Tips for Indoor Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic gardens offer a great solution to people who need to grow vegetables quickly in small spaces. You can use this method to grow plants all year round. With hydroponic gardens, the plants will get all the nutrients they need directly through the water, meaning they will grow healthily without having access to the soil.

If you want to have a successful indoor hydroponic garden, you should follow these tips.

Run tests on your water

Plants will do well when grown using pure water, so you should consider paying for water lab tests. You need to find out how close your water is to pH 7.0. Its EC value should also be very close to zero. In most places, it can be hard to find sources of pure water, so it may be necessary to get a water treatment program.

Adjusting water pH

Soil acts as a natural barrier to help maintain a neutral pH. Since a hydroponic garden won’t have any soil, you will have to check the pH of the water regularly. If the soil is too alkaline, you should adjust the pH by adding small amounts of mild acid. If you use a stronger acid, the pH can go below your target. After adjusting the pH, you should test it again after an hour.

Use proper lighting

Using proper lighting is also essential in indoor hydroponic gardening. It is possible to simply use natural light through the window, although glow lights may be necessary for larger gardens. The type of light and amount needed will vary depending on the plants you want to grow. You can observe the vegetables over time to see whether they are getting sufficient light.

Check the temperature and humidity levels

When growing plants indoors, you will usually just need to maintain room temperature. However, the humidity levels have to be between 50% to 70%.

Start small

In a hydroponic garden, vegetables can grow about 50% faster than in outdoor gardens. However, this doesn’t mean your first crop will be perfect. You should consider using a small container to grow the plants and increase the size of the operation as you learn the ropes. To make your journey interesting and less stressful, you should consider joining hydroponic garden communities on platforms like Reddit and Facebook. On such forums, community members will offer suggestions whenever you need help.

Use Gardyn Products

Gardyn products are meant to simplify indoor gardening. They use technology to ensure that you get the highest density of produce. If you don’t want to sacrifice your house space, you will find this system useful. This is because it will let you grow 30 large plants in a space of only 2 square feet. All these plants are GMO-free and pesticide-free. They include vegetables, flowers, fruits, herbs, and greens.

Gardyn will make your work easier since it uses AI to grow plants. You will also use 95% less water on average.


Indoor hydroponic gardening is a great way of growing plants quickly and throughout the year. For the best results, you should test your water, use proper lighting, check the temperature, and test the humidity levels. This form of gardening may require some practice, so you should start small and take lessons along the way. Using a Gardyn system will significantly shorten your learning curve as it uses AI. This technology also makes it easy to get high densities of produce in small spaces.

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