Top Tips for Healthy Living

Gone are the days when healthy living was just about your body type and eating homegrown berries or good looks. Healthy living today is the core need of the hour thanks to the never ending virus and a series of mutating strains. Regardless of where we stand in terms of body type, all of us need a healthy mind and body for a good immune system and better survival. Unfortunately, most people are pretty much clueless about how to move forward in this journey. Here are some tips that will help you switch to healthy living practices in an effective manner.

Stay Happy, Be Positive

Mental health is one of the key enemies of your physical health. Any kind of negativity, depression, stress or any other mental illness can easily take a toll on your overall system. Therefore, the first step towards a healthy lifestyle is to have a happy and healthy mind. Do anything that keeps your mood uplifted. Wake up and make your bed. Let the sunlight come in. Set up indoor plants and light up candles in the evening.

Avoid people who are toxic and try to be around positive people. Listen to good music and find an activity that makes you feel good. In short, be open to doing anything and everything that gives you mental peace and happiness and eliminate every possible stressor in your life. If there is something beyond your control, let it be and move on.

Eat Healthy

This one is a no brainer. Healthy eating is essential for a healthy lifestyle. However, the question is what defines healthy eating. Stuffing yourself with fats and carbs for petite people and starving for days for the obese ones does not make it healthy in anyway. In fact it is exactly the opposite of healthy. Healthy eating means to give your body everything that it needs in the most balanced way possible. Identify your body’s calorie needs and design your meal plan accordingly.

Avoid foods with preservative and artificial ingredients and try to stick to organic produce as possible. Add more fibers and proteins to your diet and reduce carbs and fats. That being said, some quantities of good fats are essential for a balanced diet but steer clear of trans-fats and grease rich cuisine.

Fiber based foods are a great way to speed up the metabolism and burn fat. Look for cereals, grains and bread that are rich in fiber. There are soluble fiber products readily available in the market that you can use an additional supplement and drink after meals to aid better digestion and fat burning process. Make sure your breakfast is heavy and your dinner is light. Avoid eating before bed times. Stick to healthy snacking if you need munching beyond meal times. There are many healthy snacks for weight loss such as granola bars, fresh salads, gluten free pastas etc to choose from. Take lots of fresh fruits and supplements to boost up your immunity.

Stay Active

The post pandemic lockdowns have made most of us lethargic. Many of us have been doing nothing but loitering around. This is something that can affect both your mind and body in a negative way. Find ways to stay active. Ideally, hit a gym or a fitness program. Tag along a gym mate to make it more fun. If machines are not your fear, look for a sports activity that you enjoy. Play tennis, Swim in a pool or have a morning one. The bottom line is to get those muscles moving. A physically active body is a key to a healthy heart and a strong blood circulation system.

Sleep Well

When you are done with an exhausting day, not only your body but your mind needs rest too. Lying on your couch with your legs stretched while you scroll through your phone does not account for resting period. Scientifically, your body is at rest when you are having a sound sleep and your brain is not picking around information. Have a comfortable bed, a comfortable temperature, and good pillows to ensure you get a tight sleep. Try to allow yourself at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Stay Hydrated

A human body is made up of 70% water and is one of our lifelines. It is important that you keep hydrated and drink as much water as possible. Try to drink at least 2 to 3 liters of clean water everyday.

Juliana Chen

Juliana Chen, with a Doctor of Medicine degree from Johns Hopkins University, has dedicated 16 years to advancing health education and wellness strategies. She joined our team as a freelancer in 2021, bringing her extensive knowledge in preventive medicine and healthy living. In her writing, she has also shared her expertise in nutrition, mental health, and disease prevention. Juliana’s prior roles include practicing physician and public health researcher. She is a certified yoga instructor and advocates for holistic health approaches in her spare time.

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