without any mess
  • Remote control
  • Wide variety of styles and designs
  • More features that allow you to choose the heat or flame or even both


The following cons should also be known to every user before choosing them.

  • Traditional fireplace feeling is absent
  • In a power cut, these are useless and non-functional
  • Can’t provide central heating to the entire home.
  • Give warmth to the area where it is located
  • Show fake flames with a realistic look
  • Have a risk factor if it is installed within reach of children or pets.


A fireplace in your home in a cold climate gives warmth and style to your living. Modern lifestyle adopts modern facilities and innovation to enhance the level of luxuries. In fireplaces, we now have a wide variety with different comfort levels, and users can select the best one according to their preferences and budget.

Wooden fireplaces are the best in areas where gas or electricity is not available. However, if you have two other options available, it depends entirely on your choice and budget for installation. We recommend you to have a thorough survey before selection.

Benjamin Lee

Benjamin Lee earned his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, focusing his 20-year career on heating systems and fireplace technology. He provides insights into modern fireplace innovations, installation guidelines, and safety practices. His prior experience includes working with home builders and fireplace manufacturers. His background includes engineering roles in HVAC and renewable energy companies. He enjoys woodworking and volunteering in environmental conservation efforts in his leisure time. He is also a winter sports enthusiast and advocates for eco-friendly living

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